2019-10-08  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Document -XHaskell98 and -XHaskell2010
2019-10-08  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Make reverse flags addressable via :ghc...
2019-10-08  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Refer to language extension flags via...
2019-10-08  Sebastian GrafPmCheck: Identify some semantically equivalent expressions
2019-10-08  Ben Gamaribase: Document the fact that Typeable is automatically...
2019-10-08  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Use validate flavour in hadrian builds
2019-10-08  Ben Gamarivalidate: Use Hadrian's validate flavour
2019-10-08  Ben Gamarihadrian: Add `validate` and `slow validate` flavours
2019-10-08  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Add missing TEST_ENV variables
2019-10-07  John EricsonRemove GhcLibsWithUnix
2019-10-07  John EricsonGet rid of GHC_PACKAGE_DB_FLAG
2019-10-07  John EricsonKeep OSTYPE local to
2019-10-07  John EricsonRemove CONFIGURE_ARGS from
2019-10-07  Ryan ScottRefactor some cruft in TcGenGenerics
2019-10-07  John EricsonGet rid of wildcard patterns in prim Cmm emitting code
2019-10-07  Andrey MokhovSwitch to cabal-version=3.0 in base.cabal and rts.cabal
2019-10-07  Andrey MokhovSwitch to cabal-version=3.0 in ghc-heap.cabal
2019-10-07  Andrey MokhovHadrian: Stop using in-tree Cabal
2019-10-07  Ben Gamariconfigure: Determine library versions of template-haske...
2019-10-07  Ben GamariRefactor, document, and optimize LLVM configuration...
2019-10-07  Ryan ScottOnly flatten up to type family arity in coreFlattenTyFa...
2019-10-05  Ben Gamarirts: Fix CNF dirtying logic
2019-10-05  John EricsonClean up `#include`s in the compiler
2019-10-05  Matthew BauerAdd musl systems to llvm-targets
2019-10-05  Roland SennNew fix for #11647. Avoid side effects like #17171
2019-10-05  Artem Pyanykh[linker, macho] Don't map/allocate zero size sections...
2019-10-05  John EricsonAlways enable the external interpreter
2019-10-05  John EricsonAdd tryFindTopDir to look for the top dir without blowi...
2019-10-05  John EricsonPull out the settings file parsing code into it's own...
2019-10-05  John EricsonFactor out a smaller part of Platform for host fallback
2019-10-05  Daroc AldenDeprecate -fwarn-hi-shadowing, because it was never...
2019-10-05  John EricsonRemove {Build,Host}Platform_NAME from header
2019-10-05  John EricsonPer stage headers, ghc_boot_platform.h -> stage 0 ghcpl...
2019-10-05  Fumiaki KinoshitaAdd Monad instances to `(,,) a b` and `(,,,) a b c`
2019-10-03  Ben Gamarirules/haddock: Ensure that RTS stats directory exists
2019-10-03  Stefan Schulze... Extend argument of createIOThread to word size
2019-10-03  Tobias GuggenmosAdd new debug flag -DZ
2019-10-03  Tobias GuggenmosImprove documentation for runtime debugging flags
2019-10-03  Ben GamariDynFlags: Only warn when split-sections is ignored
2019-10-03  Ben GamariExclude rts.cabal from source distributions
2019-10-03  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Mark print037 as fragile, not broken
2019-10-03  John EricsonMake Haddock submodule remote point to gitlab mirror
2019-10-03  Richard EisenbergImprove documentation around empty tuples/lists
2019-10-03  John EricsonAdd `module {-# SOURCE #-} Foo` syntax for hs-boot...
2019-10-03  James Brockdocs String, hyperlink to Data.List
2019-10-03  Ömer Sinan... Fix new compact block allocation in allocateForCompact
2019-10-03  Richard EisenbergNote [Don't flatten tuples from HsSyn] in MkCore
2019-10-03  Ryan ScottMerge TcTypeableValidity into TcTypeable, document...
