2018-01-23  Matt RenaudImprove Data.Map (strict and lazy) module docs (#497)
2018-01-23  David FeuerRespond to suggestions on Data.Sequence docs (#506)
2018-01-22  Matt RenaudImprove Data.Set module docs. (#502)
2018-01-22  Matt RenaudFix power of 2 validity check. (#505)
2018-01-22  David FeuerBump version
2018-01-22  David FeuerMerge pull request #503 from treeowl/minmaxview-fixup
2018-01-22  David FeuerImprove min and max view laziness and inlining
2018-01-22  David FeuerUpdate
2018-01-22  David FeuerMerge pull request #377 from vlopezj/disjoint
2018-01-22  David FeuerUpdate changelog
2018-01-22  Donnacha Oisín... sortOn functions using same heap as sort and unstableSo...
2018-01-22  David FeuerAdd minView benchmark for Map
2018-01-21  Víctor López... Add `disjoint` for Data.Set
2018-01-21  Víctor López... Add function to check if two `IntSet`s are `disjoint`.
2018-01-20  Donnacha Oisín... Faster stable sort (#492)
2018-01-19  Matt RenaudMove bitcount to Utils.Internal.BitUtil. (#498)
2018-01-17  David FeuerAdd unzips for sequences (#494)
2018-01-11  Matt RenaudUpdate sitemap to point to https pages.
2018-01-11  Donnacha Oisín... Added notes on skew-heap attempt (#490)
2018-01-11  Matt RenaudCreate sitemap.xml
2018-01-11  Matt RenaudVerify site ownership for Google analytics/webmaster...
2018-01-11  Matt RenaudFix formatting bug.
2018-01-11  Matt RenaudAdd "introduction and tutorial" to index header.
2018-01-11  Matt RenaudChange syntax for implicit :haddock: autolink. (#484)
2018-01-11  Matt RenaudAdd favicon to docs. (#487)
2018-01-10  Matt RenaudAdd missing highlight:: haskell annotation
2018-01-10  Matt RenaudSmall typo fixes in set docs.
2018-01-09  David FeuerMerge branch 'modrenaud'
2018-01-09  Matt RenaudAdd docs for containers package.
2018-01-08  Matt RenaudUpdate with Pull Request guidance....
2018-01-08  David FeuerRework Data.Sequence documentation
2018-01-08  David FeuerImprove inference for IsString instance for Seq (#481)
2018-01-08  David FeuerUpdate replicateM post-AMP (#480)
2018-01-08  David FeuerMerge pull request #476 from treeowl/sum-product
2018-01-07  David FeuerMark Internal modules not-home (#477)
2018-01-07  David FeuerAdd tests for new Set functions
2018-01-07  Edward KmettAdd Cartesian products and disjoint unions for Set
2018-01-04  David FeuerMerge pull request #474 from treeowl/powerSet
2018-01-04  David FeuerAdd a test for Set.powerSet
2018-01-04  Edward KmettAdd powerSet to Data.Set
2018-01-03  David FeuerStop hand-unboxing shifts (#471)
2017-12-30  Matt RenaudAdd validity checks for IntSet and IntMap (#456)
2017-12-28  Matt RenaudAdd stack.yaml file (#463)
2017-12-26  Matt RenaudUpdate with benchmark instructions...
2017-12-23  David FeuerAdd MonadFix instance for Data.Tree (#451)
2017-12-22  Matt RenaudImprove error message for `index` (#457)
2017-12-20  Matt RenaudAdd operator IntMap.!?. (#454)
2017-12-20  Matt RenaudCreate (#455)
2017-12-18  David FeuerUpdate changelog
2017-12-18  Simon JakobiAdd @since-annotations (#447)
2017-12-18  David FeuerMerge pull request #348 from benjamin-hodgson/mapKeysWi...
2017-12-18  David FeuerMerge pull request #431 from phadej/restrictKeys-example
2017-12-18  David FeuerMerge pull request #444 from RyanGlScott/missing-home...
2017-12-18  Ryan ScottFix -Wmissing-home-modules warnings
2017-12-18  David FeuerMerge pull request #432 from RyanGlScott/master
2017-12-18  bwrogaIntMap lookupMin and lookupMax (#437)
2017-12-18  David FeuerMerge pull request #448 from sjakobi/travis
2017-12-18  David FeuerAdd a MonadFix instance for Seq (#449)
2017-12-17  Simon JakobiTravis: Add a GHC-8.2 job
2017-09-21  Herbert Valerio... Make compatible with upcoming Prelude.<> export in...
2017-08-22  Ryan ScottExpose Size (and other Int aliases) from *.Internal...
2017-08-18  Oleg GrenrusAdd restictKeys example via intersect, also withoutKeys
2017-05-02  Donnacha Oisín... Speeding up unstableSort (#425)
2017-04-01  David FeuerUpdate changelog
2017-04-01  David FeuerMerge pull request #421 from mikeplus64/master
2017-03-29  Mike Ledgerquickcheck size using foldl for intset
2017-03-29  Mike Ledgerquickcheck size for intmap
2017-03-29  Mike Ledgerfaster IntSet.size
2017-03-29  Mike Ledgerfaster IntMap.size
2017-03-01  David FeuerAdd COMPLETE pragmas for Data.Sequence
2017-02-28  Ben GamariFix unused pattern match warnings (#418)
2017-02-24  David FeuerDefeat worker/wrapper in insertR too (#417)
2017-02-22  David FeuerFix insert worker/wrapper issues (#416)
2017-02-21  David FeuerUpdate
2017-02-21  David FeuerFix up IntMap showTree deprecation story (#413)
2017-02-21  David FeuerFix lots of strictness bugs (#412)
2017-02-20  David FeuerEscape slashes in Haddock
2017-02-20  wren romanoMerge pull request #411 from haskell/revert-410-revert...
2017-02-20  wren romanoRevert "Revert "Optimize IntMap's withoutKeys", in...
2017-02-20  wren romanoMerge pull request #410 from haskell/revert-408-bugfix_394
2017-02-20  wren romanoRevert "Optimize IntMap's withoutKeys"
2017-02-20  wren romanoMerge pull request #408 from wrengr/bugfix_394
2017-02-20  wren romanoMerge branch 'master' into bugfix_394
2017-02-20  wren romanoUpdated withoutKeys to work efficiently
2017-02-20  David FeuerBump version; update changelog
2017-02-20  wren romanoOptimize withoutKeys and restrictKeys for IntMap (...
2017-02-17  wren romanocleaning up
2017-02-17  wren romanoFinally fixed restrictBM!
2017-02-16  wren romanocommenting out bitmapForBin for now, so things work.
2017-02-16  wren romanogreatly improved restrictBM. bitmapForBin is still...
2017-02-14  wren romanofloated out bitmapForBin from restrictKeys
2017-02-14  wren romanoenhanced the bitmap restriction in restrictKeys to...
2017-02-14  wren romanoFixed the restrictKeys optimization!
2017-02-14  wren romanoreverted buggy optimization
2017-02-09  David FeuerliftA2 update for Data.Map and Data.IntMap (#403)
2017-02-09  wren romanoimproved the call to restrictBM by pruning the BitMap...
2017-02-09  wren romanodefined lookupPrefix as part of optimizing restrictKeys
2017-02-09  wren romanoAdding comments, and un-nesting restrictBM and withoutBM
2017-02-09  wren romanoFixed the bugs in restrictKeys/withoutKeys
2017-02-09  David FeuerLiftA2 some more, etc. (#399)