dph-lifted-vseg: shift reference implementation harness to its own module and cleanup
[packages/dph.git] / dph-prim-seq /
2011-11-03  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: fix edge case in concatl when the...
2011-11-03  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim: export scattered segment count
2011-10-19  Ben LippmeierWeaken vector dependency again
2011-10-19  Ben LippmeierGo back to vector 0.8 so it builds with the head
2011-10-18  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: Add more Prelude functions
2011-10-14  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim-seq: fix typo in UVSegd
2011-10-13  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: add a lazilly culled version of vsegid...
2011-10-13  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim-*: comments and some INLINE wibbles
2011-10-13  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim-*: add updateVSegsReachable for when we know...
2011-10-11  Ben LippmeierFix fusion for sumPA
2011-10-11  Ben LippmeierAdd a fast path to concatPR to avoid copying segments...
2011-10-11  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim-seq: Fix wrong export
2011-10-11  Ben LippmeierAdd D.A.P.U.Sequential module to tie together the seque...
2011-10-11  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim-*: tweak inlines again and document why
2011-10-11  Ben LippmeierBe consistent about what INLINE pragmas are used in...
2011-10-11  Ben LippmeierAdd UPVSegd
2011-10-11  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim-par: haddock cleanups
2011-10-04  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim-seq: cleanup USSegd and UVSegd namespaces
2011-10-04  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim-seq: cleanup USegd namespace
2011-10-04  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim: follow changes in module names
2011-10-04  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim-seq: flatten module hierarchy so it looks...
2011-10-04  Ben LippmeierWeaken dependency to allow vector 0.9
2011-10-04  Ben LippmeierPush scattered segmented fold fns into Unlifted packages
2011-09-06  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim-par: add UPSSegd boiler plate
2011-09-03  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim-seq: export more ops from Segmented module
2011-09-02  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim-seq: warning police
2011-09-02  Ben LippmeierMake USSegd contain a whole USegd because we need the...
2011-09-01  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim-par: prettier printing and comments to distrib...
2011-08-30  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim-par: warning police
2011-08-29  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim-par/seq: comments and formatting only
2011-08-29  Ben Lippmeierdph-common-vseg: shift SSegd and VSegd into prim package
2011-08-29  Ben LippmeierBump prim package versions to
2011-08-29  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim-par/seq: add zip3 and unzip3
2011-08-28  Ian LynaghBump vector deps to allow building with vector 0.8.
2011-08-25  Ben Lippmeierdph-common-vseg: refactoring to split UVSegd out of...
2011-08-12  Ben LippmeierNormalise package names
2011-08-11  Ben LippmeierCleanup dph-prim-seq
2011-06-19  Roman Leshchinskiyadapt to vector 0.7.1
2011-06-06  George RolduginUndo scan/fold fixes.
2011-06-02  Ben LippmeierMerge git://github.com/roldugin/packages-dph
2011-05-31  George RolduginscanUP prelim fix.
2011-05-02  Ben Lippmeierwibble
2011-04-29  Ben LippmeierComments, formatting and Haddock cleanups. No functiona...
2011-04-28  Ben LippmeierComments and formatting only.
2011-04-15  Ben LippmeierComments and formatting only.
2011-04-14  Ben LippmeierDe-tab prior formatting changes
2011-04-14  Ben LippmeierRemove old Gabi modules, new version of Repa doesn...
2011-04-13  Ben LippmeierMerge branch 'master' of /Users/benl/devel/ghc/ghc...
2011-04-13  Ben LippmeierMerge branch 'master' of /Users/benl/devel/ghc/ghc...
2011-04-12  benl23Comments and formatting to dph-prim-seq/D.A.P.Unlifted
2010-12-19  Roman LeshchinskiyMake zip strict
2010-10-31  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd omitted rules for fsts, snds and zip
2010-10-17  Roman LeshchinskiyFix bug spotted by SimonPJ
2010-10-14  benl@ouroborus.netUse mslice instead of mdrop in joinD
2010-09-23  Roman LeshchinskiyUse vector 0.7 instead of arrays from dph-base
2010-06-10  Roman LeshchinskiyMake the type of tags configurable and use Word8 instea...
2010-09-03  simonpj@microsoft.comAdd type signatures for local declarations
2010-06-10  Roman LeshchinskiyRemove bang which got in the way of fusion
2010-06-10  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd bang to avoid triggering LiberateCase
2010-07-10  Ian LynaghRemove the -haddock flag from GHC-Options in the Cabal...
2010-06-09  Roman LeshchinskiyReplace strict pairs by normal lifted pairs in distribu...
2010-06-08  Roman LeshchinskiyIntroduce a rather baroque caching mechanism for parall...
2010-06-07  Roman LeshchinskiyCache distribution information in parallel selectors
2010-06-07  Roman LeshchinskiyMake combine2 work with selectors
2010-06-07  Roman LeshchinskiyMove selectors to the backend where they belong
2010-06-07  Roman LeshchinskiyFiddle with enum*Each functions
2010-06-04  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd interleave{U|UP}
2010-05-27  Roman LeshchinskiyRemove unneeded parameters from indices_s
2010-05-27  Roman LeshchinskiySanitise zipU and unzipU
2010-05-26  Roman LeshchinskiyFix load balancing issue with indices_s
2010-05-20  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd a seq rule for scanlU (+) 0
2010-05-20  Roman LeshchinskiyImplement parallel lifted append
2010-05-20  Roman LeshchinskiyExport more stuff
2010-03-02  Roman LeshchinskiyModify and export regular folds
2009-11-10  Roman LeshchinskiyMove lengthsToSegd to the common interface file
2009-11-09  Roman LeshchinskiyExport combine2ByTag from backends
2009-11-09  Roman LeshchinskiyAnother module for Gabi
2009-11-02  Roman LeshchinskiyFiddle with strictness and reboxing
2009-10-29  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd combine2ByTagU
2009-10-29  Roman LeshchinskiyTrace all stream-based loops
2009-08-21  Roman LeshchinskiyTurn off reboxing hack
2009-08-21  Roman LeshchinskiyMake sure GHC can figure out strictness of replicateSU
2009-08-21  Roman LeshchinskiyFix strictness of bpermuteUS
2009-08-21  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd regular segmented replicate
2009-08-11  Ian LynaghFix "Cabal check" warnings
2009-07-19  keller@cse.unsw... Added default backpermute
2009-05-18  Roman LeshchinskiyFix strictness of foldlSU
2009-05-05  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd ghc-stage files
2009-04-24  Roman LeshchinskiyMake sure GHC can figure out the strictness of foldlU
2009-04-22  Roman LeshchinskiyResolve conflicts
2009-04-22  Roman LeshchinskiyRemove SUArr
2009-04-06  Roman LeshchinskiyNuke D.A.P.Unlifted.Sequential.Segmented.Stream
2009-04-06  Roman LeshchinskiyRemove streamSU and unstreamSU
2009-04-06  Roman LeshchinskiyRemove SArray and related functions from the backend...
2009-04-21  keller@cse.unsw... Added regular fold, sum (parallel and sequential)
2009-03-25  Roman LeshchinskiyRewrite repeatCU
2009-03-24  keller@cse.unsw... Fixed repeatCUS
2009-03-20  keller@cse.unsw... Fixed enumFromStepLenEach bug, added example
2009-03-18  keller@cse.unsw... Added enumFromStepLenEach
2009-03-09  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd fold{_s|SU|SUP}' which is strict in the segd and...