Make combine2 work with selectors
[packages/dph.git] / dph-prim-interface / interface / DPH_Header.h
2010-06-07  Roman LeshchinskiyMake combine2 work with selectors
2010-06-07  Roman LeshchinskiyMove selectors to the backend where they belong
2010-06-07  Roman LeshchinskiyFiddle with enum*Each functions
2010-06-07  Roman LeshchinskiyRemove repeatc*
2010-06-04  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd interleave{U|UP}
2010-06-01  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd some optimisation rules
2010-05-31  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd plusSegd
2010-03-02  Roman LeshchinskiyModify and export regular folds
2009-11-09  Roman LeshchinskiyExport combine2ByTag from backends
2009-10-21  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd imports
2009-10-21  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd count_s
2009-08-21  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd regular segmented replicate
2009-07-19  keller@cse.unsw... Added default backpermute
2009-07-13  Roman LeshchinskiySeparate length from data in array representation
2009-04-22  Roman LeshchinskiyResolve conflicts
2009-04-22  Roman LeshchinskiyRemove SUArr
2009-04-06  Roman LeshchinskiyRemove SArray and related functions from the backend...
2009-04-21  keller@cse.unsw... Added regular fold, sum (parallel and sequential)
2009-03-20  keller@cse.unsw... Fixed enumFromStepLenEach bug, added example
2009-03-18  keller@cse.unsw... Added enumFromStepLenEach
2009-03-09  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd fold{_s|SU|SUP}' which is strict in the segd and...
2009-03-08  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd seperate INLINE_BACKEND phase for stuff from Data...
2009-03-08  Roman LeshchinskiyExport and use enumFromStepLen
2009-03-08  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd repeatCU/repeat_c
2009-03-07  Roman LeshchinskiyFix strictness of bpermutePA and add extractPA
2009-03-03  Manuel M T ChakravartyExtend DPH_Header/Interface a little
2009-02-28  Manuel M T ChakravartyExtended the DPH primitives interface
2008-10-07  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd Word8 to prim interface
2008-09-11  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd {from|to}List to prim interface
2008-09-10  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd Random stuff to prelude
2008-06-04  Roman LeshchinskiyRename interface classes/types and make instances part...
2008-06-04  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd sum_s to backend interface
2008-06-04  Roman LeshchinskiyNew package: dph-prim-interface