add -? and -V options
[hsc2hs.git] / Main.hs
2003-08-27  panneadd -? and -V options
2003-05-20  stolzadd arguments to main()
2003-02-21  simonpjUse old-style foreign import for bkwd compatibility
2003-02-11  sofTighten up prev commit
2003-02-07  sofhelp the program find things at runtime
2002-10-29  simonpjMake imports work for pre-504
2002-10-28  simonpjUse getExecDir, just like in ghc-pkg and SysTools
2002-10-27  mthomasRemove Win32 library dependency
2002-09-09  simonmarBuild without hslibs on GHC >= 5.04
2002-05-29  sofUse HOSTPLATFORM / *_HOST_OS to examine properties...
2002-04-18  simonmarCheck the exit status of the generated C program when...
2002-02-13  simonpjdosifyPath before opening files
2002-02-12  simonmaroutHFile not outHName
2002-01-17  sofremove KludgedSystem
2001-09-12  rrtDo the ifdefery properly so it works on Unix
2001-09-12  rrtMake hsc2hs find template-hsc.h on Windows
2001-07-24  kenFixed punctuation typo
2001-07-23  kenusage message, #def fix
2001-04-02  rrtAdd .exe to progName on Windows
2001-03-29  qrczakGenerated C files are named *_hsc.h and *_hsc.c (again)
2001-03-29  qrczakadd -D -o -s options
2001-03-29  qrczakTransform *.hsc into *.hs and optionally Hs*.h and...
2001-03-16  qrczakRemove INLINE pragmas
2001-03-05  qrczakUse custom parser monad instead of Parsec
2001-03-04  qrczakFix #{stuff} parsing when stuff contains end of line
2001-03-01  qrczakadd self-delimited #{stuff}
2001-02-22  qrczakadd some options
2001-02-13  qrczakNo, please don't pass hsc2hs/Main.hs through cpp :-)
2001-02-13  rrtMake work again on Windows
2001-02-13  qrczakmove #ifdefed defaultCompiler
2001-02-13  rrtMake it work on Cygwin
2001-02-10  qrczakMove kludgedSystem (renamed to system) to a separate...
2001-02-05  qrczakWorks under Linux again - Posix was not needed
2001-02-05  rrtMake it work on Windows
2001-01-24  qrczakAdd #warning support
2001-01-15  qrczakImplemented #enum construct
2001-01-13  qrczakDon't output so many unnecessary C line markers
2001-01-13  qrczakUse a replacement for LINE pragmas under nhc
2001-01-13  qrczakGenerate correct LINE pragmas
2001-01-13  qrczakRemove #options construct
2001-01-12  qrczakExpand #-constructs only outside Haskell comments and...
2001-01-11  qrczakRemove backslash-newline pairs in #-constructs
2001-01-04  qrczakAdded --version parameter
2001-01-04  simonmarexit(1) in the case of a parse error
2000-12-30  qrczakAdd -I and --include options
2000-12-28  qrczakImplemented #undef, #error, and #let
2000-11-07  simonmaradd hsc2hs, missed in the merge