2011-04-03  Max BolingbrokeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-04-03  Max BolingbrokeAdd .gitignore
2011-04-03  Ian LynaghLess strict inits and tails
2011-04-03  Ian LynaghTweak alloca docs
2011-04-03  Ian LynaghGeneralize the type of Foreign.Marshal.Utils.maybeNew...
2011-03-31  Ian LynaghRewrite FPTOOLS_CHECK_HTYPE to be cross-compilation... ghc-darcs-git-switchover
2011-03-30  Ian LynaghNo need to include the OpenGL / OpenAL headers in acloc...
2011-03-30  Simon MarlowExport the affinity API from Control.Concurrent: forkOn...
2011-03-03  Bas van DijkDeprecate Control.Exception.blocked in favour of getMas...
2011-03-29  Simon Marlowfix Haddock error
2011-03-29  Simon Marlowadd forkIOWithUnmask, forkOnIOWithUnmask; deprecate...
2011-03-29  Simon MarlowAdd GHC.IO.Handle.FD.openFileBlocking (#4248)
2010-12-22  Simon MarlowAdd allowInterrupt :: IO () (#4810)
2011-01-19  Dmitry AstapovFix documentation for mkWeakIORef: argument is finalize...
2011-03-23  Ian LynaghWork around a limitation in the hsc2hs cross-compilatio...
2011-03-21  Ian LynaghRename System.Event to GHC.Event
2011-03-12  Ian LynaghNever use epoll_create1; fixes trac #5005
2011-03-09  Ian LynaghFix warning
2010-10-18  Daniel FischerFIX #2271
2011-03-01  Simon Marlowadd threadCapability :: ThreadId -> IO (Int,Bool)
2010-12-22  Simon Marlowfollow changes to threadStatus#, and update stat values
2011-02-15  Bas van DijkMake the Timeout exception a newtype instead of a datatype
2011-02-28  Ross Patersonimprove discussion of the laws (doc comments only)
2011-02-26  Ian LynaghAdd some more explanation to the skip channel example...
2011-02-25  Ian LynaghGrammar fix
2011-01-16  Edward Z. YangExpand and clarify MVar documentation.
2011-02-18  Manuel M T... Remove most of GHC.PArr
2011-02-19  Ian LynaghRoll back generics changes in the HEAD repos
2010-10-14  jpm@cs.uu.nlDo not export GHC.Generics from GHC.Base
2011-02-11  Malcolm.Wallace... Fix incorrect #ifdef for nhc98
2011-02-11  Malcolm.Wallace... Add Data.String to the nhc98 build
2011-02-07  Bas van DijkRegenerated cbits/WCsubst.c based on Unicode 6.0.0
2011-02-05  Ian LynaghDeprecate System.IO.Error.{catch,try} and Prelude.catch...
2010-12-22  Simon Marlowadd getNumCapabilities :: IO Int
2011-01-31  Simon Marlowadd missing extensions for Windows
2011-01-31  Simon Marlowadd NoImplicitPrelude (fix Windows build failure)
2011-01-28  simonpj@microsoft.comUse explicit language extensions & remove extension...
2011-01-21  Simon Marlowfix silly mistake in hGetBufSome (#4895)
2011-01-19  Dmitry AstapovClean up remnants of the Event Manager after forkProces...
2011-01-12  Johan TibellDocument System.Event
2011-01-17  Ian LynaghAdd NondecreasingIndentation to the extensions needed
2011-01-17  Ian LynaghRemove extensions required for GHC < 6.10
2010-11-27  Bas van DijkAdded a Typeable instance for SampleVar
2010-12-01  Bas van DijkDerived Eq instance for QSem and QSemN
2010-11-25  Bas van DijkDerived Eq instance for Chan
2011-01-06  Simon Marlowfix #4876
2011-01-04  Malcolm.Wallace... Instances for ST not available in nhc98.
2011-01-03  Ross Patersonindentation tweaks (whitespace only)
2011-01-03  Ross Patersonindentation tweaks, re-order exports
2011-01-03  Ross PatersonAdd Applicative instances for ST monads (proposal ...
