2010-06-30  Simon Marlowupdate READMEs
2010-06-30  Simon Marlowremove obsolete sources
2010-06-30  Simon Marlowclean up the Haddock rules a bit
2010-06-30  Simon MarlowUpdate Haddock output
2010-06-30  Simon Marlowsort modules alphabetically
2010-06-30  Simon Marlowupdate to the latest Haddock style
2010-06-30  Simon Marlowremove DRAFT
2010-06-30  Simon Marlowdon't refer to ForeignFunctionInterface and friends...
2010-06-29  Simon MarlowAdd the library sources for Haskell 2010, generated...
2010-06-29  Simon Marlowimprove cleaning
2010-06-29  Simon Marlowfix a double @
2010-06-29  Simon Marlowswitch to new Haddock-generated library docs
2010-06-29  Simon MarlowPrime -> 2010
2010-06-29  Simon Marlowupdate x-refs
2010-06-29  Simon Marlowremove old lib docs
2010-06-25  Simon Marlowadd "External C Interface" from CForeign
2010-05-04  Simon Marlowsimplify the pattern matching semantics
2010-05-04  Simon Marlowfixes from Igloo
2010-05-04  Simon Marlowremove extensions that don't exist
2010-05-04  Simon Marlowminor fixes
2010-05-04  Simon Marlowremove extra whitespace
2010-05-04  Simon Marlowmarkup rhs of gdrhs
2010-05-04  Simon Marlowremove duplicate negative literal in patterns
2010-05-04  Simon Marlowscale the class structure diagram down a bit
2010-05-04  Simon Marlowmake hyperlinks in the PDF version
2010-05-04  Simon Marlowfix Haskell 98 reference
2010-05-04  Simon Marlowuse a PDF version of the "classes" diagram
2010-05-04  Simon Marlowfix ordering of committee members
2010-04-30  Simon Marlowdon't reduce the font size
2010-04-30  Simon Marlowmissing \\
2010-04-30  Simon Marlowmake it DRAFT
2010-04-30  Simon Marlowmake code blocks \small
2010-04-30  Simon Marlowadd some negative vertical space between code blocks...
2010-04-30  Simon Marlowdrop from 11pt to 10pt
2010-04-30  Simon Marlowrun makeindex during PDF generation
2010-04-30  Simon Marlowremove generated file
2010-04-30  Simon Marlowrecover the bibliography, and run bibtex
2010-04-30  Simon Marlowfix a dangling reference to guards
2010-04-30  Simon Marlowre-order a couple of \items
2010-04-30  Simon Marlowinclude the guard syntax with funlhs, otherwise it...
2010-04-30  Simon Marlowintegrate the FFI addendum
2010-04-30  Simon Marlowfix some exps that should be lexps
2010-04-30  Simon Marlowretain spaces in inline verbatim
2010-04-30  Simon Marlowfix some markup
2010-04-30  Simon Marlowfix markup
2010-04-30  Simon Marlowupdate the Preface for Haskell 2010
2010-04-30  Simon Marlowfix centered text in fboxes
2010-04-30  Simon Marlowintegrate FFI syntax into the rest of the report
2010-04-29  Simon MarlowUse tex4ht to format the HTML version
2010-04-28  Simon MarlowIntegrate LanguagePragma
2010-04-28  Simon MarlowIntegrate RelaxedDependencyAnalysis
2010-04-28  Simon Marlowreorder rules t,u,v in Fig 3.3 to match syntax
2010-04-28  Simon Marlowreorder bullet points in description of guards to match...
2010-04-28  Simon Marlowreplace exp^0 with infixexp in guards, and sync syntax...
2010-04-28  Simon Marlowwiden the third column in syntax tables
2010-04-28  Simon Marlowimplement LineCommentSyntax
2010-04-28  Simon MarlowIntegrate FixityResolution
2010-04-28  Simon Marlowremove old HTML footer
2010-04-28  Simon Marlowremove (the remaining bits of) n+k patterns
2010-04-28  Simon Marlowa few 2010 updates
2010-04-28  Simon Marlowcomment out plain_haskell.verb rule, to avoid confusion
2010-04-28  Simon MarlowIntegrate EmptyDataDecls
2010-04-28  Simon Marlowintegrate HierarchicalModuleNames
2010-04-28  Simon Marlowincorporate DoAndIfThenElse
2010-04-28  Simon Marlowfix makefile rules
2010-04-28  Simon Marlowbuild PDF rather than PS by default
2010-04-28  Simon Marlowrename preface-jfp to preface
2009-07-21  Ian LynaghTweak rule so make knows how to create haskell.idx
2009-07-21  Ian LynaghRefactor away old-fashioned make syntax
2009-07-21  Ian LynaghRemove duplicate haskell.dvi dependencies
2009-07-21  Ian LynaghEveryone has perl, clean Prelude*.tex too
2009-07-21  Ian LynaghRemove a command from "make clean" that breaks in a...
2009-07-21  Ian LynaghFix indentation in an example
2008-03-24  Simon Marlowhaskell' markup
2008-03-20  Simon Marlow\hprime{} markup
2008-03-20  Simon Marlow\hprime{} markup
2008-03-20  Simon Marlow\hprime{} markup
2008-03-20  Simon MarlowKeep the current colour when outputting <tt> text
2008-03-20  Simon Marlowadd a list of tools needed to build the report
2008-03-20  Simon MarlowAdd the ability to colourise the haskell-prime parts...
2008-03-20  Simon Marlowremove dead code
2008-03-17  Malcolm Wallacevery minor typos in section 5.6
2008-03-17  Malcolm Wallacetypo in section 3.17.2, rule 8, for pattern-matching n+k
2007-02-19  Iavor S. Diatchkiadded optional semis to section about conditionals
2007-02-17  Iavor S. DiatchkiAdded optional semis on "if"
2007-01-19  Ravi Nanavatipattern_guard_list_comprehension_footnote
2007-01-15  Malcolm WallaceUpdate lots of references to H'98 -> Prime, especially...
2007-01-13  Iavor S. Diatchkimoved rules for guards in a separate figure because...
2007-01-13  Iavor S. Diatchkifixed rule (g) of pattern semantics to avoid duplicatin...
2007-01-13  Iavor S. Diatchkiadded rules for pattern guards to the formal semantics...
2007-01-12  Iavor S. Diatchkigneralized function bindings to support pattern guards...
2007-01-12  Isaac Potoczny... reworking the informal explanation of pattern gaurds
2007-01-11  Isaac Potoczny... update pattern binding translation for pattern guards...
2007-01-08  Andres Loehturn macro into function -- makes it work with newer...
2007-01-08  Andres Loehdon't include extension in \includegraphics (to make...
2007-01-08  Andres Loehtypo: change \r to \tr
2007-01-08  Malcolm WallaceChange front matter to say "Haskell Prime" rather than...
2007-01-08  Isaac Potoczny... very rough draft of informal pattern-guard (qualifiers...
2007-01-08  Simon Marlowsome notes on how to build it.
2007-01-08  Simon Marlowcreate $(RELEASE_DIR) if necessary