Switch x86 Solaris to X86 from X86_64
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2013-01-02  Anthony GreenAdd missing ChangeLog entry and generated files.
2013-01-02  Anthony GreenMerge pull request #23 from rurban/master
2012-10-11  Anthony GreenRebase
2012-04-12  Anthony Green3.0.11
2012-04-06  Anthony GreenUpdate to rc4. Upgrade autoconf version.
2012-04-06  Anthony GreenUpdate libtool version, README, tests dists
2012-03-20  Anthony GreenRebase post GCC merge
2012-02-15  Anthony GreenFix ABI check regression
2012-02-01  Anthony GreenRebase from GCC
2012-01-23  Anthony GreenAlpha fix
2012-01-23  Anthony GreenRefresh
2011-11-18  Anthony GreenFix cls_double_va.c and update docs
2011-11-13  Anthony GreenUpdate version number
2011-11-12  Anthony GreenFix last patch
2011-11-12  Anthony GreenAdd David Gilbert's variadic function call support
2011-11-12  Anthony GreenRebase
2011-09-06  Anthony GreenRegenerate configury with missing m4 macros
2011-08-23  Anthony Green3.0.11-rc1. soname bump.
2011-08-23  Anthony GreenVersion 3.0.10
2011-08-22  Anthony GreenMany new patches
2011-07-29  Anthony GreenRefresh from GCC
2011-02-28  Anthony GreenMore AIX fixes. rc9.
2011-02-28  Anthony GreenMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/landonf...
2011-02-25  Anthony Greenrc8. fix last patch.
2011-02-13  Anthony GreenAdd missing msvcc.sh
2011-02-13  Landon FullerMerge remote branch 'upstream/master'
2011-02-12  Anthony GreeniOS fixes
2011-02-12  Landon FullerMerge remote branch 'upstream/master'
2011-02-12  Anthony Greenungccify parts of the build
2011-02-09  Anthony GreenFix tests
2011-02-09  Anthony GreenFix xfails
2011-02-09  Anthony GreenFix make dist
2011-02-09  Anthony GreenAdd iOS support
2011-02-08  Anthony Green3.0.10rc0 changes
2011-02-08  Anthony GreenRefresh from GCC
2010-11-21  Anthony GreenRebase
2010-08-05  Anthony GreenFix debug build for windows
2010-08-05  Anthony Greendon't copy win64 struct args
2010-07-12  Anthony Greenrebase
2010-04-13  Anthony GreenRebase to latest GCC sources
2010-01-13  Anthony GreenAdd closure example doc
2010-01-12  Anthony GreenRebase from GCC
2010-01-01  Anthony GreenReset quilt patches post 3.0.9 merge with GCC
2009-12-31  Anthony GreenUpdate version
2009-12-29  Anthony Green3.0.9rc12
2009-12-28  Anthony Green3.0.9rc11
2009-12-26  Anthony GreenHPUX support and avr32 test fixes.
2009-12-26  Anthony Green3.0.9rc8
2009-12-26  Anthony GreenRebase from GCC
2009-12-26  Anthony Green3.0.9rc7
2009-12-24  Anthony Green3.0.9rc6
2009-12-24  Anthony GreenRelease 3.0.9rc5
2009-12-24  Anthony GreenUpdate missing changes for 3.0.9r4.
2009-10-05  Anthony GreenMerge branch 'master' of git@github.com:atgreen/libffi
2009-10-05  Anthony GreenInitial stand-alone patch.
2009-10-04  Anthony GreenInitial commit