2015-06-30  Matthew PickeringCorrect BangPat SrcSpan calculation ghc-7.10.2-rc2
2015-06-28  Austin Seipprelnotes: More 7.10.2 release notes
2015-06-27  Simon Peyton... closeOverKinds *before* oclose in coverage check
2015-06-26  Simon MarlowFix deadlock (#10545)
2015-06-26  Simon MarlowFix for crash in setnumcapabilities001
2015-06-26  Reid BartonComments only
2015-06-26  Reid BartonMake enum01/enum02/enum03 tests clang-compatible
2015-06-26  Reid BartonBe aware of overlapping global STG registers in CmmSink...
2015-06-23  Sergei Trofimovichpowerpc: add basic support for PLT relocations (#10402)
2015-06-23  Alan ZimmermanAdd parsePattern parser entry point
2015-06-19  Alan ZimmermanParser: commas_tup_tail duplicate SrcSpan on "Missing...
2015-06-18  Austin SeippRevert "Look inside synonyms for foralls when unifying"
2015-06-18  Simon Peyton... Care with impossible-cons in combineIdenticalAlts
2015-06-17  Thomas MiedemaFix ghc-pkg reports cache out date (#10205)
2015-06-17  Herbert Valerio... Update Cabal submodule to Cabal-v1.22.4.0 rls tag
2015-06-16  Richard EisenbergFix #10534
2015-06-15  Austin Seipprelnotes: More notes, some wordsmithing
2015-06-15  Erik de Castro... Enable SMP and GHCi support for Aarch64
2015-06-15  Sergei TrofimovichUNREG: fix pprHexVal to emit zeros (#10518)
2015-06-15  Austin Seipprelnotes: Remove duplicate 'known bugs' entry
2015-06-12  Austin Seippdocs: More 7.10.2 release notes ghc-7.10.2-rc1
2015-06-12  Austin Seippdocs: More 7.10.2 release notes
2015-06-12  Austin Seippdocs: More 7.10.2 release notes
2015-06-12  Austin Seippdocs: More 7.10.2 release notes
2015-06-12  Austin Seippdocs: More 7.10.2 release notes
2015-06-12  Austin Seippdocs: More 7.10.2 release notes
2015-06-12  Austin Seipputils: update haddock submodule
2015-06-12  Austin Seipplibraries: update Cabal submodule
2015-06-12  Austin Seippdocs: Fix #10416
2015-06-12  Peter WortmannFix DWARF generation for MinGW (#10468)
2015-06-12  Flaviu Andrei... Do not copy stack after stack overflow, refix #8435
2015-06-09  Thomas Miedemamake sdist: distclean testsuite for real (#10406)
2015-06-09  Thomas MiedemaRevert "The test runner now also works under the msys...
2015-06-09  Austin Seipphaddock: update submodule
2015-06-09  Zejun WuAlways force the exception in enqueued commands
2015-06-09  Austin Seippbuild: Clean testsuite before sdist
2015-06-09  Austin Seippdocs: More 7.10.2 notes
2015-06-09  Herbert Valerio... Update binary submodule to release
2015-06-09  Richard EisenbergFix #10488 by unwrapping type synonyms.
2015-06-09  Austin Seipptestsuite: Add test for #10489
2015-06-09  Austin Seipptestsuite: fix T9858e fallout
2015-06-09  Austin Seipptestsuite: Fix minor print007 fallout
2015-06-04  Edward Z. Yangghc-pkg support query by package-key, fixes #9507
2015-06-04  Edward Z. YangGive a hint when a TH splice has a bad package key...
2015-06-02  Reid BartonDetabify a programlisting in the User's Guide (#10425)
2015-06-02  Joachim BreitnernewTempName: Do not include pid in basename
2015-06-02  Alan ZimmermanApiAnnotations : rationalise tests
2015-06-02  Austin Seippcompiler: make sure we reject -O + HscInterpreted
2015-06-02  Iavor S. DiatchkiRename tests so that they have a unique name.
