Revert "Document the provenance of the Main functions in the code rather than in...
[hadrian.git] / build.bat
2015-12-24  Andrey MokhovMerge pull request #34 from bgamari/master
2015-12-24  Andrey MokhovSplit the batch file into multiple lines, add missing...
2015-12-20  Andrey MokhovMove Shake database to shake-build/.db, rename _shake...
2015-08-22  Andrey MokhovUse -Wall when compiling the build system.
2014-12-30  Andrey MokhovBring && back.
2014-12-29  Andrey MokhovAdd -fwarn-tabs and -fwarn-unused-imports.
2014-12-25  Andrey MokhovFix paths to source files.
2014-12-23  Andrey MokhovAdd shake launcher.