Fix parsing of maximum residency in runstdtest
[nofib.git] / runstdtest / runstdtest.prl
2018-12-21  Sebastian GrafFix parsing of maximum residency in runstdtest
2017-08-15  Ben GamariFix CRLF handling in NoFib
2017-08-15  Ben GamariDon't use uname -o
2017-02-14  Tamar ChristinaFix nofib benchmarks on Windows.
2016-08-29  Ben GamariRemove DEFAULT_TMPDIR
2016-08-13  Peter TrommlerFix parsing cachegrind output.
2014-07-28  Herbert Valerio... Support higher timing precision in output parser
2012-02-27  David TereiMerge branch 'master' of
2012-02-23  Max BolingbrokeRemove all uses of sed from runstdtest so we don't...
2011-05-09  Simon Marlowupdate to cope with new RTS stats format for GCs
2011-04-05  Simon Marlowcollect GC counts
2010-11-11  Simon Marlowfix for local GC stats
2010-11-05  Simon Marlow+RTS -S slows things down (esp. in parallel), so use...
2010-07-08  Simon Marlowreplace dos2unix with sed 's/\r//g'
2009-04-28  Simon MarlowHacks to get nofib working again: copy in parts of...