2002-12-02  Simon Peyton... Add subsection sed-ery; minor changes to tex.hs
2002-12-02  Simon Peyton... --------------------------------
2002-11-17  Sven Panne* Fixed prototypes for hs_init, hs_exit, and hs_set_argv.
2002-11-17  Sven PanneMentioned hs_free_fun_ptr, which is important for the...
2002-11-17  Sven PanneNit-picking: hs_freeStablePtr => hs_free_stable_ptr...
2002-10-21  Alastair ReidAdded text about problems with shared thunks.
2002-10-16  Alastair ReidAdded dissenting note to the claim that case for Haskel...
2002-10-15  Simon MarlowEliminate some duplication, and fix up the structure...
2002-10-15  Alastair ReidAdded my comments from last night.
2002-10-15  Simon Marlowvarious additions
2002-10-14  Simon Marlowattributions wibble
2002-10-14  Simon MarlowAdd finalizer rationale document.
2002-09-13  Manuel Chakravartytypo
2002-09-12  Simon Peyton... Add new preface
2002-09-12  Manuel Chakravarty* Added mallocForeignPtr and mallocForeignPtrBytes.
2002-09-11  Manuel ChakravartyClarified that all operations in Bits are member functi...
2002-09-10  Manuel ChakravartyAdded some clarifications
2002-09-10  Manuel Chakravarty* 1.4: Clarified the wording
2002-08-09  Alastair ReidI've applied all the changes discussed over the last...
2002-06-14  Manuel Chakravarty* 5.6: Clarified documentation of `StablePtr's
2002-04-26  Manuel ChakravartyChanges discussed on the FFI list:
2002-04-09  Manuel Chakravarty* 5.8: Clarified documentation for `MarshalAlloc.free'.
2002-02-04  Manuel ChakravartyAnother erratum from Martin D. Kealey. Added him to...
2002-02-04  Manuel ChakravartyCorrection by Martin D Kealey <martin@kurahaupo.gen...
2002-02-04  Manuel ChakravartyRenamed the functions constructing `ErrorType's, as...
2002-01-29  Simon Peyton... Small matters
2002-01-28  Simon Peyton... index changes
2002-01-10  Manuel ChakravartyVersion 1.0, Release Candidate 1
2001-12-21  Simon Peyton... Late Dec release
2001-11-02  Simon Peyton... Mainly Enum
2001-11-01  Simon Peyton... Changes in Oct
2001-10-30  Malcolm WallaceTypos.
2001-10-30  Manuel ChakravartyImproved wording
2001-10-29  Manuel ChakravartyInlined the rationale
2001-10-28  Manuel ChakravartyIntegrated pending changes for 1.0. This is nearly...
2001-10-19  Manuel ChakravartyContd revision
2001-10-04  Simon Peyton... More tinies
2001-10-02  Simon Peyton... October release
2001-09-26  Manuel Chakravarty- revised preface & intro
2001-09-24  Simon Peyton... Precedence of (:)
2001-09-24  Simon Peyton... Literate layout
2001-09-24  Simon Peyton... End Sept
2001-09-13  Simon Peyton... Export lists cumulative
2001-09-11  Simon Peyton... Simon
2001-09-11  Simon Peyton... Simon
2001-09-10  Simon Peyton... Operators and such
2001-09-10  Simon Peyton... Operators and such
2001-09-10  Simon Peyton... Sept 10
2001-08-31  Simon Peyton... End August
2001-08-30  Manuel ChakravartyProcessed notes
2001-08-30  Manuel ChakravartyEdited to reflect pre-ICFP discussion on version 1.11.
2001-08-23  Simon Peyton... August release
2001-08-23  Simon Peyton... Modules
2001-08-23  Simon Peyton... Lexical mainly
2001-08-23  Malcolm WallaceFix typos only.
2001-08-20  Simon Peyton... Done while away at c-- workshop
2001-08-19  Manuel Chakravarty* Revised the spec of which types can be marshalled...
2001-08-18  Manuel ChakravartyCovering all current marshalling libraries.
2001-08-18  Manuel ChakravartyCovering all language-independent marshalling modules...
2001-08-17  Manuel ChakravartyAdded most of the language independent marshalling...
2001-08-14  Simon Peyton... Add Makefile
2001-08-14  Simon Peyton... Small stuff
2001-08-14  Manuel ChakravartyExtended the description of the FFI libraries.
2001-08-14  Simon Peyton... Many small changes
2001-08-09  Manuel Chakravarty* Started on the section about Marshalling libraries
2001-07-10  Simon Peyton... Add README
2001-06-18  Simon Peyton... Simon
2001-06-11  Simon Peyton... More towards the revised report
2001-06-09  Manuel ChakravartyAdjusting revision number to be consistent with previou...
2001-06-09  Manuel ChakravartyInitial revision
2001-05-30  Simon Peyton... Small revision to May release (deriving, tuples)
2001-05-30  Simon Peyton... May 2001 release
2001-05-29  Simon Peyton... Towards the revised Reports
2001-05-28  Simon Peyton... Ix and a few typos
2001-04-05  Simon Peyton... Empty log message
2001-03-28  Simon Peyton... Empty log message