Merge pull request #43 from JensTimmerman/__m128
[libffi.git] /
2013-03-17  Anthony GreenMerge branch 'master' of
2013-03-17  Anthony GreenMerge branch 'master' of
2013-03-17  Anthony GreenFix lib install dir
2013-03-16  Anthony Green2.0.13rc1
2013-03-16  Anthony GreenUpdate configury.
2013-03-16  Anthony GreenMerge branch 'master' of
2013-03-16  Anthony GreenAdd Meta processor support
2013-02-11  Anthony GreenAdd moxie support. Release 3.0.12.
2013-02-08  Anthony Greensparc v9 fixes for sun tools
2013-02-08  Anthony GreenFix botched sparc patch. Update version.
2013-02-07  Anthony GreenUpdate bug report address. rc2.
2013-02-07  Anthony GreenAdd libtool-ldflags. Define toolexeclibdir for non...
2013-02-07  Anthony Greenx32 and libtool fixes
2013-02-07  Anthony GreenFix GCC usage test and update README
2013-02-06  Anthony GreenRelease candidate 1
2013-01-27  Anthony GreenMerge pull request #28 from jralls/master
2013-01-26  John RallsReorder x86_64 tests
2013-01-21  Anthony GreenNew microblaze support
2013-01-21  Anthony GreenNew microblaze support
2013-01-21  Anthony GreenXtensa support
2013-01-11  Anthony Green32-bit x86 fix and more
2013-01-10  Anthony GreenHandle both 32 and 64-bit x86 builds regardless of...
2013-01-10  Anthony GreenDon't use warning checking macro with sun compiler
2013-01-10  Anthony GreenFix for closures with sunpro compiler
2013-01-08  Anthony GreenMake sure we're running dejagnu tests with the right...
2013-01-08  Anthony GreenSwitch x86 Solaris to X86 from X86_64
2013-01-08  Anthony GreenFix read-only eh_frame test
2013-01-02  Anthony GreenMerge pull request #26 from rofl0r/master
2013-01-02  Anthony GreenMerge pull request #23 from rurban/master
2013-01-02  Anthony GreenNew stand-alone patch
2013-01-02  Anthony GreenMerge with GCC. Eliminate quilt bits.
2012-11-06  Anthony GreenAdd missing aarch64 configury bits
2012-10-30  Anthony GreenAdd PaX work-around
2012-10-30  Anthony GreenFix commit conflicts
2012-10-30  Anthony GreenDarwin12 fix
2012-10-12  Anthony GreenTILE-Gx/TILEPro support
2012-04-27  Anthony GreenAdd blackfin supprt from Alexandre Keunecke.
2012-04-12  Anthony Green3.0.11
2012-04-06  Anthony GreenUpdate to rc4. Upgrade autoconf version.
2012-04-06  Anthony GreenUpdate libtool version, README, tests dists
2012-03-20  Anthony GreenRebase post GCC merge
2012-03-03  Anthony GreenAdd -no-undefined for both 32- and 64-bit x86
2012-02-10  Anthony GreenRebased from gcc
2012-02-01  Anthony GreenRebase from GCC
2012-01-23  Anthony GreenAdd Amiga support
2012-01-23  Anthony Greenmend
2012-01-23  Anthony GreenRefresh
2011-11-13  Anthony GreenUpdate version number
2011-11-12  Anthony GreenFix kfreebsd
2011-11-12  Anthony GreenFix darwin11 build problem
2011-11-12  Anthony GreenRebase
2011-08-23  Anthony Green3.0.11-rc1. soname bump.
2011-08-23  Anthony GreenVersion 3.0.10
2011-08-22  Anthony GreenMany new patches
2011-02-28  Anthony GreenMore AIX fixes. rc9.
2011-02-28  Anthony GreenMerge branch 'master' of
2011-02-25  Anthony Greenrc8. fix last patch.
2011-02-25  Anthony Greenrc7. More AIX fixes.
2011-02-18  Anthony GreenAnother non-GCC configury fix
2011-02-14  Anthony GreenFix warning and msvcc patches
2011-02-13  Landon FullerMerge remote branch 'upstream/master'
2011-02-13  Anthony GreenFix bad_abi test. rc5.
2011-02-12  Landon FullerMerge remote branch 'upstream/master'
2011-02-12  Anthony Greenrc4
2011-02-12  Anthony Greenungccify parts of the build
2011-02-11  Anthony GreenUse newer autotools. Only build debug.c when --enable...
2011-02-11  Anthony Greensparc ABI test fix.
2011-02-09  Anthony Greenrc3
2011-02-09  Anthony GreenAdd powerpc64-*-darwin* support
2011-02-09  Anthony GreenAdd Interix support
2011-02-09  Anthony GreenUpdate to rc2
2011-02-09  Anthony Green3.0.10rc1
2011-02-09  Anthony GreenAdd iOS support
2011-02-08  Anthony GreenRebase from GCC
2011-02-08  Anthony Greenx86 pcrel test
2011-02-08  Anthony GreenRefresh from GCC
2010-11-22  Anthony Greenwin64-underscore patch
2010-11-21  Anthony GreenRebase
2010-09-19  Landon FullerEnable AC_SUBST for FFI_EXEC_TRAMPOLINE_TABLE
2010-09-19  Landon FullerUpdate automake/autoconf to conditionally build src...
2010-09-19  Landon FullerAdd autoconf check for W^X platforms that require a...
2010-08-05  Anthony GreenFix debug build for windows
2010-07-12  Anthony Greenrebase
2010-05-06  Anthony GreenMicharl Kohler's spelling fixes
2010-04-13  Anthony GreenRebase to latest GCC sources
2010-04-13  Anthony GreenRemove warnings and add OS/2 support
2010-01-01  Anthony GreenReset quilt patches post 3.0.9 merge with GCC
2009-12-31  Anthony GreenFinal updates before 3.0.9
2009-12-29  Anthony Green3.0.9rc12
2009-12-28  Anthony Green3.0.9rc11
2009-12-26  Anthony GreenHPUX support and avr32 test fixes.
2009-12-26  Anthony Green3.0.9rc9
2009-12-26  Anthony Green3.0.9rc8
2009-12-26  Anthony Green3.0.9rc7
2009-12-25  Anthony GreenFix patches
2009-12-25  Anthony GreenAdd windows support patch.
2009-12-24  Anthony Green3.0.9rc6
2009-12-24  Anthony GreenRelease 3.0.9rc5
2009-12-24  Anthony GreenUpdate missing changes for 3.0.9r4.
2009-10-05  Anthony GreenMerge branch 'master' of