Merge in changes from fps head. Highlights:
[packages/base.git] / Data / ByteString / Char8.hs
2006-05-25  Don StewartMerge in changes from fps head. Highlights:
2006-05-20  Don StewartSync with FPS head, including the following patches:
2006-05-17  Don StewartFix negative index handling in splitAt, replicate and...
2006-05-10  Don StewartSome small optimisations, generalise the type of unfold
2006-05-09  Don StewartTwo things. #if defined(__GLASGOW_HASKELL__) on INLINE...
2006-05-08  Don StewartSync with FPS head.
2006-05-07  Sven PanneFixed import list syntax
2006-05-07 filterF, filterNotByte
2006-05-06 May 6 13:01:34 EST 2006 Don Stewart <dons@cse...
2006-05-05 array fusion versions of map, filter and foldl
2006-05-03 with FPS head
2006-04-29  Don StewartMerge in Data.ByteString head. Fixes ByteString+cbits...
2006-04-28  Don StewartImport Data.ByteString from fps 0.5.