Add buildProgram rule.
[hadrian.git] / src / Rules / Compile.hs
2015-09-21  Andrey MokhovTrack generated sources.
2015-08-22  Andrey MokhovRefactor imports, add comments.
2015-08-22  Andrey MokhovMerge Base.hs and Util.hs.
2015-08-22  Andrey MokhovMove Settings/Default.hs to GHC.hs, add Settings.hs.
2015-08-21  Andrey MokhovAdd PartialTarget, handle GHC.Prim module in a special...
2015-08-11  Andrey MokhovAdd removeFile to Util.hs.
2015-08-10  Andrey MokhovClean up code, do renaming.
2015-08-08  Andrey MokhovImprove zero build performance.
2015-08-07  Andrey MokhovAdd support for hs-boot files.
2015-08-07  Andrey MokhovDrop need from build. Add appropriate needs to build...
2015-08-06  Andrey MokhovAdd buildPackageLibrary build rule.
2015-08-05  Andrey MokhovOptimise rules by removing a loop over all possible...
2015-08-05  Andrey MokhovImplement compilePackage build rule.