2010-12-21  Simon MarlowAlways use 8k buffers instead of BUFSIZ
2010-12-18  Ian LynaghReplace uses of the old catch function with the new one
2010-12-13  Ian LynaghFix build on Windows
2010-12-13  Ian LynaghFix warnings
2010-12-06  Bryan O'SullivanUse onException for exception cleanup, and mask async...
2010-12-06  Bryan O'SullivanDrop closeFd from Control.Concurrent, rename to closeFdWith
2010-11-27  Bryan O'SullivanFix #4533 - unregister callbacks on exception, fixing...
2010-11-27  Bryan O'SullivanDrop System.Mem.Weak's dependency on Prelude
2010-11-26  Bryan O'SullivanFix #4514 - IO manager deadlock
2010-11-26  Bryan O'SullivanBump the version of base
2010-10-24  Daniel FischerCache for powers of 10
2010-10-24  Daniel FischerFix typo in floatToDigits
2010-10-24  Daniel FischerPerformance enchancement for floatToDigits
2010-10-24  Daniel FischerFIX #4383
2010-11-16  Ian LynaghAdd a Read instance for Data.Fixed.Fixed
2010-10-18  Bas van DijkAlso export lines, words, unlines and unwords from...
2010-10-18  Bas van DijkDo not export String from Data.Char
2010-10-18  Bas van DijkExport String from Data.String
2010-12-01  Simon Marlowextend the documentation about interruptible operations
2010-12-01  Simon Marlowfix a discarded exception in hClose
2010-11-30  Ben Lippmeier-XPArr is now -XParallelArrays
2010-12-01  Simon Marlowcheck for ClosedHandle in read/write operations on...
2010-11-26  Bryan O'SullivanFix typo
2010-11-25  Simon Marlowfix hTell behaviour with Unicode Handles
2010-11-25  Simon MarlowEncode immediately in hPutStr and hPutChar
2010-11-24  Simon MarlowDon't throw an error if the output buffer had no room
2010-11-24  Simon Marlowuse LANGUAGE instead of OPTIONS_GHC
2010-11-08  Simon Marlowdoc fix: don't refer to unblock.
2010-11-20  Ian LynaghRemove unused import on Windows
2010-11-20  Ian LynaghRemove an unnecessary fromIntegral
2010-11-20  Ian LynaghRemove a redundant fromIntegral
2010-11-17  simonpj@microsoft.comMake (^) and (^^) INLINABLE
2010-11-18  Ian LynaghTAG 2010-11-18
2010-11-17  simonpj@microsoft.comRemove redundant fromIntegral
2010-11-17  dimitris@microsoft.comFixing uses of fromIntegral for Windows
2010-10-14  Bas van DijkCatch exceptions in current thread and throw them to...
2010-10-14  Bas van DijkThere's no need to explicitly check for blocked status...
2010-10-14  Bas van DijkUse throwIO instead of throw in runInBoundThread and...
2010-11-16  simonpj@microsoft.comRemove unnecessary fromIntegral calls
2010-11-13  Ian LynaghAdd some comments to the generated Table.hs
2010-11-13  Ian LynaghSystem.Event.KQueue conditionally uses BangPatterns
2010-11-12  simonpj@microsoft.comAdd LANGUAGE BangPatterns to modules that use bang...
2010-11-03  Johan TibellReimplement firstPowerOf2
2010-10-31  Ian LynaghRemove redundant import
2010-10-31  Ian LynaghRe-gen GHC/IO/Encoding/CodePage/Table.hs
2010-10-31  Ian LynaghAdd a Makefile for MakeTable, and remove GHC.Num genera...
2010-10-31  Ian LynaghFix whitespace in codepages/MakeTable.hs
2010-10-27  simonpj@microsoft.comAdd an INLINE pragma on fromInteger on Int
2010-10-27  simonpj@microsoft.comAdd an INLINE pragme for fmapDefault
2010-10-27  Simon MarlowhGetBuf: fix a case of a short read being returned...