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2016-04-25  David FeuerMerge pull request #202 from treeowl/bang-sequences
2016-04-25  David FeuerUse bang patterns for Data.Sequence; unbox
2016-04-22  David FeuerMerge pull request #121 from treeowl/intersperse
2016-04-22  David FeuerAdd intersperse for Seq
2016-04-22  David FeuerMerge pull request #197 from haskell/revert-184-generic
2016-04-22  David FeuerMerge pull request #200 from treeowl/generic-tree
2016-04-22  David FeuerDerive Generic and Generic1 for Data.Tree
2016-04-21  David FeuerRevert "add Generics instance for Map, Set, IntMap... revert-184-generic
2016-04-21  David FeuerMerge pull request #194 from treeowl/sequence-patterns
2016-04-21  David FeuerAdd pattern synonyms for sequences
2016-04-20  David FeuerRename Empty constructor to EmptyT
2016-03-31  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #193 from fpco/176-better-seq-filter
2016-03-31  Michael SnoymanFix performance of Data.Sequence.filter (fixes #176)
2016-03-21  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #191 from monkey-mas/remove-wrong...
2016-03-21  Masaru NomuraRemove wrong document in {Set, Map}.hs related to key...
2016-02-19  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #184 from kuk0/generic
2016-02-18  Kubo Kovacadd Generics instance for Map, Set, IntMap, and IntSet
2016-02-11  Milan StrakaMerge branch 'master' of github:haskell/containers
2016-02-11  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #182 from jwaldmann/master
2016-02-10  Johannes Waldmannfix typo in documentation
2016-02-10  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #181 from jwaldmann/master
2016-02-10  Johannes Waldmannrepair broken URL in IntMap documentation
2016-01-23  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #179 from treeowl/traverseWithIndex
2016-01-23  David FeuerAdd traverseWithIndex
2016-01-19  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #178 from treeowl/polyreverse
2016-01-19  David FeuerMake reverse helpers polymorphic
2015-11-29  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #171 from hvr/pr/semigroups
2015-11-28  Herbert Valerio... Rename local binding to avoid clash with `(<>)`
2015-11-28  Herbert Valerio... Define Semigroup instances for base>=4.9
2015-11-25  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #169 from hvr/pr/ghc-head-wall-clean
2015-11-25  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #168 from hvr/pr/minor-cleanups
2015-11-25  Herbert Valerio... Drop seemingly ineffective SPECIALISE pragmas
2015-11-25  Herbert Valerio... Remove redundant constraints
2015-11-25  Herbert Valerio... Make `-Wall` clean
2015-11-25  Herbert Valerio... canonicalise Monad instances
2015-08-26  Milan StrakaFix wrong complexity of IntMap.alter.
2015-05-19  Milan StrakaFix copy-paste typos.
2015-05-19  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #156 from adubovik/master
2015-05-14  Anton DubovikRemoved unnecessary strictness in IntSet.foldl accumulator.
2015-03-16  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #147 from treeowl/IsString
2015-03-16  David FeuerAdd IsString instance
2015-03-11  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #142 from lowasser/patch-1
2015-03-11  Louis WassermanMinor typo fix in Data.Set.Base
2015-03-11  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #141 from treeowl/newapbottomtry
2015-03-11  David FeuerMake rigidify non-recursive
2015-03-11  David FeuerImprove *>
2015-03-11  David FeuerClean up <*> some more
2015-02-20  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #139 from gallais/patch-1
2015-02-19  G. Allaistypo in the doc for Data.Map.Base
2015-01-10  Milan StrakaRemove unnecessary (Sized *) constraints.
2015-01-10  Milan StrakaAdd unnecessary call in fromArray to make (Ix i) constr...
2015-01-04  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #122 from treeowl/dangerdoc
2014-12-31  David FeuerAdd warning about Seq size.
2014-12-30  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #118 from treeowl/apcleanup
2014-12-30  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #116 from treeowl/balanceReplicate
2014-12-30  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #119 from hvr/pr-base48
2014-12-28  Herbert Valerio... Make `-Wall`-clean for base-
2014-12-28  David FeuerClean up <*> development artifacts
2014-12-25  David FeuerMake applicativeTree aim for safe digits
2014-12-22  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #104 from treeowl/ap
2014-12-22  Bertram FelgenhauerExploit some invariants
2014-12-21  David FeuerReimplement `<*>`
2014-12-20  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #107 from treeowl/fromListN
2014-12-19  David FeuerUse fromList2 to implement fromListN in IsList
2014-12-18  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #101 from treeowl/zipdocfix
2014-12-18  David FeuerFix efficiency claim for zipWith.
2014-12-16  Milan StrakaIt is perfectly fine to import class methods...
2014-12-16  Milan StrakaRemove circular `toList` definition.
2014-12-15  Milan StrakaNuke include/Typeable.h, create include/containers...
2014-12-15  Milan StrakaFix warnings.
2014-12-15  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #97 from treeowl/add-credit
2014-12-15  David FeuerAdd Ross Paterson to 2014 copyright statement
2014-12-15  Milan StrakaAdd Data.Sequence.fromArray.
2014-12-15  Milan StrakaComment various conditional imports.
2014-12-15  Milan StrakaUse coerce for [a]->[Elem a] convertion in fromList.
2014-12-15  Milan StrakaRemove trailing whitespace.
2014-12-15  David FeuerUse a top-down version of fromList
2014-12-15  Milan StrakaRemove unsafeCoerce, use only coerce on GHC 7.8 and...
2014-12-15  Milan StrakaMake sure the helper functions are inlined.
2014-12-15  Milan StrakaFix warnings.
2014-12-14  Milan StrakaUpdate URL of the fingertree paper.
2014-12-12  David FeuerRevert the fromFunction shallowing
2014-12-12  David FeuerSimplify zipWith3 and zipWith4 to reduce code size
2014-12-09  David FeuerNix the Splittable class; add fromFunction
2014-12-06  David FeuerAdd comments explaining the splitting traversal
2014-12-06  David FeuerSpecialize splitTraverse; strictify pair splitting
2014-12-06  David FeuerMake zipWith faster
2014-12-05  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #86 from treeowl/foldableimports
2014-12-04  David FeuerMake version-appropriate Foldable imports
2014-12-04  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #85 from treeowl/islist
2014-12-03  David FeuerAdd an IsList instance for Data.Sequence.Seq
2014-11-23  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #80 from treeowl/fix-index
2014-11-23  David FeuerMake index middle-lazy
2014-11-21  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #76 from treeowl/identity
2014-11-21  David FeuerUse Data.Functor.Identity
2014-11-21  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #75 from treeowl/coerce-version
2014-11-21  David FeuerUse GHC version for coercion rules
2014-11-21  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #72 from treeowl/then
2014-11-21  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #71 from treeowl/fmapcoerceintmap
2014-11-19  David FeuerOptimize *> and >> for Seq