dph-examples: some doc cleanups
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2012-12-07  Amos Robinsondph-examples: some doc cleanups
2012-12-03  Amos Robinsondph-examples remove "accidental" cussing ghc-7.6
2012-12-03  Amos Robinsondph-examples: pluecker. add matrix/vector mult for...
2012-12-03  Amos Robinsondph-examples: pluecker. work around bug, possibly vecto...
2012-12-03  Amos Robinsondph-examples: pluecker line / triangle projection,...
2012-11-28  Amos Robinsondph-examples: remove executable
2012-11-28  Amos Robinsondph-examples: silly gloss example
2012-11-14  Amos Robinsondph-examples: take ben's fixed SMVM flow solver from...
2012-11-09  Amos Robinsondph-examples: closest pairs
2012-11-01  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: cleanups
2012-11-01  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: add rep count to C smvm
2012-11-01  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: add SMVM version using repa-flow
2012-10-31  Amos Robinsondph-examples: QuickSelect vector and vectorised
2012-03-11  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: add Data.Vector version of smvm
2012-02-01  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: update other examples for type classes...
2011-11-22  Ben Lippmeierdph-examples: reorganise and cleanup directory structure