Make strict IntMap merges strict
[packages/containers.git] / Data / IntMap / Internal.hs
2019-04-12  David FeuerMake strict IntMap merges strict
2019-01-22  Matt RenaudFix Foldable instance for IntMap (fixes #579) (#593)
2018-12-03  Boro SitnikovskiRephrase sentence
2018-12-02  Alec TheriaultHaddock fixes (#560)
2018-11-14  David EichmannRemove unused imports. (#576)
2018-10-16  Yuji YamamotoFix sample code of alterF in haddock
2018-03-10  Frank SteffahnFix Documentation Typos (#545)
2018-03-09  David FeuerDrop support for pre-7.6 GHC
2018-03-09  jwaldmannremove foldlStrict, generalize type of unions, see...
2018-01-22  Matt RenaudFix power of 2 validity check. (#505)
2018-01-22  David FeuerMerge pull request #503 from treeowl/minmaxview-fixup
2018-01-22  David FeuerImprove min and max view laziness and inlining
2018-01-08  David FeuerMerge pull request #476 from treeowl/sum-product
2018-01-07  David FeuerMark Internal modules not-home (#477)
2017-12-30  Matt RenaudAdd validity checks for IntSet and IntMap (#456)
2017-12-20  Matt RenaudAdd operator IntMap.!?. (#454)
2017-12-18  Simon JakobiAdd @since-annotations (#447)
2017-12-18  David FeuerMerge pull request #348 from benjamin-hodgson/mapKeysWi...
2017-12-18  David FeuerMerge pull request #431 from phadej/restrictKeys-example
2017-12-18  David FeuerMerge pull request #432 from RyanGlScott/master
2017-12-18  bwrogaIntMap lookupMin and lookupMax (#437)
2017-04-01  David FeuerMerge pull request #421 from mikeplus64/master
2017-03-29  Mike Ledgerfaster IntMap.size
2017-02-21  David FeuerFix up IntMap showTree deprecation story (#413)
2017-02-20  wren romanoMerge pull request #411 from haskell/revert-410-revert...
2017-02-20  wren romanoRevert "Revert "Optimize IntMap's withoutKeys", in...
2017-02-20  wren romanoMerge pull request #410 from haskell/revert-408-bugfix_394
2017-02-20  wren romanoRevert "Optimize IntMap's withoutKeys"
2017-02-20  wren romanoMerge pull request #408 from wrengr/bugfix_394
2017-02-20  wren romanoMerge branch 'master' into bugfix_394
2017-02-20  wren romanoUpdated withoutKeys to work efficiently
2017-02-20  wren romanoOptimize withoutKeys and restrictKeys for IntMap (...
2017-02-17  wren romanocleaning up
2017-02-17  wren romanoFinally fixed restrictBM!
2017-02-16  wren romanocommenting out bitmapForBin for now, so things work.
2017-02-16  wren romanogreatly improved restrictBM. bitmapForBin is still...
2017-02-14  wren romanofloated out bitmapForBin from restrictKeys
2017-02-14  wren romanoenhanced the bitmap restriction in restrictKeys to...
2017-02-14  wren romanoFixed the restrictKeys optimization!
2017-02-14  wren romanoreverted buggy optimization
2017-02-09  David FeuerliftA2 update for Data.Map and Data.IntMap (#403)
2017-02-09  wren romanoimproved the call to restrictBM by pruning the BitMap...
2017-02-09  wren romanodefined lookupPrefix as part of optimizing restrictKeys
2017-02-09  wren romanoAdding comments, and un-nesting restrictBM and withoutBM
2017-02-09  wren romanoFixed the bugs in restrictKeys/withoutKeys
2017-02-09  wren romanoOptimized IntMap's restrictKeys
2017-02-08  wren romanoOptimized IntMap's withoutKeys
2017-02-06  David FeuerFix buggy restrictKeys and withoutKeys (#393)
2017-02-01  Simon JakobiRemove 'stability' annotations
2017-01-11  David FeuerRetarget Haddocks to point to new merge modules (#384)
2016-12-23  Charles CooperFix typo in error message for minimum (#350)
2016-12-19  wren romanoMerge pull request #372 from wrengr/IntMapGeneralMerge
2016-12-19  wren romanoMerge branch 'master' into IntMapGeneralMerge
2016-12-19  wren romanoAdded Data.IntMap.Merge.{Lazy,Strict} modules.
2016-12-15  David FeuerMerge pull request #360 from erikd/master
2016-12-15  David FeuerMerge pull request #370 from treeowl/update-changelog...
2016-12-15  David FeuerMerge pull request #369 from treeowl/scc-instances
2016-12-15  David FeuerMerge pull request #368 from treeowl/lift-intmap
2016-12-15  Oleg GrenrusAdd lifted instances for Data.IntMap
2016-12-11  wren romanoMerge pull request #362 from wrengr/IntMapGeneralMerge
2016-12-11  wren romanoMerge branch 'master' into IntMapGeneralMerge
2016-12-11  wren romanoData.IntMap.Internal: actually exporting mergeA etc
2016-12-11  wren romanoMerge pull request #358 from wrengr/IntMapGeneralMerge
2016-11-27  wren romanoIntMap: added deprecation for debugging functions
2016-11-27  wren romanoIntMap: adding intermediate data structures to strictif...
2016-11-08  wren romanoData.IntMap.Internal: fixed the Tip vs Bin case of...
2016-11-07  wren romanoData.IntMap.Internal: corrected order of effects in...
2016-11-07  wren romanoData.IntMap.Internal: preliminary version of mergeA
2016-11-07  wren romanoMerge branch 'refs/heads/master' into IntMapGeneralMerge
2016-11-07  wren gayle romanoData.IntMap.Internal: rebasing and minor adjustments
2016-09-05  wren gayle romanoData.IntMap.Internal: first pass of getting {merge...
2016-09-05  wren gayle romanoData.Map.Internal: initial copy & paste of {merge,merge...
2016-09-05  wren gayle romanoData.IntMap.Internal: cleaning up whitespace
2016-09-02  David FeuerMerge pull request #329 from treeowl/rename-internals
2016-09-02  David FeuerGeneral package stuff, mostly
2016-08-31  Ertugrul SöylemezRefactor internal modules (#324)