Refactor internal modules (#324)
[packages/containers.git] / tests / map-properties.hs
2016-08-31  Ertugrul SöylemezRefactor internal modules (#324)
2016-08-31  David FeuerMerge pull request #321 from treeowl/more-monotonic
2016-08-30  David FeuerAdd more indexed and unsafe functions for Data.Map
2016-08-25  David FeuerMerge pull request #319 from treeowl/generalMerge2
2016-08-25  David FeuerAdd general merge functions for maps
2016-08-06  David FeuerMerge pull request #315 from treeowl/map-combination...
2016-08-06  David FeuerBunch of changes
2016-08-03  David FeuerContinue to improve map functions
2016-07-26  David FeuerMerge pull request #305 from treeowl/restriction
2016-07-26  David FeuerAdd restrictKeys and withoutKeys
2016-07-07  David FeuerMerge pull request #295 from treeowl/map-fromDescending
2016-07-07  David FeuerAdd fromDesc functions for Data.Map
2016-05-24  David FeuerMerge pull request #256 from treeowl/use-quickcheck-fun
2016-05-24  David FeuerUse QuickCheck function support
2016-05-18  David FeuerMerge pull request #234 from treeowl/alterF
2016-05-18  David FeuerAdd `alterF` for Data.Map
2016-05-18  Phil RuffwindImplement lens-compatible `at` function
2013-12-04  Milan StrakaReinstate the ordering guarantees for Int{Set.Map}...
2013-12-04  Milan StrakaFix and reinstate the recently commented tests.
2013-12-04  Milan StrakaMerge pull request #35 from rrnewton/splittable
2013-12-04  Ryan NewtonAdd test properties for splitRoot.
2013-12-04  Ryan NewtonDisable apparently rotted test cases. 10/10 test suite...
2013-08-30  Herbert Valerio... Merge tag 'v0.5.2.1' of git://
2012-09-20  Johan TibellRemove use of defaultMainWithOpts from test suite
2012-08-30  Milan StrakaAdd fromList tests to Map and IntMap.
2012-05-03  Johan TibellMerge changes release by GHC HQ as ghc-7.6 containers- ghc-7.6.1-release ghc-7.6.2-release ghc-7.6.3-release
2012-04-28  Milan StrakaAdd Map.mergeWithKey.
2012-04-25  Milan StrakaAdd fromSet method.
2012-04-24  Milan StrakaImprove {Map, IntMap}.keysSet.
2012-04-24  Milan StrakaAdd lookupLT, lookupGT, lookupLE, lookupGE methods.
2012-04-21  Milan StrakaImprove query functions of Map and Set.
2012-03-04  Milan StrakaImprove {Map,IntMap}.fold* tests.
2012-03-04  Milan StrakaImprove {Map,IntMap}.intersection* and its tests.
2012-03-04  Milan StrakaAdd toDescList.
2012-03-04  Milan StrakaImprove tests.
2012-03-02  Milan StrakaDisable ropt_plain_output.
2011-11-24  Milan StrakaSpaces at end of lines removed.
2011-11-23  Milan StrakaModify map and intmap tests to use test-framework.
2011-11-22  Milan StrakaMerge branch 'dense-intset'
2011-11-21  Johan TibellRemove tests for deprecated functions
2010-09-24  Milan StrakaComment tests and benchmarks on foldlWithKey' which
2010-09-14  Milan StrakaCorrect Data.Map Arbitrary instance never to return...
2010-08-29  Don StewartMissed base case for updateAt worker. Spotted by Jan...
2010-08-29  Don StewartAdd two new functions: foldlWithKey' and insertLookupWi...
2010-08-29  Don StewartAdd a comprehensive testsuite for Data.Map