2013-02-05  Manuel M T... Adapted to simplified VECTORISE pragmas
2013-01-21  Amos RobinsonMerge branch 'master' of
2013-01-21  Amos Robinsondph-examples: Pluecker: fix conversion from [:a:] to...
2013-01-21  Amos Robinsondph-lifted-vseg: add unzip3, unzip4 and unzip5 to Data...
2013-01-17  Amos Robinsondph-lifted-vseg: fix notPP_l (lifted ~not)
2013-01-17  Amos Robinsonadd specific test cases
2013-01-15  Amos Robinsondph-test: add -dep-suffix to Makefile, otherwise was...
2012-12-12  Amos Robinsondph-examples: pluecker raytracer with lighting. vectori...
2012-12-07  Amos Robinsondph-examples: some doc cleanups
2012-12-03  Amos Robinsondph-examples remove "accidental" cussing ghc-7.6
2012-12-03  Amos Robinsondph-examples: pluecker. add matrix/vector mult for...
2012-12-03  Amos Robinsondph-examples: pluecker. work around bug, possibly vecto...
2012-12-03  Amos Robinsondph-examples: pluecker line / triangle projection,...
2012-11-30  Ian LynaghUpdate dependencies
2012-11-28  Amos Robinsondph-examples: remove executable
2012-11-28  Amos Robinsondph-examples: silly gloss example
2012-11-14  Amos Robinsondph-examples: take ben's fixed SMVM flow solver from...
2012-11-14  Amos Robinsondph-examples: naive string search; fix dph-examples...
2012-11-09  Amos Robinsondph-examples: closest pairs
2012-11-09  Amos Robinsondph-lifted-vseg: implement crossMapP
2012-11-01  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: cleanups
2012-11-01  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: add rep count to C smvm
2012-11-01  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim-interface: don't export locked zipwith code...
2012-11-01  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim-seq: fix merge conflict
2012-11-01  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: add SMVM version using repa-flow
2012-11-01  Ben LippmeierAdjust DPH phase numbers
2012-11-01  Ben LippmeierAdd locked zipwith code
2012-11-01  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim-seq: Add lockedZipWiths up to 8
2012-10-31  Amos Robinsondph-examples: QuickSelect vector and vectorised
2012-10-29  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-boxed: bump version number
2012-10-29  Ben LippmeierBump package versions to 0.8
2012-10-29  Ben LippmeierAdd placeholder dph-seq and dph-par packages
2012-10-29  Ben Lippmeiericebox: move old example code out of the way
2012-10-29  Ben LippmeierUpdate gitignore
2012-10-29  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-copy: use RankNTypes instead of Rank2Types
2012-10-29  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: bump dependency versions
2012-10-24  Ian LynaghFix the TH dependencies for when we have a dynamic...
2012-08-27  Amos RobinsonFix DPH make file and test suite
2012-08-27  Amos Robinsondph-prim-par: parallel extracts, extra strictness
2012-08-27  Amos Robinsondph-event-seer: make 'ops' display absolute timestamp...
2012-08-27  Amos Robinsondph-event-seer: missing files
2012-08-27  Amos Robinsondph-event-seer: 'ops-usage' command, and minor cleanup
2012-08-27  Amos Robinsondph-event-seer: new report 'ops-hecs', shows HEC usage...
2012-08-21  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim-par: fix bugs in parallel extracts, from Amos
2012-08-21  Ben LippmeierHaddock fixes
2012-08-21  Ben LippmeierExtracs and Event Seer patches from Amos
2012-08-15  Simon Peyton... Adapt to new TH pragma data type
2012-08-03  Ben LippmeierRemove -eventlog that broke the GHC build. Bad -eventlog!
2012-08-03  Ben Lippmeierdph-plugin: Hacks on pipeline
2012-08-03  Ben Lippmeierdph-test: Work on locked zipWiths
2012-08-02  Ben Lippmeierdph-test: Start on locked zipWiths
2012-08-02  Ben Lippmeierdph-plugin: Cabal file wibble
2012-08-02  Ben Lippmeierdph-plugin: add first-cut summoner that only works...
2012-08-02  Ben Lippmeierdph-plugin: more work on pretty printer
2012-08-01  Ben Lippmeierdph-plugin: use our own pipeline
2012-08-01  Ben LippmeierStart dph-plugin package
2012-07-30  Ben LippmeierFix warnings
2012-07-30  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: follow library version number changes
2012-07-30  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim-par: add tracing to distributed operations
2012-07-30  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim-par: Add justifications to foldD and scanD
2012-07-30  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim-par: Export DT Ordering instance
2012-07-30  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim-par: Be consistent about where INLINEs are...
2012-07-30  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim-par: cleanup Distributed scalar instances
2012-07-30  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim-par: cleanup API for distributed Segds
2012-07-30  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim-par: reorganising Distributed API to expose...
2012-07-30  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim-par: Add Justifications to distributed array...
2012-07-30  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-base: Add Data.Typeable instances
2012-07-30  Ben LippmeierEnable event logging in examples
2012-07-30  Ben LippmeierCabal file wibbles
2012-07-30  Ben LippmeierAdd typeRep function to PR class
2012-07-30  Ben LippmeierAppends patches from Amos
2012-07-30  Ben Lippmeierdph-event-seer: Patches from Amos
2012-07-26  Paolo CapriottiFix inline rule shadowing warning
2012-07-19  Paolo CapriottiUpdate dependencies.
2012-06-19  Ian LynaghFollow changes in base
2012-06-05  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: update cabal files
2012-06-05  Ben LippmeierAdd new versions of Segmented Append from Amos
2012-06-05  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim-seq: use unsafe slice as default
2012-06-05  Ben LippmeierNOINLINE some functions that don't need to be inlined
2012-05-21  Ian LynaghFollow base changes
2012-05-18  Simon Peyton... Accommodate changes to Inline pragmas in TH
2012-05-13  Manuel M T... dph-lifted-vseg: fix the inlining of closureN functions
2012-03-11  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: add Data.Vector version of smvm
2012-03-11  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: add Data.Vector version of indices example
2012-02-22  Ian LynaghUpdate dependencies
2012-02-18  Gabriele KellerAnonym. var
2012-02-17  Gabriele Kellerunused var anonym.
2012-02-17  Gabriele Kelleranonym. unused vars
2012-02-17  Gabriele Kellerunzip7& zipWith7 to Tuple7
2012-02-17  Gabriele Kellerremoved duplicate import
2012-02-17  Gabriele KellerRemoved unused var
2012-02-17  Gabriele Kellerzip7 support for Tuple7
2012-02-17  Gabriele KellerAdd CPP option to Tuple6/Tuple7
2012-02-17  Gabriele KellerDouble.* is scalar
2012-02-17  Gabriele Kellersupport for up to 8-ary vectorisation closures
2012-02-17  Gabriele KellerDeal with closures/zipWith/unzip of size 4
2012-02-10  Ian LynaghUpdate base dependencies
2012-02-08  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim-par: use traceEventIO instead of deprecated...
2012-02-03  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples.nbody: also update docs
2012-02-03  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples.nbody: use vector-bh as the default solver