Build deriveConstants utility.
[hadrian.git] / src / Oracles / PackageData.hs
2015-12-13  Andrey MokhovBuild deriveConstants utility.
2015-09-21  Andrey MokhovAdd support for new keys in package-data files.
2015-08-22  Andrey MokhovClean up code, add comments.
2015-08-22  Andrey MokhovMerge Base.hs and Util.hs.
2015-08-22  Andrey MokhovRefactor Oracles.
2015-08-22  Andrey MokhovRefactor imports.
2015-08-21  Andrey MokhovDrop DepKeys, add DepId, clean up code.
2015-08-19  Andrey MokhovAdd HiddenModules key to PackageData.hs.
2015-08-07  Andrey MokhovAdd support for BUILD_GHCI_LIB field of
2015-08-02  Andrey MokhovConfigure packages in dependency order, refactor resources.
2015-08-01  Andrey MokhovAdd Base.hs with Shake imports and build paths.
2015-07-28  Andrey MokhovClean up.
2015-07-27  Andrey MokhovImprove performance of getHsSources.
2015-07-24  Andrey MokhovAdd -/- for combining paths with unification of the...
2015-07-20  Andrey MokhovImprove performance by caching windows root lookup.
2015-07-19  Andrey MokhovRefactor oracles, add comments.
2015-07-19  Andrey MokhovRemove Base.hs, move Stage definition to Stage.hs.
2015-07-18  Andrey MokhovRefactor and rename Oracles/Option.hs.
2015-04-20  Andrey MokhovImplement buildPackageData rule.
2015-01-19  Andrey MokhovAdd comments, do minor refactoring.
2015-01-19  Andrey MokhovAdd DepIncludeDirs package data option.
2015-01-18  Andrey MokhovAdd Util/unifyPath function and make sure it is used.
2015-01-17  Andrey MokhovAdd CcArgs and CSrcs keys to PackageData.
2015-01-16  Andrey MokhovMake single and multiple string options type safe.
2015-01-16  Andrey MokhovRefactor package-data oracles.
2015-01-16  Andrey MokhovAdd Version and DepNames keys to PackageData.
2015-01-14  Andrey MokhovAdd package data key HsOpts.
2015-01-13  Andrey MokhovAdd CppOpts.
2015-01-13  Andrey MokhovPrint more diagnostic info.
2015-01-11  Andrey MokhovFit lines into 80 characters.
2015-01-09  Andrey MokhovRename ShowAction to ShowArgs.
2015-01-07  Andrey MokhovSimplify PackageData.
2015-01-07  Andrey MokhovAdd instance ShowAction PackageData.
2015-01-01  Andrey MokhovRemove redundant GHC extensions.
2015-01-01  Andrey MokhovSplit Oracles.hs module into logical parts.