2019-10-22  Ben GamariNonmovingCensus: Emit samples to eventlog wip/gc/instrumentation
2019-10-22  Ben GamariAllow census without live word count
2019-10-22  Ben Gamarirts/Eventlog: More descriptive error message
2019-10-22  Ben Gamarirts: Introduce non-moving heap census
2019-10-22  Ben Gamarirts: Tracing support for nonmoving collection events
2019-10-22  Ben GamariFix unregisterised build wip/gc/nonmoving-concurrent
2019-10-21  Ben GamariThreadPaused: Add barrer on updated thunk
2019-10-21  Ben GamariNonmoving: Ensure write barrier vanishes in non-threade...
2019-10-21  Ben GamariDon't cleanup until we've stopped the collector
2019-10-21  Ben Gamarirts: Shrink size of STACK's dirty and marking fields
2019-10-21  Ben GamariNonmoving: Disable memory inventory with concurrent...
2019-10-21  Ben Gamarirts: Implement concurrent collection in the nonmoving...
2019-10-21  Ben Gamarirts: Mark binder as const wip/gc/nonmoving-nonconcurrent
2019-10-21  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Add nonmoving WAY
2019-10-21  Ömer Sinan... rts: Non-concurrent mark and sweep
2019-10-21  Ben Gamarirts: Introduce debug flag for non-moving GC
2019-10-21  Ben Gamarirts: Introduce flag to enable the nonmoving old generation
2019-10-21  Ömer Sinan... rts/Scav: Expose scavenging functions
2019-10-21  Ben Gamarirts: Disable aggregate-return warnings from gcc
2019-10-21  Ömer Sinan... rts/StableName: Expose FOR_EACH_STABLE_NAME, freeSnEntr...
2019-10-21  Ben GamariMerge branches 'wip/gc/sync-without-capability' and... wip/gc/preparation
2019-10-18  Ömer Sinan... rts/BlockAlloc: Allow aligned allocation requests wip/gc/aligned-block-allocation
2019-10-18  Ben Gamarirts/Schedule: Allow synchronization without holding... wip/gc/sync-without-capability
2019-10-18  Ben Gamarirts: Fix macro parenthesisation wip/gc/misc-rts
2019-10-18  Ben Gamarirts/GC: Refactor gcCAFs
2019-10-18  Ben Gamarirts: Give stack flags proper macros
2019-10-18  Ben Gamarirts/Capability: A few documentation comments
2019-10-18  Ben Gamarirts: Add Note explaining applicability of selector...
2019-10-18  Ömer Sinan... rts/GC: Add an obvious assertion during block initializ...
2019-10-17  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Assert that testsuite ways are known
2019-10-17  Richard EisenbergTiny fixes to comments around flattening.
2019-10-17  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Ensure that makefile tests get run
2019-10-16  Brian WignallAdd hyperlinks to PDF/HTML documentation; closes #17342
2019-10-16  Ryan ScottMake Coverage.TM a newtype
2019-10-16  Ben Gamarihadrian: Introduce enableDebugInfo flavour transformer
2019-10-16  Richard EisenbergBreak up TcRnTypes, among other modules.
2019-10-16  John EricsonDelete ghctags cabal file
2019-10-16  Sebastian GrafInfer rho-types instead of sigma-types in guard BindStm...
2019-10-16  Takenobu Tanitestsuite: Add test for #8305
2019-10-16  adithyaovCompiling with -S and -fno-code no longer panics (fixes...
2019-10-16  klebinger.andreas... Add loop level analysis to the NCG backend.
2019-10-15  Ben Gamarihadrian: Add support for bindist compressors other...
2019-10-15  Alp Mestanogullariiface: export a few more functions from BinIface
2019-10-15  Ryan ScottDon't skip validity checks for built-in classes (#17355)
2019-10-15  Ryan ScottRefactor some cruft in TcDerivInfer.inferConstraints
2019-10-14  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Move hadrian-ghc-in-ghci job first
2019-10-14  Ryan ScottMention changes from #16980, #17213 in 8.10.1 release...
