Fixes for AIX xlc compiler.
[libffi.git] / config.sub
2013-01-02  Anthony GreenMerge pull request #26 from rofl0r/master
2013-01-02  Anthony GreenMerge pull request #23 from rurban/master
2013-01-02  Anthony GreenUpdate config.guess and config.sub
2013-01-02  Anthony GreenNew stand-alone patch
2013-01-02  Anthony GreenMerge with GCC. Eliminate quilt bits.
2012-11-28  Anthony GreenRefresh config.guess and config.sub
2012-11-12  Anthony GreenPull in config.sub for aarch64 support and more
2012-03-20  Anthony GreenRebase post GCC merge
2011-02-28  Anthony GreenFix permissions
2011-02-28  Anthony GreenMore AIX fixes. rc9.
2011-02-12  Landon FullerMerge remote branch 'upstream/master'
2011-02-11  Anthony GreenFix permissions
2011-02-11  Anthony GreenUse newer autotools. Only build debug.c when --enable...
2011-02-09  Anthony GreenFix permissions
2011-02-09  Anthony Greenrc3
2011-02-09  Anthony Greenfix permissions
2011-02-09  Anthony Green3.0.10rc1
2011-02-09  Anthony GreenAdd iOS support
2010-11-21  Anthony GreenRebase
2010-08-06  Anthony GreenRestore execute permissions
2010-04-13  Anthony GreenRebase to latest GCC sources
2009-12-26  Anthony GreenHPUX support and avr32 test fixes.
2009-12-26  Anthony Green3.0.9rc9
2009-12-26  Anthony Green3.0.9rc8
2009-12-26  Anthony GreenRebase from GCC
2009-12-26  Anthony Green3.0.9rc7
2009-12-24  Anthony Green3.0.9rc6
2009-10-05  Anthony GreenMerge branch 'master' of
2009-10-05  Anthony GreenInitial stand-alone patch.