Make PackageName into a proper newtype
[hadrian.git] / src / Package.hs
2015-12-23  Ben GamariMake PackageName into a proper newtype
2015-12-21  Andrey MokhovMove isLibrary to src/Package.hs, add isProgram.
2015-12-20  Andrey MokhovClean up, make naming consistent: setPkgType -> setType.
2015-12-20  Andrey MokhovMerge pull request #8 from bgamari/master
2015-12-20  Ben GamariFix detection of libraries
2015-12-20  Andrey MokhovAdd matchPackageNames to match packages and package...
2015-12-18  Andrey MokhovMerge pull request #2 from bgamari/master
2015-12-18  Ben GamariAdd NFData instances
2015-12-14  Andrey MokhovClean up.
2015-12-10  Andrey MokhovAdd support for utility packages.
2015-08-22  Andrey MokhovRefactor imports, add comments.
2015-08-22  Andrey MokhovMerge Base.hs and Util.hs.
2015-08-22  Andrey MokhovRefactor imports.
2015-08-21  Andrey MokhovClean up, fix -Wall warnings.
2015-08-02  Andrey MokhovSimplify Package.
2015-08-01  Andrey MokhovAdd Base.hs with Shake imports and build paths.
2015-07-24  Andrey MokhovAdd -/- for combining paths with unification of the...
2015-07-24  Andrey MokhovClean up.
2015-07-19  Andrey MokhovRemove Base.hs, move Stage definition to Stage.hs.
2015-07-15  Andrey MokhovRename Ways.hs => Way.hs and refactor it.
2015-07-14  Andrey MokhovAdd argsHashOracle for tracking changes in the build...
2015-07-12  Andrey MokhovMake targetDirectory and knownPackages configurable...
2015-05-10  Andrey MokhovAdd topLevel function to construct top-level packages...
2015-04-20  Andrey MokhovImplement buildPackageData rule.
2015-04-17  Andrey MokhovAdd Simplify instances for PG and Predicate.
2015-04-15  Andrey MokhovContinue major refactoring for expression-based build...
2015-01-21  Andrey MokhovAdd comments.
2015-01-20  Andrey MokhovAdd remaining library packages to Targets.hs.
2015-01-19  Andrey MokhovAdd comments, do minor refactoring.
2015-01-16  Andrey MokhovMake single and multiple string options type safe.
2015-01-16  Andrey MokhovRefactor package-data oracles.
2015-01-16  Andrey MokhovAdd Targets.hs for specifying targets, clean up code.
2015-01-15  Andrey MokhovAdd dependencies on argument lists.
2015-01-15  Andrey MokhovAdd bin-package-db (stage 0) to packages.
2015-01-15  Andrey MokhovAdd packages: containers, filepath, hoopl, hpc, paralle...
2015-01-14  Andrey MokhovAdd Cabal/Cabal to list of packages.
2015-01-13  Andrey MokhovClean up.
2015-01-13  Andrey MokhovGenerate targets from package list.
2015-01-13  Andrey MokhovAdd binary package.
2015-01-13  Andrey MokhovAdd bin-package-db package.
2015-01-13  Andrey MokhovAdd array package.
2015-01-13  Andrey MokhovAdd link rule.
2015-01-13  Andrey MokhovAdd buildPackageLibrary.
2015-01-11  Andrey MokhovSimplify: Package -> TodoItem -> Rules () is a monoid!
2015-01-11  Andrey MokhovAdd buildPackageCompile rule.
2015-01-10  Andrey MokhovClean up.
2015-01-05  Andrey MokhovMinor changes.
2015-01-05  Andrey MokhovAdd directions to Package submodules.
2015-01-05  Andrey MokhovDecompose Package.hs into logically separate modules.
2015-01-04  Andrey MokhovMinor changes and comments.
2015-01-04  Andrey MokhovRefactor using variadic args.
2015-01-01  Andrey MokhovChange computed configuration flags into Conditions.
2014-12-31  Andrey MokhovComplete first working version of buildPackageDeps...
2014-12-30  Andrey MokhovImplement more arguments for ghc -M.
2014-12-30  Andrey MokhovAdd support for src-hc-opts configuration option.
2014-12-30  Andrey MokhovFactor out postProcessPackageData to Util.hs.
2014-12-30  Andrey MokhovMove generic helper functions to Util.hs.
2014-12-30  Andrey MokhovAdd buildPackageDeps rule.
2014-12-29  Andrey MokhovAdd build/autogen/Paths_library.hs to ghc-cabal results.
2014-12-25  Andrey MokhovMoved source files to src subdirectory.