2008-08-14  Ross Patersonadd Traversable generalizations of mapAccumL and mapAcc...
2008-08-14  Ross Patersonsimplify definition of Prelude.catch
2008-08-14  Ross Patersonremove returns from void functions
2008-08-13  Malcolm.Wallace... No reason for Handler and catches to exclude nhc98.
2008-08-13  Malcolm.Wallace... Must import ExitCode for its instance to be re-exported.
2008-08-13  Ross Patersonuse New.catch instead of catchException in OldException
2008-08-13  Ross Patersonuse the Haskell 98 module Control.Exception.Base in...
2008-08-12  Ross Patersonexport Control.Exception.Base
2008-08-12  Ross Patersonuse dummy implementation of timeout for all non-GHCs
2008-08-12  Ross PatersonHugs only: fix imports
2008-08-12  Ross Patersonnon-GHC: hide Prelude.catch
2008-08-12  Malcolm.Wallace... add Control.Exception.Base to nhc98 build
2008-08-05  Simon Marlowbump to version 4.0
2008-08-12  Ross PatersonHugs only: don't import exception types -- their instan...
2008-08-12  Ross Patersonsplit most of Control.Exception into new Control.Except...
2008-08-11  Ross Patersonremove kludges, now that Control.Exception is imported
2008-08-11  Ross PatersonthreadDelay and friends are GHC-only
2008-08-08  Malcolm.Wallace... fix imports for non-GHC
2008-08-07  Ian LynaghEq and Ord have moved into GHC.Classes
2008-08-06  Ian LynaghUse the proper CInt type in GHC.Unicode
2008-08-06  Ian LynaghImport wibbles
2008-08-06  Ian LynaghRemove unnecessary Data/Dynamic.hs-boot
2008-08-06  Ian LynaghRemove more redundant GHC.Float imports
2008-08-06  Ian LynaghRemove an unnecessary import
2008-08-06  Ian LynaghMove Int, Float and Double into ghc-prim:GHC.Types
2008-08-06  Ian LynaghPut some explicit import lists in Data.Typeable
2008-08-06  Ian LynaghFix a couple of imports
2008-08-06  Ian LynaghRemove unused conditional import
2008-08-06  Ian LynaghSwap imports around to get GHC.ForeignPtr out of the...
2008-08-06  Ian LynaghMove some bits around to stop Data.Either being in...
2008-08-06  Ian LynaghTweak an import
2008-08-05  Ian LynaghRemove the DynIOError constructor of IOErrorType
2008-08-05  Ian LynaghMove some internals around to simplify the import graph...
2008-08-05  Ian LynaghMove the Char datatype into ghc-prim
2008-08-05  Ian LynaghRemove an unnecessary import
2008-08-05  Ian LynaghThe [] definition has moved to ghc-prim
2008-08-05  Ian LynaghFix warnings
2008-08-05  Ian LynaghAdd a missing case to Show AsyncException
2008-08-04  Ian LynaghRemove GHC.Dotnet
2008-08-04  Ian LynaghHide standalone deriving clauses from haddock
2008-08-04  Ian LynaghControl.Exception doesn't need to export assertError
2008-08-04  Ian LynaghGeneralise the type of mapException; pointed out by...
2008-08-04  Ian LynaghRemove some unnecessary Data.Tuple imports
2008-08-04  Ian LynaghThe tuple datatype definitions have moved to ghc-prim
2008-08-05  Malcolm.Wallace... make ExitCode an instance of Exception for nhc98
2008-08-04  Malcolm.Wallace... poke and peek come from Foreign.Storable
2008-08-04  Malcolm.Wallace... zipWithM_ comes from Control.Monad
2008-08-04  Malcolm.Wallace... Fix nhc98 code variations to use the extensible excepti...
2008-08-04  Malcolm.Wallace... nhc98 needs the Prelude for this module
2008-08-04  Ian LynaghChange some imports and derive Show (Either a b)
2008-08-03  Ian LynaghWindows fixes
2008-08-03  Ian LynaghRemove the duplicate definition of throwTo in Control...
