Stop using hedge algorithms
[packages/containers.git] / Data / IntMap / Base.hs
2012-03-04  Milan StrakaAdd IntMap.mapKeys* methods.
2012-03-04  Milan StrakaGeneralize IntMap.update{Min,Max}[WithKey].
2012-03-04  Milan StrakaUnify IntMap.deleteFind{Min,Max} with the Map ...
2012-03-04  Milan StrakaInt{Set.Map}.delete{Min,Max} doesn't fail on empty.
2011-11-28  Milan StrakaAdd list fusion RULES for keys and elems.
2011-11-25  Milan StrakaRemove unused code.
2011-11-25  Milan StrakaImprove fusion rules.
2011-11-25  Joachim BreitnerImplement list fusion for {Int,}{MapSet}
2011-11-24  Milan StrakaIntMap refactoring.
2011-11-24  Milan StrakaExtensions are now maintained per-file.
2011-11-23  Milan StrakaUpdated errorneous documentation.
2011-11-22  Johan TibellWhitespace only
2011-11-22  Johan TibellMove most of D.IM.Lazy to D.IM.Base
2011-11-22  Milan StrakaMerge branch 'dense-intset'
2011-11-17  Johan TibellRename D.M.Common to D.M.Base