Prepare dph for a vectInfoVar type change
[packages/dph.git] / dph-examples /
2014-10-02  Geoffrey MainlandAdapt to new version of the vector library.
2013-11-26  Amos Robinsonminor wibbles to make examples compile
2013-09-26  Herbert Valerio... Update to require new `primitive-0.5` & `vector-0.10`
2013-02-24  George Roldugindph-examples: Cabal/Makefile hackery
2013-02-22  George Roldugindph-examples: More consistent naming in handvec QuickHull.
2013-02-22  George Roldugindph-examples: Remove scalar QuickHull hsplit.
2013-02-22  George Roldugindph-examples: Simplify QuickHull eventlog tracing.
2013-02-22  George Roldugindph-examples: Fix handvectorised QuickHull early termin...
2013-02-22  George Roldugindph-examples: More comments in handvectorised QuickHull.
2013-02-22  George Roldugindph-examples: A cleaner approach to making genPointsDis...
2013-02-22  George Roldugindph-examples: Make genPointsDisc more uniform.
2013-02-22  George Roldugindph-examples: Add handvectorised QuickHull.
2013-02-22  George Roldugindph-examples: QuickHull simple dumps (both vseg and...
2013-01-21  Amos RobinsonMerge branch 'master' of
2013-01-21  Amos Robinsondph-examples: Pluecker: fix conversion from [:a:] to...
2012-12-12  Amos Robinsondph-examples: pluecker raytracer with lighting. vectori...
2012-12-07  Amos Robinsondph-examples: some doc cleanups
2012-12-03  Amos Robinsondph-examples remove "accidental" cussing ghc-7.6
2012-12-03  Amos Robinsondph-examples: pluecker. add matrix/vector mult for...
2012-12-03  Amos Robinsondph-examples: pluecker. work around bug, possibly vecto...
2012-12-03  Amos Robinsondph-examples: pluecker line / triangle projection,...
2012-11-28  Amos Robinsondph-examples: remove executable
2012-11-28  Amos Robinsondph-examples: silly gloss example
2012-11-14  Amos Robinsondph-examples: take ben's fixed SMVM flow solver from...
2012-11-14  Amos Robinsondph-examples: naive string search; fix dph-examples...
2012-11-09  Amos Robinsondph-examples: closest pairs
2012-11-01  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: cleanups
2012-11-01  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: add rep count to C smvm
2012-11-01  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: add SMVM version using repa-flow
2012-10-31  Amos Robinsondph-examples: QuickSelect vector and vectorised
2012-10-29  Ben LippmeierBump package versions to 0.8
2012-10-29  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: bump dependency versions
2012-08-02  Ben Lippmeierdph-plugin: Cabal file wibble
2012-08-02  Ben Lippmeierdph-plugin: add first-cut summoner that only works...
2012-07-30  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: follow library version number changes
2012-07-30  Ben LippmeierEnable event logging in examples
2012-07-30  Ben LippmeierCabal file wibbles
2012-07-19  Paolo CapriottiUpdate dependencies.
2012-06-19  Ian LynaghFollow changes in base
2012-06-05  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: update cabal files
2012-03-11  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: add Data.Vector version of smvm
2012-03-11  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: add Data.Vector version of indices example
2012-02-10  Ian LynaghUpdate base dependencies
2012-02-03  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples.nbody: also update docs
2012-02-03  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples.nbody: use vector-bh as the default solver
2012-02-02  Ben LippmeierBump version to 0.6
2012-02-01  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: disable nbody gloss test again, OpenGL...
2012-02-01  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: update other examples for type classes...
2012-02-01  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: make nbody work with type class support
2012-01-31  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: follow dph prelude changes in bool test
2012-01-31  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: update nbody to gloss 1.6 and reenable
2012-01-23  Ben LippmeierBump year on license files
2012-01-23  Ben LippmeierUpdate readme and cabal files with better package descr...
2011-12-15  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: add specconstr back
2011-12-13  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: don't use deprecated features in ParseArgs
2011-12-12  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: normalise output to avoid numerical wibbles
2011-12-06  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: formatting and makefile wibbles
2011-11-29  Ben LippmeierActually remove -dcore-lint
2011-11-29  Ben LippmeierRemove -dcore-lint again because ghc-cabal doesn't...
2011-11-22  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: move visibility to broken because it...
2011-11-22  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: add some more broken tests
2011-11-22  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: reorganise and cleanup directory structure
2011-11-17  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: fix bug in words
2011-11-17  Ben LippmeierFix merge
2011-11-17  Ben LippmeierMerge /Users/benl/devel/dph/dph-head-devel
2011-11-17  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: update makefile and NOINLINEs to words
2011-11-15  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: fixes to nbody
2011-11-15  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: add parseargs
2011-11-12  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: cabal files wibbles
2011-11-11  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: dump rules to compile examples in seq way
2011-11-10  Manuel M T ChakravartyGet rid of the -fdph-* flags
2011-11-09  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: turn of specconstr and comment out curren...
2011-11-09  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: follow changes in PArray API
2011-11-09  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: traceEvent is now traceEventIO
2011-11-09  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: follow name changes in PArray API
2011-11-03  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: use new vectoriser interface
2011-11-03  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: add simple smoke tests.
2011-10-17  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: add Sum2 skeleton and enough stuff...
2011-10-17  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: make smvm compile with the new library
2011-10-12  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: Use DPH Doubles instead of Prelude ones
2011-10-12  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples needs -fsimpl-tick-factor
2011-08-28  Ian LynaghBump vector deps to allow building with vector 0.8.
2011-08-11  Ben LippmeierWibbles on dph-examples for release
2011-08-11  Ben LippmeierCleanup dph-examples
2011-08-11  Ben LippmeierCleanup dph-examples
2011-06-22  Ben LippmeierUnbreak dph-examples cabal file. Not sure how dph-smvm...
2011-06-20  Ben LippmeierSource Wibble in SMVM
2011-06-20  Ben LippmeierAdd -fno-liberate-case when compiling NBody example...
2011-06-19  Manuel M T ChakravartyImport 'Data.Array.Parallel' (instead of the deprecated...
2011-06-02  Ben LippmeierMerge git://
2011-06-02  Ben LippmeierMove Rank and Indices examples to broken subdir, they...
2011-06-02  Ben LippmeierAdd Rank and Indices examples
2011-05-08  Roman Leshchinskiyfix nasty typo in .cabal file
2011-05-03  Ben LippmeierFix reverse example
2011-04-15  Ben LippmeierHacks on reverse example -- it's still broken.
2011-04-14  Ben LippmeierAdd reverse example to .cabal file
2011-04-14  Ben LippmeierFix reverse example
2011-04-14  Ben LippmeierAdd new Reverse example.
2011-02-18  Ben LippmeierTake BH seq out of cabal file, it OOMs
2011-02-18  Ben LippmeierUpdate cabal file