2008-08-03  Ian LynaghRemove the only import of GHC.Exts
2008-08-03  Ian LynaghMove assertError into GHC.IOBase
2008-08-03  Ian LynaghUse onException rather than catchAny
2008-08-03  Ian LynaghGeneralise the type of onException
2008-08-02  Ian LynaghRemove the dangerous Exception functions
2008-08-01  Ian LynaghRemove an unused import
2008-08-01  Ian LynaghRemove unused imports
2008-08-01  Ian LynaghRemove unused imports in Control.Exception
2008-08-01  Ian LynaghGet rid of some duplicate imports
2008-08-01  Ian LynaghRemove the now-unused GHC/Conc.lhs-boot
2008-08-01  Ian LynaghMake some more imports non-recursive
2008-08-01  Ian LynaghRejig some code so Control.Exception and GHC.Conc don...
2008-08-01  Ian LynaghRemove the now-unused GHC/TopHandler.lhs-boot
2008-08-01  Ian LynaghReshuffle GHC.Conc/GHC.TopHandler a bit to remove a...
2008-08-01  Ian LynaghDon't import Control.Concurrent.MVar in GHC.TopHandler
2008-08-01  Ian LynaghExport assertError from Control.Exception to make GHC...
2008-07-31  Ian LynaghTopHandler now uses the new extensible exceptions
2008-07-30  Ian LynaghComment wibble
2008-07-30  Ian LynaghMake numericEnumFrom more efficient
2008-07-30  Ian LynaghPut in some parens to clarify how things parse
2008-07-26  Bart Masseyapplied patches to make enumFrom and friends strict...
2008-07-30  Ian LynaghDon't use "deriving Typeable" (for portability reasons)
2008-07-30  Ian LynaghAdd onException
2008-07-30  Ian LynaghFix whitespace
2008-07-30  Ian LynaghRe-add blocked; it got lost in the extensible exception...
2008-07-30  Ian LynaghStart to actually use extensible exceptions
2008-07-30  Ian LynaghRejig the extensible exceptions so there is less circul...
2008-06-21  Ian LynaghDefine nonTermination for the RTS to use
2008-06-21  Ian LynaghUse extensible exceptions at the lowest level
2008-07-30  Simon Marlowadd comment
2008-07-30  Simon Marlowadd some big warnings to the docs for unsafeIOToSTM...
2008-07-30  Simon MarlowFIX #2376: inline shiftR
2008-07-28  Malcolm.Wallace... Add instance Show Control.Exception.Exception for nhc98.
2008-07-28  Malcolm.Wallace... Extend nhc98's Exception type to resemble ghc's more...
2008-07-15  Ross Patersonfix dummy async implementations for non-GHC
2008-07-10  Ian LynaghFix haddocking with older haddocks
2008-07-10  Simon MarlowAdd threadStatus :: ThreadId -> IO ThreadStatus
2008-07-09  Simon MarlowforkOS: start the new thread in blocked mode iff the...
2008-07-09  Simon MarlowAdd Control.Exception.blocked :: IO Bool
2008-07-09  Simon MarlowFIX BUILD (on Windows)
2008-07-09  Simon Marlowcheck CONST_SIGINT
2008-07-09  Simon MarlowMake threadWaitRead/threadWaitWrite partially useable...
2008-07-08  Simon MarlowFIX #1198: hWaitForInput on Windows
2008-07-09  Simon MarlowFIX part of #2301
2008-06-24  Ian Lynagh() has moved to ghc-prim:GHC.Unit, and the Eq and Ord...
2008-06-22  Ian LynaghAdd GHC.Exts.maxTupleSize :: Int, the size of the large...
2008-06-20  Ian LynaghRemove code for older GHC versions
2008-06-19  Ian LynaghMake the macros in Typeable.h add type signatures