Fix warnings
[packages/dph.git] / dph-buildbot /
2012-02-02  Ben LippmeierBump version to 0.6
2012-01-23  Ben LippmeierBump year on license files
2011-08-11  Ben LippmeierUpdate dph-buildbot license file
2011-08-11  Ben LippmeierMerge ../roldugin/packages-dph
2011-08-09  Ben Lippmeierdph-buildbot: add --mail-branch-name flag
2011-06-20  Ben Lippmeierdph-buildbot: make it easier to specify the dph repo...
2011-04-14  Ben LippmeierUpdate buildbot to use more recent dependencies.
2011-02-18  Ben Lippmeierbuildbot: Do a ./darcs-all get after unpacking the...
2011-02-18  Ben LippmeierUpdate buildbot
2011-01-13  Ben LippmeierAdjust laplace benchmark config
2011-01-13  Ben Lippmeiernbody is broken
2010-12-03  Ben Lippmeierbuildbot: add primes tests
2010-12-03  Ben Lippmeiermove more tests around
2010-12-03  Ben Lippmeierbuildbot: cleanup benchmark specs
2010-12-02  Ben Lippmeierbuildbot: add more run versions
2010-12-02  Ben LippmeierAdd more ways for repa benchmarks
2010-12-02  Ben LippmeierCivilise tail: empty list errors
2010-11-26  Ben Lippmeierbuildbot: nbody is broken
2010-11-26  Ben Lippmeierbuildbot: follow changes in buildbox
2010-11-26  Ben Lippmeierbuildbot: add more dph-par ways and update for buildbox 1.4
2010-11-16  benl@ouroborus.netbuildbot: add nbody to benchmarks
2010-11-13  Ben Lippmeierbuildbot: allow failure messages to be sent to an alter...
2010-11-12  benl@ouroborus.netbuildbot: add support for uploading results via scp
2010-11-12  benl@ouroborus.netbuildbot: add cmd for sending test mails
2010-11-09  benl@ouroborus.netbuildbot: buildbox prints total test count in its own...
2010-11-09  benl@ouroborus.netbuildbot: only report benchmarks that moved by a specif...
2010-11-05  benl@ouroborus.netUpdate for buildbox 1.3
2010-11-04  benl@ouroborus.netNormalise names of noslow benchmarks
2010-11-04  benl@ouroborus.netUpdate names of benchmarks
2010-11-03  benl@ouroborus.netbuildbot: don't hack noslow numbers
2010-11-03  benl@ouroborus.netbuildbot: add NoSlow support
2010-11-03  benl@ouroborus.netexamples: add dph-seq versions
2010-11-01  benl@ouroborus.netMove DPH buildbot into DPH tree