last changeTue, 6 Dec 2016 14:55:37 +0000 (09:55 -0500)
4 days ago  Phil RuffwindPrepend instead of overwrite error locations master
4 days ago  Phil RuffwindcanonicalizePath: Use GetFinalPathName when available
4 days ago  Phil RuffwindcanonicalizePath: Canonicalize case on Windows
4 days ago  Phil RuffwindcanonicalizePath: Deref file symlinks even if not last...
4 days ago  Phil RuffwindDeduce correct alignment in CTimeSpec using hsc2hs
4 days ago  Phil RuffwindCreate Internal.Prelude module
7 days ago  Phil RuffwindRename isSymbolicLink to pathIsSymbolicLink
7 days ago  Phil RuffwindFix AppVeyor
7 days ago  Phil RuffwindUse PREBUILD scripts in CI
7 days ago  Phil RuffwindAdd Win32- to appveyor.yml
7 days ago  Phil RuffwindAdd tests for makeAbsolute
12 days ago  Phil RuffwindcanonicalizePath: Drop trailing slashes
12 days ago  Phil RuffwindAdd GHC 8.0.1 to CI
2016-11-21  Phil RuffwindRelax upper bounds on time and Win32
2016-11-15  Ben GamariBump upper bound on base
2016-11-01  Phil RuffwindImprove robustness of removePathForcibly
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