dph-lifted-vseg: shift reference implementation harness to its own module and cleanup
[packages/dph.git] / dph-lifted-vseg /
2011-11-09  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: shift reference implementation harness...
2011-11-09  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: eliminate sharing in arrays during...
2011-11-09  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: rejig the pretty printer to handle...
2011-11-09  Ben LippmeierCompare PArray functions against reference implementation
2011-11-09  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: fix bug in replicatel
2011-11-09  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: add docs for Sum2 extracts
2011-11-09  Ben Lippmeierdph-test: port across extracts1 test for PArrays
2011-11-09  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: better docs for Sum2 extract
2011-11-09  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: add extract instance for Sums
2011-11-04  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: tweak pretty printer instances
2011-11-04  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: make PprVirtual of PArray Bool work
2011-11-04  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: more void instances
2011-11-04  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: fix pretty printing of arrays via...
2011-11-03  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: fix edge case in concatl when the...
2011-11-03  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: add missing show and ppr instances
2011-11-03  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: use new vectoriser interface
2011-11-03  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: add back Prelude operator precedences.
2011-11-03  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: implement extracts for Sum2
2011-11-03  Ben Lippmeierdph-common-vseg: refactor to use PDatas in nested array...
2011-10-19  Ben LippmeierWeaken vector dependency again
2011-10-19  Ben LippmeierGo back to vector 0.8 so it builds with the head
2011-10-18  Ben Lippmeierdph-prim-vseg: Sums module isn't used anymore
2011-10-18  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: add back minIndex / maxIndex
2011-10-18  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: add zips and unzips
2011-10-18  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifter-vseg: beautify lifted combinators
2011-10-18  Ben Lippmeierdpg-lifted-vsegd: rename DD functions to PD functions...
2011-10-18  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: refactor to push all plain PArray...
2011-10-18  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: rename PD functions to PA functions...
2011-10-18  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: Add more Prelude functions
2011-10-17  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: add Sum2 skeleton and enough stuff...
2011-10-17  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: cleanups and add missing instances
2011-10-17  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: remove old UArray conversions from...
2011-10-17  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: make smvm compile with the new library
2011-10-14  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: add more of the vectoriser interface
2011-10-14  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: define more Prelude functions
2011-10-14  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: add new stuff to cabal file
2011-10-14  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: add PRepr and start making it work...
2011-10-13  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: add a lazilly culled version of vsegid...
2011-10-13  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vsegd: make replicatesPR take a Segd
2011-10-12  Ben LippmeierAdd SCCs to some NOINLINE functions
2011-10-11  Ben LippmeierFix fusion for sumPA
2011-10-11  Ben LippmeierAdd a fast path to concatPR to avoid copying segments...
2011-10-11  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: uses fusion-phases.h
2011-10-11  Ben Lippmeierdph-lifted-vseg: uses PatternGuards
2011-10-11  Ben LippmeierAdd Setup.hs for dpg-lifted-vseg
2011-10-11  Ben LippmeierFollow package name changes in cabal files
2011-10-11  Ben LippmeierRename cabal files to match package names
2011-10-11  Ben LippmeierComments only
2011-10-11  Ben LippmeierRename dph-common to dph-lifted-copy and dph-common...