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2018-06-16  klebinger.andreas... Set -O2 via NoFibHcOpts instead of individual Makefiles.
2018-06-16  Matthew PickeringEliminate trailing whitespace
2018-01-17  Ömer Sinan AğacanFix fannkuch-redux for GHC<=8.2
2017-10-22  Joachim Breitnerfasta: Inline function needs to be static
2017-09-14  Joachim Breitnerfannkuch-redux: Implement Semigroup along with Monoid
2017-08-15  Ben GamariFix CRLF handling in NoFib
2017-06-07  Michal TerepetaSimplify some shootout Makefiles
2017-02-14  Tamar ChristinaFix nofib benchmarks on Windows.
2014-09-23  Herbert Valerio... Adapt `nofib` code to Foldable-generalised Prelude
2013-08-29  Herbert Valerio... Make n-queens benchmark compatible with older GHCs
2013-08-19  Austin SeippRemove -march=native from several shootout entries
2013-06-25  Austin SeippAlso fix reverse-compliment and k-nucleotide.
2013-06-25  Austin SeippBuild fasta.c with optimization enabled.
2013-06-25  Austin SeippUse CC for linker when building fasta.c
2013-02-17  Ian LynaghFollow changes in base
2013-02-08  Johan TibellMake shootout/README use markdown
2013-02-08  Johan TibellPass -pthread when compiling revcomp-c.c
2013-02-07  Johan TibellRun k-nucleotide and reverse-complement by default
2013-02-07  Johan TibellAdd the k-nucleotide shootout benchmark
2013-02-06  Johan Tibellfasta is now in so remove comment from README
2013-02-06  Johan TibellAdd the reverse-complement shootout benchmark
2013-02-06  Johan TibellRefactor fasta Makefile
2013-02-06  Johan TibellEnable fasta by default
2013-02-06  Johan TibellMake runstdtest find generated fasta stdout files
2013-02-06  Johan TibellAdd the fasta shootout benchmark
2013-02-05  Johan TibellNote why all shootout benchmarks couldn't be added
2013-02-05  Johan TibellAdd the n-body shootout benchmark
2013-02-05  Johan TibellAdd the binary-trees shootout benchmark
2013-02-05  Johan TibellMake input sizes match the shootout settings
2013-02-05  Johan TibellAdd the spectral-norm shootout benchmark
2013-02-05  Johan TibellAdd the fannkuch-redux shootout benchmark
2013-02-05  Johan TibellAdd the pidigits shootout benchmark