last changeSun, 22 Jan 2017 20:46:49 +0000 (12:46 -0800)
5 hours ago  Edward Z. YangDegrade root-cmd error to warning. master
6 hours ago  Edward Z. YangTrack source files of dependencies so we rebuild as...
6 hours ago  Mikhail GlushenkovClarify our policy on cabal-install support window.
6 hours ago  Kristen KozakTemporarily disallow constraints that have build tool...
6 hours ago  Yuras ShumovichEnable -Wmissing-home modules when building a library
2 days ago  John EricsonOnly need to look up internal exes in `exe_map`
2 days ago  Mikhail GlushenkovUpdate .mailmap.
2 days ago  Mikhail GlushenkovMerge pull request #4207 from 23Skidoo/outdated-command
3 days ago  John EricsonReplace copy definition of external_exe_dep_sids with...
3 days ago  Edward Z. YangExtra commentary on build-tools BC.
4 days ago  Mikhail GlushenkovAllow specifying --minor without arguments.
4 days ago  Mikhail GlushenkovFormatting.
4 days ago  Mikhail GlushenkovMore descriptive type for 'listOutdated'.
4 days ago  Mikhail GlushenkovMove the test case to cabal-testsuite.
5 days ago  Mikhail Glushenkov'outdated': Support --quiet and --simple-output.
5 days ago  Mikhail Glushenkov'cabal outdated': Don't ignore benchmarks and tests.
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