Add support for response files in wrapper script
[hsc2hs.git] /
2017-11-30  Moritz Use the same conditional install logic from...
2017-11-20  Moritz AngermannDrop Paths_hsc2hs module from
2017-09-29  Moritz AngermannBuild utilities with the bootstrap compiler when cross...
2015-08-15  Thomas MiedemaFollow changes in GHC build system
2013-04-21  Ian Lynaghremove HSC2HS_EXTRA options from stage0 wrapper for...
2013-03-03  Ian LynaghFollow changes in GHC build system
2013-03-03  Ian LynaghFollow changes in GHC build system
2012-10-03  Ian LynaghFollow change in GHC build system
2012-09-27  Ian LynaghFollow changes in ghc build system
2012-03-19  Ian LynaghTweak a dependency
2011-11-06  Ian LynaghRemove -DNEW_GHC_LAYOUT in ghc-7.4 ghc-7.4.1-release ghc-7.4.2-release
2011-07-20  Simon Marlowremove duplicate code ghc-7.2 ghc-7.2.1-release ghc-7.2.2-release
2011-02-05  Ian LynaghFollow changes in the GHC build system
2011-01-07  Ian LynaghFollow GHC build system changes
2010-07-23  Ian LynaghUse the stage-specific CONF_CC_OPTS variables
2010-05-29  Ian LynaghDon't put the $(TOP) path in the installed hsc2hs wrapper
2010-01-08  Ian LynaghFix the in-tree hsc2hs
2009-11-07  Ian LynaghAdd C and linker flags to hsc2hs; fixes trac #3400
2009-11-05  Ian LynaghGHC build system: Make *nix installation work in paths...
2009-10-04  Ian LynaghAdd a /. to the $$(dir $$@) to stop make normalising...
2009-10-03  Ian LynaghUse the " | $$(dir $$@)" in
2009-09-17  Simon Marlowput template-hsc.h in $(topdir) in an installation...
2009-06-14  Ian LynaghFollow the gmp move in the GHC build system 2009-06-25
2009-06-13  Ian LynaghInclude hsc2hs in GHC bindists
2009-05-31  Ian LynaghQuote program paths in
2009-04-28  Duncan CouttsFix make install DESTDIR=
2009-04-24  Simon Marlowonly depend on gmp/libgmp.a if $(HaveLibGmp)=="NO"
2009-04-04  Ian LynaghTweak new build system
2009-03-29  Ian LynaghGHC new build system fixes
2009-03-27  Ian LynaghNew GHC build system: Build gmp before hsc2hs is built
2009-04-01  Simon Marlowadd a dependency to ensure libgmp.a gets built early...
2009-03-23  Simon Marlownew GHC build system: update for new location of templa...
2009-03-23  Simon Marlownew GHC build system: clean up
2009-03-22  Ian LynaghTweak new build system
2009-03-22  Ian LynaghNew GHC build system: build+install a copy of hsc2hs...
2009-01-12  Ian LynaghFix building on Windows in the new build system
2008-12-17  Simon Marlowfor the new GHC build system