2011-12-15  Ian LynaghBump version and relax deepseq dependency ghc-7.4 containers- ghc-7.4.1-release ghc-7.4.2-release
2011-10-04  Johan TibellBump version number to
2011-10-04  Johan TibellOnly use Safe Haskell if using GHC >= 7.3
2011-09-11  Milan StrakaChanging version of base dependency to < 5.
2011-09-11  Milan StrakaFix documentation copy-paste bugs.
2011-09-08  Johan TibellChange maintainer email address
2011-09-08  Ian LynaghDefine deepseq instances; part of #5468
2011-08-09  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #2 from dterei/master
2011-08-09  David TereiFix conditional pragma to work with 6.12
2011-08-09  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #1 from dterei/master
2011-08-09  David TereiUse Safe Haskell for GHC >= 7.2
2011-07-13  Milan StrakaImplement more methods from Foldable class.
2011-07-13  Milan StrakaAdd all fold variants.
2011-07-12  Milan StrakaReordering data constructors of IntSet and IntMap.
2011-07-12  Milan StrakaChange the repository URL in cabal file to github. ghc-7.2 ghc-7.2.1-release ghc-7.2.2-release
2011-07-08  Johan TibellBump the version number to
2011-06-20  Milan StrakaConvert list of ignored files from darcs to git.
2011-04-24  Ian LynaghFor GHC, implement the Typeable.hs macros using standal...
2011-04-08  Ian LynaghUpdate source repo location to be the git repo in ...
2011-03-21  Michal TerepetaImprove performance of Data.Graph (ticket #5034). ghc-darcs-git-switchover
2011-02-24  Ross Patersonspell out fmap definitions instead of using fmapDefault
2011-02-02  Ross Patersonadd split/append benchmark for Data.Sequence
2011-02-02  Ross Patersonadd -rtsopts (needed to use +RTS with GHC-7.0)
2011-01-15  Ross Patersonremove __HADDOCK__ ifdefs
2011-01-15  Ross Patersontweak indentation (whitespace only)
2011-01-15  Ross PatersonQuickCheck properties for Data.Sequence
2011-01-15  Ross Patersontweak indentation (whitespace only)
2011-01-14  Ross Patersonmore fine-grained tests
2011-01-09  Johan TibellFixed space leak in lookupIndex
2011-01-09  Johan TibellRollback "hoist constant parameter"
2011-01-07  Ross Patersonhoist constant parameter
2010-12-15  Ross Patersonfix typos in comments
2010-12-15  Ross Patersonwhitespace changes and a little re-ordering to make...
2010-12-15  Ross Patersonwhitespace changes and a little re-ordering to make...
2010-12-15  Ross Patersonchange Int to Key (type synonym) in 3 places for consis...
2010-12-13  Ross Patersonuse Applicative form in Arbitrary instances
2010-12-13  Ross Patersonfix comment for unfoldl
2010-12-13  Ross Patersonmake local binding monomorphic without using scoped...
2010-12-01  Johan TibellAlways inline foldrWithKey' and foldlWithKey' from...
2010-11-28  Ian LynaghTweak insertWith' and insertWithKey' to better match...
2010-11-03  Johan TibellAdd foldlWithKey' and foldrWithKey' to Data.Map
2010-10-30  Johan TibellAdd strict versions of insertWith and insertWithKey...
2010-11-04  Milan StrakaExplain INLINEs in IntMap and IntSet.
2010-11-04  Milan StrakaFix warnings.
2010-11-04  Milan StrakaExplain the nomatch clause in IntSet.hs
2010-11-04  Milan StrakaRename STRICTxy to STRICT_x_OF_y.
2010-10-31  Milan StrakaSettle performance issues in Map and Set.
2010-10-29  Milan StrakaSettle performance issues in IntMap and IntSet.
2010-10-22  Milan StrakaMake foldlStrict semantics to match foldl'.
2010-10-22  Milan StrakaRemove INLINABLE in IntMap and IntSet.hs.