2015-06-02  Joachim BreitnerRename new T9858d to T9858e to avoid test name clash
2015-06-02  Joachim BreitnerRename new T9858c to T9858d to avoid test name clash
2015-06-02  Austin Seipptestsuite: fix some failures from merge problems
2015-06-02  Austin Seippcompiler: kill a stray pprTrace in OccName
2015-06-02  Austin Seipptestsuite: commit missing T4945 stdout
2015-06-02  Simon Peyton... Fix a huge space leak in the mighty Simplifier
2015-06-02  Simon Peyton... Fix quadratic behaviour in tidyOccName
2015-06-02  Simon Peyton... Reduce magic for seqId
2015-06-01  Reid BartonIn ghci linker, link against all previous temp sos...
2015-06-01  Reid BartonTest case for indirect dependencies in ghci linker...
2015-06-01  Ben GamariFix dropped event registrations
2015-06-01  Erik de Castro... rts: Fix aarch64 implementation of xchg
2015-06-01  Austin Seippcompiler/specialise: shut match_co up a bit
2015-06-01  Flaviu Andrei... Catch canonicalizePath exceptions, fix #10101
2015-06-01  Phil RuffwindDon't assume tools are in same directory as ghc in...
2015-05-29  Austin Seippbase: fix #10298 & #7695
2015-05-29  Alan ZimmermanApiAnnotations tweaks
2015-05-28  Thomas MiedemaTestdriver: do not interfer with MinGW path magic ...
2015-05-28  Thomas Miedematestsuite: handle missing stats files gracefully (...
2015-05-27  Austin Seipptestsuite: fix RnStaticPointersFail02 stderr
2015-05-27  Facundo DomínguezOmit the static form error for variables not in scope.
2015-05-27  Facundo DomínguezFix ghci-way tests of -XStaticPointers.
2015-05-26  Reid BartonFix error messages from open(Binary)TempFileWithDefault...
2015-05-26  erdesztAdd missing name for FFI import (fixes #9950)
2015-05-22  Austin SeippRevert "compiler: make sure we reject -O + HscInterpreted"
2015-05-22  Alan ZimmermanApiAnnotatons : AnnDcolon in wrong place for PatBind
2015-05-22  Alan ZimmermanApiAnnotations : parens around a context with wildcard...
2015-05-22  Alan ZimmermanApiAnnotations : AST version of nested forall loses...
2015-05-22  Alan ZimmermanTurn off warnings when compiling boolFormula
2015-05-19  Austin Seippcompiler: make sure we reject -O + HscInterpreted
2015-05-19  Sergei Trofimovichincludes/stg/SMP.h: implement simple load_/store_load_b...
2015-05-19  Alexander Eyers... user guide: correct documentation for -Wall (fixes...
2015-05-19  Peter TrommlerAdd regression test for #10110.
2015-05-18  Joachim BreitnerCmmCommonBlockElim: Improve hash function
2015-05-18  Simon Peyton... Fix superclass generation in an instance
2015-05-18  Joachim BreitnerGreatly speed up nativeCodeGen/seqBlocks
2015-05-18  Joachim BreitnerSpeed up elimCommonBlocks by grouping blocks also by...
2015-05-11  Austin Seippdocs: Update 7.10.2 release notes a bit
2015-05-11  Alan ZimmermanUpdate stderrs for tests after cherry pick from master
2015-05-11  Alan ZimmermanApiAnnotations : PatBind gives wrong SrcSpan for the...
2015-05-11  Alan ZimmermanApiAnnotations : pquals production adds AnnVbar in...
2015-05-11  Alan ZimmermanApiAnnotations : BooleanFormula construction discards...
2015-05-11  Alan ZimmermanApiAnnotations : mkGadtDecl discards annotations for...
2015-05-11  Alan ZimmermanApi Annotations: RdrHsSyn.mkAtDefault causes annotation...
2015-05-11  Austin SeippFix more merge-o's from earlier cherry-picks
2015-05-11  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #9858 comment:101
2015-05-11  Simon Peyton... Do not decompose => (Trac #9858)
2015-05-11  Iavor S. DiatchkiFixes (hopefully!) T9858
2015-05-11  Simon Peyton... Do not allow Typeable on constraints (Trac #9858)
2015-05-11  Austin Seipphaddock: update submodule
2015-05-11  Austin SeippFix merge-o in testsuite output that I missed