Add digits-of-e2.faststdout
[nofib.git] / nofib-analyse /
2016-04-28  Joachim BreitnerDe-tab CmdLine.hs
2015-10-23  Joachim BreitnerAllow per module stats to be listed as columns in the...
2015-10-23  Joachim BreitnerResult class: Provide a way to sum results
2015-10-23  Joachim BreitnerIntroduce a short name for per-module stats as well
2015-10-23  Joachim Breitner--latex: Support per-module tables as well
2015-10-23  Joachim Breitner--csv: Support per-module tables as well
2015-10-05  Joachim BreitnerAdd a new GHC status line pattern
2015-01-02  Edward Z. YangRemove HTML generation from nofib-analyse, dropping...
2014-07-28  Herbert Valerio... Support higher timing precision in output parser
2014-03-15  Joachim Breitnernofib-analyize: Include % in LaTeX output
2014-03-14  Joachim Breitnernofib-analyse: Support comparing multiple runs in the...
2014-01-29  Joachim BreitnerPrint no change as 0.0%
2013-10-12  Muhaimin Ahsanteach nofib-analyse: discover compile time heap allocat...
2013-05-28  Ian LynaghFix booting again
2012-12-11  Ian LynaghRemove -fglasgow-exts when building nofib-analyse
2012-02-27  David TereiMerge branch 'master' of
2012-02-23  Max BolingbrokeAllow the mutator elapsed time to contain a minus sign...
2012-02-23  Max BolingbrokeDetect unhandled ghc output lines in Slurp
2011-04-21  Simon Marlowfix standard deviation calculation
2011-04-05  Simon MarlowAdd --stddev and --include-baseline flags
2011-04-05  Simon Marlowaverage GC work, and fix a regex
2011-04-05  Simon Marlowgenerate results for GC counts
2011-04-05  Simon Marlowcompute means of total-heap-size and allocations
2010-12-16  Simon Marlowfix a regex (necessary for fibon benchmarks) ghc-darcs-git-switchover
2010-10-13  Simon MarlowUpdate all imports to use the Haskell 2010 hierarchical...
2010-07-10  Marco Túlio Gontij... nofib-analyse: Comment unneeded import.
2010-07-10  Marco Túlio Gontij... nofib-analyse: Check for Total Memory in use.
2009-05-15  Ian LynaghMove nofib-analyse from the GHC repo