Remove old test outputs
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2012-04-25  Geoffrey MainlandDon't include sys/timeb.h on FreeBSD.
2012-04-17  Paolo CapriottiReplace getUSecOfDay with monotonic timer (#5865)
2012-04-17  Paolo CapriottiDefine monotonic time function for Darwin.
2012-04-16  Paolo CapriottiUse monotonic time in Event/Manager.hs.
2012-03-14  Iavor S. DiatchkiMerge branch 'master' into type-nats
2012-02-26  Ian LynaghMove nocldstop from HsBase.h to HsUnix.h
2012-02-26  Ian LynaghUse CAPI for lseek
2012-02-26  Ian LynaghRemove another unused definition
2012-02-26  Ian LynaghRemove some unused code
2012-02-26  Ian LynaghConvert some FFI bindings to use "value" imports
2012-02-22  Ian LynaghRemove an unsed definition in HsBase.h
2012-02-21  Ian LynaghConvert some more declarations to use the CAPI
2012-02-21  Ian LynaghRedo the sigset capi changes
2011-12-29  Iavor S. DiatchkiMerge branch 'master' into type-nats
2011-12-04  Ian LynaghRoll back the sigset capi changes
2011-11-29  Ian LynaghUse capi to define the fcntl FFI imports
2011-11-29  Ian LynaghUse capi some more (part of #5480)
2011-11-28  Ian LynaghConvert come FFI bindings to use the capi calling conve...
2011-11-25  Ian LynaghMake a wrapper for getrusage; part of #5480
2011-11-25  Ian LynaghRemove some unused functions from include/HsBase.h
2011-11-25  Ian LynaghAdd a C wrapper for gettimeofday
2011-11-08  Johan TibellAdd unsafeShift to Data.Bits
2011-08-25  Johan TibellAdd Data.Bits.popCount
2011-08-01  Daniel FischerMerge branch 'master' of /home/dafis/GHC/./ghc//librari...
2011-08-01  Ian LynaghRemove some antiquated C constructs
2011-07-11  Simon MarlowTypeable overhaul (see #5275)
2011-04-27  Jose Pedro MagalhaesMerge branch 'master' of
2011-04-24  Ian LynaghFor GHC, implement the Typeable.hs macros using standal...
2011-04-06  Max BolingbrokeUse _NSGetEnviron on OS X: fixes #2458
2010-09-07  Edward Z. YangMore accurate isatty test for MinGW.
2010-08-10  Simon MarlowIntegrated new I/O manager
2009-08-07  Ian LynaghAdd some more C wrappers; patch from Krister Walfridsson
2009-08-01  Simon MarlowUpdates to follow the RTS tidyup
2009-06-25  Simon MarlowMove directory-related stuff to the unix package
2009-06-22  Simon MarlowTidy up use of read/write/recv/send; avoid unnecessary...
2009-06-18  Simon MarlowWindows: Unicode openFile and stat functions
2009-06-18  Simon MarlowAdd a comment to remind us that memcpy_src_off is used...
2009-06-15  Ian LynaghRemove old Integer prototypes
2009-06-15  Malcolm.Wallace... Allow System.Posix.Internals to compile with nhc98...
2009-06-12  Simon MarlowRewrite of the IO library, including Unicode support
2009-05-23  Ian LynaghFix warnings
2009-05-20  Simon Marlowadd _O_NOINHERIT when opening files on Windows (see...
2009-05-20  Ian LynaghAdd wrappers around fcntl
2009-02-19  Simon MarlowSet the IO manager pipe descriptors to FD_CLOEXEC
2009-02-19  Simon MarlowRewrite of signal-handling (base patch; see also ghc...
2009-02-06  Malcolm.Wallace... Make System.Posix.Internals buildable by nhc98.
2008-09-04  Ian LynaghDon't define __hscore_s_issock on Windows
2008-09-04  Ian LynaghDon't make S_ISSOCK use conditional
2008-09-03  Ross Patersonmake Typeable instances for larger tuples available...
2008-08-20  Ian LynaghFix some more warnings
2008-08-18  Simon Marlowremove __hscore_renameFile, it is no longer uesd
2008-06-19  Ian LynaghMake the macros in Typeable.h add type signatures
2008-06-15  Ross Patersondelete __hscore_{mkstemp,getrlimit,setrlimit} (moved...
2008-05-20  Ian LynaghFix the build on Windows 2008-05-28
2008-05-20  Ian LynaghAdd wrappers for [gs]etrlimit
2008-05-20  Ian LynaghAdd a wrapper for mkstemp
2008-05-09  Simon MarlowAvoid calling varargs functions using the FFI
2008-03-19  Simon Marlowfix types for __hscore_st_dev() and __hscore_st_ino()
2008-03-05  Don Stewartuntabify
2008-01-23  Simon Marlowadd comment about lack of _chsize_s()
2008-01-23  Simon MarlowWindows: large file support for hFileSize and hSeek...
2007-11-20  Simon MarlowMove file locking into the RTS, fixing #629, #1109
2007-08-28  Ian LynaghRemove redundant include/Makefile
2007-08-19  Ross Patersonfpstring.h has moved to bytestring
2007-06-27  Ian LynaghUse "-- //" (2 spaces) rather than "-- //" (1) to...
2007-06-26  Malcolm.Wallace... Use a combination of Haskell/C comments to ensure robus...
2007-06-25  Malcolm.Wallace... Change C-style comments to Haskell-style.
2007-06-14  Simon Marlowupdate prototype following inputReady->fdReady change
2007-05-23  Ian LynaghSplit off process package
2007-05-19  Ian LynaghSplit off directory, random and old-time packages
2007-04-04  Ian LynaghHsByteArray doesn't exist
2007-04-03  Ian LynaghFix C/Haskell type mismatches
2007-04-03  Ian LynaghFix type mismatches between foreign imports and HsBase.h
2007-02-14  Simon Marlowfix to getUSecOfDay(): arithmetic was overflowing
2007-02-09  Ian LynaghThe Windows counterpart to 'wrapround of thread delays'
2007-01-29  Neil Davieswrapround of thread delays
2007-02-05  Ian LynaghUse static inline rather than extern inline/inline
2006-12-01  Simon MarlowAdd support for the IO manager thread on Windows
2006-08-24  Simon MarlowC regex library bits have moved to the regex-posix...
2006-08-23  Don StewartSync Data.ByteString with current stable branch, 0.7
2006-08-15  Ross Patersoneliminate more HOST_OS tests
2006-08-11  Ross Patersonreduce dependency on ghcconfig.h
2006-07-24  Simon Marlowremove spurious 'extern "C" {'
2006-07-01  Don StewartImport Data.ByteString.Lazy, improve ByteString Fusion...
2006-06-22  Simon Marlowremove dead code
2006-05-18  Simon Marlow#define _REENTRANT 1 (needed to get the right errno...
2006-05-10  Ross Patersonportable implementation of WordPtr/IntPtr for non-GHC
2006-05-03 with FPS head
2006-04-29  Don StewartMerge in Data.ByteString head. Fixes ByteString+cbits...
2006-04-28  Don StewartImport Data.ByteString from fps 0.5.
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