Improve Data.Map (strict and lazy) module docs (#497)
[packages/containers.git] / Data / Map / Lazy.hs
2018-01-23  Matt RenaudImprove Data.Map (strict and lazy) module docs (#497)
2017-12-18  David FeuerMerge pull request #348 from benjamin-hodgson/mapKeysWi...
2017-02-01  Simon JakobiRemove 'stability' annotations
2017-01-11  David FeuerRetarget Haddocks to point to new merge modules (#384)
2016-11-07  wren romanoMerge branch 'refs/heads/master' into IntMapGeneralMerge
2016-09-07  David FeuerMerge pull request #337 from treeowl/map-min-max
2016-09-07  David FeuerQuit using deleteFindMin and deleteFindMax
2016-09-02  David FeuerMerge pull request #329 from treeowl/rename-internals
2016-09-02  David FeuerGeneral package stuff, mostly
2016-08-31  Ertugrul SöylemezRefactor internal modules (#324)
2016-08-31  David FeuerMerge pull request #321 from treeowl/more-monotonic
2016-08-30  David FeuerAdd more indexed and unsafe functions for Data.Map
2016-08-25  David FeuerMerge pull request #319 from treeowl/generalMerge2
2016-08-25  David FeuerAdd general merge functions for maps
2016-07-26  David FeuerMerge pull request #305 from treeowl/restriction
2016-07-26  David FeuerAdd restrictKeys and withoutKeys
2016-07-07  David FeuerMerge pull request #295 from treeowl/map-fromDescending
2016-07-07  David FeuerAdd fromDesc functions for Data.Map
2016-05-18  David FeuerMerge pull request #234 from treeowl/alterF
2016-05-18  David FeuerAdd `alterF` for Data.Map
2016-05-18  Phil RuffwindImplement lens-compatible `at` function
2015-01-04  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #122 from treeowl/dangerdoc
2014-12-31  David FeuerAdd warning about Seq size.
2014-12-15  Milan StrakaNuke include/Typeable.h, create include/containers...
2013-12-04  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #35 from rrnewton/splittable
2013-12-03  Ryan NewtonRename to splitRoot. Add the same for Sets and expose it.
2013-10-07  Milan StrakaRename join to link ...
2013-08-30  Johan TibellMerge GHC HEAD
2013-08-30  Herbert Valerio... Merge tag 'v0.5.2.1' of git://
2013-07-02  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #24 from ekmett/master
2012-12-25  Edward KmettAdded `foldMapWithKey`.
2012-12-13  Johan TibellMore style clean-ups
2012-08-01  Johan TibellFix haddock links to modules
2012-05-03  Johan TibellMerge changes release by GHC HQ as ghc-7.6 containers- ghc-7.6.1-release ghc-7.6.2-release ghc-7.6.3-release
2012-04-28  Milan StrakaAdd Map.mergeWithKey.
2012-04-25  Milan StrakaAdd fromSet method.
2012-04-24  Milan StrakaAdd lookupLT, lookupGT, lookupLE, lookupGE methods.
2012-04-14  Milan StrakaMerge branch 'master' of
2012-03-30  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #10 from batterseapower/master
2012-03-30  Max BolingbrokeAdd traverseWithKey to Map and IntMap API
2011-11-25  Milan StrakaUpdate the documentation of strictness properties.
2011-11-22  Milan StrakaMerge branch 'dense-intset'
2011-11-18  Johan TibellMore documentation tweaks
2011-11-18  Johan TibellDocument that maps are ordered
2011-11-18  Johan TibellFix docs to refer to new module names
2011-11-18  Johan TibellRemove comment
2011-11-18  Johan TibellAdd Data.Map.Lazy and Data.Map.Strict