Implemented a few fixes we talked about on IRC:
[haskell-report.git] / packages / pkg-spec.sgml
2004-08-01  Isaac Potoczny-JonesImplemented a few fixes we talked about on IRC:
2004-08-01  Isaac Potoczny-Jonesadded more details about Setup.description fields
2004-07-31  Isaac Potoczny-JonesAdded a bunch of information about the package description.
2004-07-26  Isaac Potoczny-Jones* added "clean" target to setup script spec.
2004-06-26  Isaac Potoczny-JonesCleaned up package description stuff
2004-06-26  Isaac Potoczny-Jones* Added new personas:
2004-06-06  Isaac Potoczny-JonesMostl suggestions from Graham Klyne.
2004-06-06  Isaac Potoczny-Jones* changed #!runhugs (etc) to #!/usr/bin/env runhugs
2004-06-06  Isaac Potoczny-JonesAdded more justification and explanation of the Setup...
2004-06-06  Isaac Potoczny-JonesChanged HPS to Cabal.
2004-05-25  Isaac Potoczny-JonesReverted changes from pkgname=version to pkgname-version.
2004-05-25  Isaac Potoczny-Jones* Changed "library" for "tool" in a number of places
2004-05-25  Isaac Potoczny-Jones* Changed article ID to hps
2004-05-18  Simon MarlowSystem packagers: mention that we expect there to be...
2004-05-18  Simon MarlowMarkup, s/shared/global/
2004-05-18  Simon Marlowmainly markup
2004-05-18  Simon Marlowuninstall updates
2004-05-18  Simon MarlowSimon's updates
2004-05-17  Ross PatersonTypos, and add an extra blank line in #! scripts to...
2004-05-17  Simon MarlowLots of updates (mostly markup).
2004-05-11  Simon Marlowmarkup & simple changes
2004-05-11  Simon Peyton JonesAdd the draft Haskell Package System spec