2009-07-21  Ian LynaghRemove a command from "make clean" that breaks in a...
2009-07-21  Ian LynaghFix indentation in an example
2008-03-24  Simon Marlowhaskell' markup
2008-03-20  Simon Marlow\hprime{} markup
2008-03-20  Simon Marlow\hprime{} markup
2008-03-20  Simon Marlow\hprime{} markup
2008-03-20  Simon MarlowKeep the current colour when outputting <tt> text
2008-03-20  Simon Marlowadd a list of tools needed to build the report
2008-03-20  Simon MarlowAdd the ability to colourise the haskell-prime parts...
2008-03-20  Simon Marlowremove dead code
2008-03-17  Malcolm Wallacevery minor typos in section 5.6
2008-03-17  Malcolm Wallacetypo in section 3.17.2, rule 8, for pattern-matching n+k
2007-02-19  Iavor S. Diatchkiadded optional semis to section about conditionals
2007-02-17  Iavor S. DiatchkiAdded optional semis on "if"
2007-01-19  Ravi Nanavatipattern_guard_list_comprehension_footnote
2007-01-15  Malcolm WallaceUpdate lots of references to H'98 -> Prime, especially...
2007-01-13  Iavor S. Diatchkimoved rules for guards in a separate figure because...
2007-01-13  Iavor S. Diatchkifixed rule (g) of pattern semantics to avoid duplicatin...
2007-01-13  Iavor S. Diatchkiadded rules for pattern guards to the formal semantics...
2007-01-12  Iavor S. Diatchkigneralized function bindings to support pattern guards...
2007-01-12  Isaac Potoczny... reworking the informal explanation of pattern gaurds
2007-01-11  Isaac Potoczny... update pattern binding translation for pattern guards...
2007-01-08  Andres Loehturn macro into function -- makes it work with newer...
2007-01-08  Andres Loehdon't include extension in \includegraphics (to make...
2007-01-08  Andres Loehtypo: change \r to \tr
2007-01-08  Malcolm WallaceChange front matter to say "Haskell Prime" rather than...
2007-01-08  Isaac Potoczny... very rough draft of informal pattern-guard (qualifiers...
2007-01-08  Simon Marlowsome notes on how to build it.
2007-01-08  Simon Marlowcreate $(RELEASE_DIR) if necessary
2007-01-08  Simon Marlowadd clean target
2006-11-07  Simon Marlowfix line-comment syntax to not consider '--:' as a...
2006-11-07  Simon Marlowsubsection needs to be interpreted by sh
2006-11-07  Simon Marlowupdate to compile with recent Haskell compilers
2006-11-07  Simon Marlowmake it work with recent GHCs
2005-12-13  Malcolm WallaceNew lexical bug discovered. --: introduces a comment... h98-revised-from-cvs
2005-08-15  Malcolm WallaceBug discovered by Russell O'Connor: approxRational...
2005-06-10  Malcolm WallaceNote deficiencies in the printed index.
2005-04-23  Manuel ChakravartyFinally! HTML rendering of the FFI Addendum.
2005-01-04  Malcolm WallaceFix date.
2005-01-04  Malcolm WallaceRemove a further ambiguity in section 3.17.2 #6.
2004-09-16  Malcolm WallaceNew bug discovered in the context-free syntax.
2004-08-01  Isaac Potoczny... small changes
2004-08-01  Isaac Potoczny... Implemented a few fixes we talked about on IRC:
2004-08-01  Isaac Potoczny... added more details about Setup.description fields
2004-07-31  Isaac Potoczny... Added a bunch of information about the package description.
2004-07-30  Malcolm WallaceMissing operator =<< from the table of fixities.
2004-07-29  Malcolm WallacePage number.
2004-07-29  Malcolm WallaceClarify the order of matching in a named field pattern.
2004-07-26  Isaac Potoczny... * added "clean" target to setup script spec.