2019-10-14  Ryan ScottAdd docs/users_guide/.log to .gitignore
2019-10-13  Takenobu TaniAdd GHCi help message for :def! and :: commands
2019-10-13  Takenobu Taniusers-guide: Add GHCi's ::<builtin-command> form
2019-10-13  Andreas KlebingerFix #17334 where NCG did not properly update the CFG. wip/andreask/17334
2019-10-13  nineonineTemplate Haskell: make unary tuples legal (#16881)
2019-10-12  Simon Peyton... Do not add a 'solved dict' for quantified constraints
2019-10-12  Simon Peyton... Fix validity checking for inferred types
2019-10-12  Ryan ScottUse newDFunName for both manual and derived instances...
2019-10-12  Vladislav ZavialovSkip T13767 on Darwin
2019-10-12  Vladislav ZavialovEscape stats file command (#13676)
2019-10-12  John EricsonSimplify Configure in a few ways
2019-10-12  Stefan Schulze... Hadrian: Take care of assembler source files
2019-10-12  Sebastian GrafMuch simpler language for PmCheck
2019-10-09  Ryan ScottUse addUsedDataCons more judiciously in TcDeriv (#17324)
2019-10-09  Ben GamariTest
2019-10-09  Ben GamariRemove GHC_STAGE guards from MachDeps
2019-10-09  Ben GamariDefine GHC_STAGE in headers instead of command-line
2019-10-09  Ben GamariRelayout generated header body
2019-10-09  Ben GamariRename STAGE macro to GHC_STAGE
2019-10-08  Sebastian GrafPmCheck: Look up parent data family TyCon when populati...
2019-10-08  Vladislav ZavialovBump array and haddock submodules
2019-10-08  Richard EisenbergSolve constraints from top-level groups sooner
2019-10-08  Ryan ScottMark newtype constructors as used in the Coercible...
2019-10-08  Andrew Martin[skip ci] clarify what unsound means
2019-10-08  Andrew Martin[skip ci] can not -> may not
2019-10-08  Andrew Martin[skip ci] make the table better
2019-10-08  Andrew Martin[skip ci] link to foreign cmm call
2019-10-08  Andrew MartinRephrase a bunch of things in the unlifted ffi types...
2019-10-08  Andrew MartinDocument the UnliftedFFITypes extension.
2019-10-08  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Check coverage of GHC flags in users guide
2019-10-08  Ben Gamaridoc: Write out documented flag list
2019-10-08  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Run sphinx in nit-picky mode
2019-10-08  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Rework pragma key generation
2019-10-08  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Document -fworker-wrapper
2019-10-08  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Document NondecreasingIndentation
2019-10-08  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Fix various warnings
2019-10-08  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Document -XHaskell98 and -XHaskell2010
2019-10-08  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Make reverse flags addressable via :ghc...
2019-10-08  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Refer to language extension flags via...
2019-10-08  Sebastian GrafPmCheck: Identify some semantically equivalent expressions
2019-10-08  Ben Gamaribase: Document the fact that Typeable is automatically...
2019-10-08  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Use validate flavour in hadrian builds
2019-10-08  Ben Gamarivalidate: Use Hadrian's validate flavour
2019-10-08  Ben Gamarihadrian: Add `validate` and `slow validate` flavours
2019-10-08  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Add missing TEST_ENV variables
2019-10-07  John EricsonRemove GhcLibsWithUnix
2019-10-07  John EricsonGet rid of GHC_PACKAGE_DB_FLAG
2019-10-07  John EricsonKeep OSTYPE local to
2019-10-07  John EricsonRemove CONFIGURE_ARGS from
2019-10-07  Ryan ScottRefactor some cruft in TcGenGenerics
2019-10-07  John EricsonGet rid of wildcard patterns in prim Cmm emitting code
2019-10-07  Andrey MokhovSwitch to cabal-version=3.0 in base.cabal and rts.cabal
2019-10-07  Andrey MokhovSwitch to cabal-version=3.0 in ghc-heap.cabal