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2003-04-08  Simon Peyton JonesFix <= typo, which is fixed in the printed version
2002-12-10  Simon Peyton JonesMinor changes to
2002-12-03  Ross PatersonFix indexing of a few operators, particularly (\\)...
2002-12-02  Simon Peyton Jones--------------------------------
2002-12-02  Simon Peyton Jones--------------------------------
2002-01-29  Simon Peyton JonesSmall matters
2001-11-02  Simon Peyton JonesMainly Enum
2001-08-14  Simon Peyton JonesMany small changes
2001-06-18  Simon Peyton JonesSimon
2001-05-30  Simon Peyton JonesSmall revision to May release (deriving, tuples)
2001-05-29  Simon Peyton JonesTowards the revised Reports
2001-05-28  Simon Peyton JonesIx and a few typos
2001-03-28  Simon Peyton JonesEmpty log message