2004-06-26  Isaac Potoczny... Cleaned up package description stuff
2004-06-26  Isaac Potoczny... * Added new personas:
2004-06-11  Malcolm WallaceChange maintainer's name. Make it pass W3C HTML valida...
2004-06-11  Simon Peyton... Add new bug reports
2004-06-11  Simon Peyton... Fix index bugs
2004-06-11  Simon Peyton... Line break changes only
2004-06-06  Isaac Potoczny... Mostl suggestions from Graham Klyne.
2004-06-06  Isaac Potoczny... * changed #!runhugs (etc) to #!/usr/bin/env runhugs
2004-06-06  Isaac Potoczny... Added more justification and explanation of the Setup...
2004-06-06  Isaac Potoczny... Changed HPS to Cabal.
2004-05-25  Isaac Potoczny... Reverted changes from pkgname=version to pkgname-version.
2004-05-25  Isaac Potoczny... * Changed "library" for "tool" in a number of places
2004-05-25  Isaac Potoczny... * Changed article ID to hps
2004-05-18  Simon MarlowSystem packagers: mention that we expect there to be...
2004-05-18  Simon MarlowMarkup, s/shared/global/
2004-05-18  Simon Marlowmainly markup
2004-05-18  Simon Marlowuninstall updates
2004-05-18  Simon MarlowSimon's updates
2004-05-17  Ross PatersonTypos, and add an extra blank line in #! scripts to...
2004-05-17  Simon MarlowLots of updates (mostly markup).
2004-05-11  Simon Marlowmarkup & simple changes
2004-05-11  Simon Peyton... Add the draft Haskell Package System spec
2004-05-06  Wolfgang ThallerUpdate description of forkProcess; add descriptions for
2003-12-01  Manuel ChakravartyFinal version of 1.0
2003-11-17  Manuel Chakravarty* 6.3: Footnote regarding __STDC_ISO_10646__ added...
2003-11-12  Manuel Chakravarty6.3:
2003-11-05  Manuel ChakravartyBump RC #
2003-11-05  Manuel Chakravarty* 6.2: CWChar -> CWchar
2003-11-02  Manuel Chakravarty* 5.3: Fixed typo
2003-10-31  Manuel ChakravartyBumped RC #
2003-10-31  Manuel Chakravarty* 5.5 : Added `FinalizerEnvPtr', `newForeignPtrEnv...
2003-09-18  Wolfgang ThallerStarted restructuring the document to make it another...
2003-09-18  Wolfgang ThallerRemove this file, as it has been replaced by threads...
2003-08-01  Manuel ChakravartyChanges since RC11:
2003-06-13  Wolfgang ThallerAdded a section dealing with what primitives have to...
2003-06-13  Wolfgang ThallerZap the old proposals, leave only Proposal 4.
2003-06-12  Manuel Chakravarty* 5.5 : added `newForeignPointer_' and renamed `foreig...
2003-06-09  Manuel Chakravarty* 3.3 : Clarified use of foreign functions of pure...
2003-05-30  Simon MarlowThe relevant nhc98 version number is 1.04.
2003-05-30  Simon MarlowBuild the PDF version automatically too.
2003-05-30  Simon MarlowAdd the library "policy document" to this page, so...
2003-05-30  Ross Patersondate Hugs compliance
2003-05-30  Simon MarlowAdd a simple web page
2003-05-22  Manuel ChakravartyRC 10:
2003-05-21  Manuel ChakravartyRC 9:
2003-05-16  Simon Peyton... Add Kevin and John as some-time editors
2003-05-06  Simon Peyton... Add Proposal 4
2003-05-01  Simon Peyton... Third proposal, from S&S
2003-04-30  Wolfgang ThallerCorrected a typo in the formal semantics;
2003-04-25  Wolfgang ThallerModel forkIO in the semantics
2003-04-25  Wolfgang ThallerAdded a completely new and much better [:-)] proposal...