2010-10-19  Milan StrakaDo not pass f explicitely for fold.
2010-10-16  Milan StrakaMark fold explicitely as INLINE.
2010-10-16  Milan StrakaChanging INLINE pragmas.
2010-10-16  Milan StrakaWhitespace changes only.
2010-10-16  Milan StrakaCorrect a typo in macro name.
2010-10-16  Milan StrakaChange the worker/wrapper to explicitly pass arguments.
2010-09-24  Milan StrakaFix warnings in Data.Map and Data.Set.
2010-09-24  Milan StrakaFinish the started worker/wrapper transformation.
2010-09-24  Milan StrakaMerge all the OPTIONS and LANGUAGE module pragmas.
2010-09-24  Milan StrakaRemove most INLINE from Map, Set, IntMap and IntSet.
2010-09-24  Milan StrakaComment tests and benchmarks on foldlWithKey' which
2010-09-23  Milan StrakaWorker/wrapper transformation for Data.IntSet.
2010-09-21  Milan StrakaCompile only the benchmark source, not the Data/*.hs.
2010-09-21  Milan StrakaAdd criterion-based benchmark for IntSet.hs.
2010-09-21  Milan StrakaAdd a testsuite for Data.IntSet.
2010-09-21  Milan StrakaFurther improve Data.Set balance function.
2010-09-21  Milan StrakaFurther improve Data.Map balance function.
2010-09-21  Milan StrakaChanging delta to 3 in Data.Set.
2010-09-21  Milan StrakaChanging delta to 3 in Data.Map.
2010-09-14  Milan StrakaCorrect Data.Set Arbitrary instance never to return...
2010-09-14  Milan StrakaCorrect Data.Map Arbitrary instance never to return...
2010-09-14  Milan StrakaImprove Data.Set benchmark.
2010-09-14  Milan StrakaImprove benchmark infrastructure and Data.Map benchmark.
2010-09-14  Milan StrakaImprove the performance of Data.Set balance function.
2010-09-14  Milan StrakaImprove the performance of Data.Map balance function.
2010-09-14  Milan StrakaImprove performance of Data.Set union and difference...
2010-09-14  Milan StrakaImprove performance of Data.Map union* and difference...
2010-09-13  Milan StrakaMake the Set store the elements evaluated (bang added).
2010-08-31  Johan TibellImproved performance of Data.Set
2010-08-31  Johan TibellAdded benchmarks for Data.Set
2010-08-31  Johan TibellAdded a test suite for Data.Set
2010-09-23  simonpj@microsoft.comRemove use of lambdas with irrefutable patterns
2010-09-15  Ian LynaghRevert the recent contentious changes
2010-08-31  Simon Marlowfix warnings
2010-08-31  Don StewartMissing MagicHash for IntSet
2010-08-31  Don StewartPerformance improvements for Data.IntMap (worker/wrappe...
2010-08-31  Don StewartAdd criterion-based benchmarking for IntMap
2010-08-31  Don StewartAdd comprehensive testsuite for IntMap
2010-08-31  Don Stewart-O2 -fregs-graph is a uniform 10% improvements for...
2010-08-29  Don StewartMissed base case for updateAt worker. Spotted by Jan...
2010-08-29  Don StewartMajor bump (new functions, clarified strictness propert...
2010-08-29  Don StewartAdd two new functions: foldlWithKey' and insertLookupWi...
2010-08-29  Don StewartPerformance improvements to Data.Map
2010-08-29  Don StewartAdd a criterion-based benchmark suite for Data.Map
2010-08-29  Don StewartAdd a comprehensive testsuite for Data.Map
2010-09-02  Malcolm.Wallace... Oops, get the #ifdef symbol correct.
2010-09-02  Malcolm.Wallace... Protect a gratuitous GHC-ism with #ifdefs.
2010-08-15  Ian LynaghSet Data.Map's delta to 4; fixes #4242
2010-08-15  Ian LynaghAdd a test for #4242
2010-07-30  simonpj@microsoft.comAdd a local type signature