Revert rename of dph-common for now
[packages/dph.git] / dph-common / Data / Array / Parallel / Lifted / Unboxed.hs
2011-10-11  Ben LippmeierRevert rename of dph-common for now
2011-10-11  Ben LippmeierRename dph-common to dph-lifted-copy and dph-common...
2011-05-09  Ben LippmeierRemove scar tissue
2010-09-23  Roman LeshchinskiyUse vector 0.7 instead of arrays from dph-base
2010-06-10  Roman LeshchinskiyMake the type of tags configurable and use Word8 instea...
2010-06-08  Roman LeshchinskiyIntroduce a rather baroque caching mechanism for parall...
2010-06-07  Roman LeshchinskiyMove selectors to the backend where they belong
2010-06-07  Roman LeshchinskiyFiddle with enum*Each functions
2010-06-07  Roman LeshchinskiyRemove repeatc*
2010-05-20  Roman LeshchinskiyImplement parallel lifted append
2010-02-25  benl@ouroborus.netFix warnings
2009-07-13  Roman LeshchinskiySeparate length from data in array representation
2009-05-18  Roman LeshchinskiyMake sure replicatelPA_Int# is inlined
2009-05-05  Roman LeshchinskiyAdapt to new build system