2016-06-20  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: recover from utf8 decoding errors
2016-06-20  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: tabs -> spaces [skip ci]
2016-06-20  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: tabs -> spaces [skip ci]
2016-06-20  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: tabs -> spaces [skip ci]
2016-06-20  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: tabs -> spaces [skip ci]
2016-06-20  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: tabs -> spaces [skip ci]
2016-06-20  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: tabs -> spaces [skip ci]
2016-06-20  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: remove Windows CR [skip ci]
2016-06-20  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: remove Windows CR [skip ci]
2016-06-20  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: remove Windows CR again.. [skip ci]
2016-06-20  Simon MarlowFix double-free in T5644 (#12208)
2016-06-20  Simon MarlowApplicativeDo: allow "return $ e"
2016-06-20  Ryan ScottRemove use of KProxy in GHC.Generics
2016-06-18  Ben GamarillvmGen: Add strictness to metadata fields
2016-06-18  Peter TrommlerPPC NCG: Fix and refactor TOC handling.
2016-06-18  Peter TrommlerPPC NCG: Fix float parameter passing on 64-bit.
2016-06-18  Seraphime KirkovskiFix trac #10647: Notice about lack of SIMD support
2016-06-18  Adam GundryAvoid find_tycon panic if datacon is not in scope
2016-06-18  Ryan ScottRefactor derived Generic instances to reduce allocations
2016-06-18  Ryan ScottAdd Bifoldable and Bitraversable to base
2016-06-18  Ömer Sinan... VarEnv: Comment only
2016-06-18  Thomas MiedemaValidate: use `rm -f` instead of `rm`
2016-06-18  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: validate the tests/stage1 directory with...
2016-06-18  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: write "\n" instead of "\r\n" when using...
2016-06-18  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: run tests in <testdir>.run instead of /tmp
2016-06-18  Thomas MiedemaDriver: `ghc ../Test` (without file extension) should...
2016-06-18  Thomas MiedemaRevert accidental submodule updates
2016-06-18  Ben GamarillvmGen: Consolidate MetaExpr pretty-printing
2016-06-18  Ben GamarillvmGen: Make metadata ids a newtype
2016-06-18  Ben GamariCmmNode: Make CmmTickScope's Unique strict
2016-06-17  Ömer Sinan... CoreLint: Slightly improve case type annotation error...
2016-06-17  Simon MarlowNUMA cleanups
2016-06-17  Joachim BreitnerRemove dead code: countOnce, countMany
2016-06-17  Ömer Sinan... Abort the build when a Core plugin pass is specified...
2016-06-16  Ömer Sinan... CoreMonad: Update error msg function docs
2016-06-15  Simon Peyton... Major patch to introduce TyConBinder
2016-06-15  Simon Peyton... Re-add FunTy (big patch)
2016-06-15  Simon Peyton... Fix testsuite wibble
2016-06-15  Simon Peyton... Revert "Make the Ord Module independent of Unique order"
2016-06-14  Thomas MiedemaSimplify readProcessEnvWithExitCode + set LANGUAGE=C
2016-06-14  Bartosz NitkaRename cmpType to nonDetCmpType
2016-06-14  Simon MarlowDon't GC sparks for CAFs
2016-06-14  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: enable ghci.prog010 (#2542)
2016-06-14  Thomas MiedemaBuild system: mention ghc version in bindist's `configu...
2016-06-14  Simon Peyton... Adjust error message slightly
2016-06-13  Simon Peyton... Update Haddock to follow change in LHsSigWcType
2016-06-13  Bartosz NitkaMake the Ord Module independent of Unique order
2016-06-13  Bartosz NitkaUse UniqFM for SigOf
2016-06-13  Bartosz NitkaKill unused foldModuleEnv
2016-06-13  Tamar ChristinaAdd thin library support to Windows too
2016-06-13  Simon Peyton... A second test for Trac #12055
2016-06-13  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #12055
2016-06-13  Simon Peyton... Add to .gitignore
2016-06-13  Simon Peyton... Remove some traceTc calls
2016-06-13  Simon Peyton... Beef up isPredTy
2016-06-13  Simon Peyton... Fix the in-scope set for extendTvSubstWithClone
2016-06-13  Simon Peyton... Beef up mkNakedCastTy
2016-06-13  Simon Peyton... Move the constraint-kind validity check
2016-06-13  Simon Peyton... Get in-scope set right in top_instantiate
2016-06-13  Simon Peyton... Tidy up zonkQuantifiedTyVar
2016-06-13  Simon Peyton... Improve typechecking of let-bindings
2016-06-13  Simon Peyton... Kill off redundant SigTv check in occurCheckExpand
2016-06-13  Erik de Castro... rts: Fix NUMA when cross compiling
2016-06-12  Tamar ChristinaDisable T12031 on linux
2016-06-12  Tamar ChristinaFix incorrect calculated relocations on Windows x86_64
2016-06-12  Matthew PickeringSkip retc001 on OSX
2016-06-12  Erik de Castro... rts: Fix build when USE_LARGE_ADDRESS_SPACE is undefined
2016-06-11  Ömer Sinan... ModuleSet: Use an actual set instead of map to units
2016-06-10  Simon MarlowRts flags cleanup
2016-06-10  Simon MarlowNUMA support
2016-06-10  Simon Peyton... Small refactor to mkRuntimErrorId
2016-06-10  Simon Peyton... Minor refactoring
2016-06-10  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2016-06-10  Simon Peyton... Refine imports slightly
2016-06-10  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2016-06-10  Sean GillespieFix #12099: Remove bogus flags
2016-06-10  Ömer Sinan... Remove Printer.c:prettyPrintClosure()
2016-06-10  Ömer Sinan... prettyPrintClosure(): Untag the closure before accessin...
2016-06-09  Facundo DomínguezImprove the error messages for static forms.
2016-06-09  Tamar ChristinaFix Ticky histogram on Windows
2016-06-09  Thomas MiedemaDocs: delete PatternGuards documentation
2016-06-09  Bartosz NitkaRemove Ord AltCon
2016-06-09  Bartosz NitkaRemove Ord PatSyn
2016-06-09  Bartosz NitkaRemove Ord Class
2016-06-09  Thomas MiedemaDocs: fix links to ghc-flags
2016-06-09  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: delete dead code [skip ci]
2016-06-09  Bartosz NitkaRemove Ord (CoAxiom br)
2016-06-09  Bartosz NitkaImplement Eq TyCon directly
2016-06-09  Tamar ChristinaRemove special casing of Windows in generic files
2016-06-09  Edward Z. YangFix #12076 by inlining trivial expressions in CorePrep.
2016-06-09  Edward Z. YangMinor performance note about IdInfo.
2016-06-09  Edward Z. YangFix #12064 by making IfaceClass typechecking more lazy.
2016-06-08  Ömer Sinan... Show sources of cost centers in .prof
2016-06-08  Ömer Sinan... Literal: Remove unused hashLiteral function
2016-06-08  Ömer Sinan... Report term sizes with -v3 even when -ddump is enabled
2016-06-08  Ömer Sinan... Revert "Desugar: Display resulting program stats with...
2016-06-08  Ömer Sinan... Desugar: Display resulting program stats with -v2
2016-06-08  Bartosz NitkaAdd some determinism tests
2016-06-07  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite Windows: mark T8308 expect_broken (#8308)
2016-06-07  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite driver: always quote opts.testdir