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last changeFri, 21 Aug 2015 17:31:31 +0000 (18:31 +0100)
10 days ago  Łukasz HanuszczakFix weird-looking Hoogle output for familyless classes. master
10 days ago  Łukasz HanuszczakImprove formatting of class details output in Hoogle...
10 days ago  Łukasz HanuszczakAdd missing default family equations in Hoogle output.
10 days ago  Łukasz HanuszczakImprove class type family declarations output in Hoogle...
10 days ago  Łukasz HanuszczakFix bug with incorrect fixities being generated in...
10 days ago  Łukasz HanuszczakAdd fixity declarations in Hoogle backend output.
10 days ago  Łukasz HanuszczakRemove default methods from Hoogle class output.
10 days ago  Łukasz HanuszczakAdd support for sugaring built-in function syntax.
10 days ago  Łukasz HanuszczakAdd basic support for sugaring infix type operators.
10 days ago  Łukasz HanuszczakAdd examples with type operators to the instances test...
10 days ago  Łukasz HanuszczakAccept tests affected by changes related to instance...
10 days ago  Łukasz HanuszczakMove `InstOrigin` type declaration to more appropriate...
10 days ago  Łukasz HanuszczakGet rid of dreadful hashing function for generating...
10 days ago  Łukasz HanuszczakFix issue with instance expander hijacking type hyperli...
10 days ago  Łukasz HanuszczakMake identifier generation also architecture-independent.
10 days ago  Łukasz HanuszczakRe-accept tests after applying deterministic section...
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17 months ago ghc-7.8.2-release
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17 months ago haddock-2.14.0-release Haddock version 2.14.0 release.
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