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2018-06-16  klebinger.andreas... Set -O2 via NoFibHcOpts instead of individual Makefiles.
2018-06-16  Matthew PickeringEliminate trailing whitespace
2018-06-16  Douglas WilsonSeveral fixes to work with ghc-head
2013-02-24  Edward Z. YangFollow removal of block in base.
2012-03-29  David TereiFix callback001
2012-03-29  David TereiUpdate and clean makefiles
2012-01-19  David TereiRevert "Move benchmarks into benchmark/ subdir."
2012-01-17  David TereiMove benchmarks into benchmark/ subdir.
2012-01-14  David TereiFix up smp benchees.
2011-12-02  David TereiMerge branch 'master' of darcs.haskell.org/nofib
2011-11-23  Simon Marlowcomments
2011-04-05  Simon Marlowfix build: add -package old-time
2010-10-13  Simon MarlowUpdate all imports to use the Haskell 2010 hierarchical...
2010-07-08  Simon Marlowadd TChan version of chan
2010-07-08  Simon Marlowadd chan, a simple Chan performance benchmark
2010-03-31  Simon Marlowadd callback002, threads007
2010-03-31  Simon Marlowbump the iterations
2010-03-31  Simon Marlowadd runInUnboundThread
2010-03-31  Simon Marlowreduce the iterations again; -threaded takes ages
2010-03-31  Simon Marlowtweak the set of benchmarks we run by default
2010-03-31  Simon Marlowupdate sample output
2010-03-31  Simon Marlowmake this work non-threaded
2010-03-31  Simon Marlowincrease some parameters
2010-03-31  Simon Marlowadd a Makefile
2010-03-23  Simon MarlowAdd Neil Brown's pathalogical CML benchmark
2010-03-09  Simon Marlowadd a raw callback performance benchmark
2009-01-07  Simon Marlowadd a thread creation/completion + throwTo benchmark
2009-01-07  Simon MarlowAdd test program from #1589, with some measurements
2006-03-27  Simon MarlowAdd some SMP and threading benchmarks I have lying...