2019-10-03  Gabor GreifTypo in comment [ci skip] wip/ggreif-typo
2019-10-01  Ömer Sinan... Make small INLINE functions behave properly
2019-10-01  David EichmannHadrian: do not cache GHC configure rule
2019-10-01  David EichmannHadrian: Libffi rule now `produces` dynamic library...
2019-10-01  Ryan ScottRefactor some cruft in TcDeriv
2019-10-01  Sebastian GrafAdd testcases inspired by Luke Maranget's pattern match... wip/add-testcases
2019-10-01  Sebastian GrafAdd a bunch of testcases for the pattern match checker
2019-10-01  Ben GamariBump process submodule
2019-10-01  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Mark T3389 as broken in hpc way on i386
2019-10-01  Vladislav ZavialovDo not rely on CUSKs in 'base'
2019-10-01  Takenobu Tanitestsuite: Add minimal test for :doc command
2019-10-01  Sebastian GrafMove pattern match checker modules to GHC.HsToCore...
2019-10-01  Takenobu TaniAdd help message for GHCi :instances command
2019-10-01  Simon Peyton... Fix arguments for unbound binders in RULE application
2019-10-01  Ömer Sinan... Refactor iface file generation:
2019-09-28  Sebastian Graf`exprOkForSpeculation` for Note [IO hack in the demand...
2019-09-28  Sebastian GrafPmCheck: No ConLike instantiation in pmcheck
2019-09-28  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Mark TH tests as fragile in LLVM built exter...
2019-09-28  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Mark T3389 as broken in profiled ways on...
2019-09-28  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Mark hs_try_putmvar003 as fragile in threaded1
2019-09-28  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Mark compact_gc as fragile in the ghci way
2019-09-28  Daniel GröberRaise minimum GHC version to 8.6
2019-09-28  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Mark cgrun071 as broken on i386
2019-09-28  Shayne FletcherAdd test for expected dependencies of 'Parser'
2019-09-28  Sebastian GrafPmCheck: Look at precendence to give type signatures...
2019-09-28  chris-martinExpand description of DataKinds to mention data constru...
2019-09-28  chris-martinClarify the purpose and status of the GHC.TypeLits...
2019-09-28  Ben Gamarighc-prim: Fix documentation of Type
2019-09-28  John EricsonJust get RTS libs from its package conf
2019-09-28  Ben Gamariconfigure: Don't depend upon alex in source dist build
2019-09-28  Ron MordechaiAllow users to disable Unicode with an env var
2019-09-28  Sebastian GrafPmCheck: Elaborate what 'model' means in the user guide...
2019-09-26  Ryan ScottMake -fbyte-code prevent unboxed tuples/sums from imply...
2019-09-25  Vladislav ZavialovStandalone kind signatures (#16794) wip/top-level-kind-signatures
2019-09-25  Ryan ScottRemove unneeded CPP now that GHC 8.6 is the minimum
2019-09-25  Ben Gamaribase: Move Ix typeclass to GHC.Ix
2019-09-25  Sebastian GrafPmCheck: Only ever check constantly many models against...
2019-09-25  John Ericsonincludes/CodeGen.Platform.hs don't include ghcautoconf.h
2019-09-25  Kari PahulaAdd -Wderiving-defaults (#15839)
2019-09-25  Matthew PickeringAdd ghcide configuration files
2019-09-25  Andreas KlebingerFix bounds check in ocResolve_PEi386 for relocation...
2019-09-24  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Mark threadstatus-9333 as fragile in profthr...
2019-09-24  Ben Gamarihadrian: Update source-repository
2019-09-24  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Bump ci-images
2019-09-24  Ben Gamaribase: Add link to "A reflection on types"
2019-09-24  Sebastian GrafFix some duplication in the parser
2019-09-24  Takenobu TaniHadrian: Add -haddock option for GHCi's :doc command
2019-09-24  Sebastian GrafSome leftovers from !1732. Comments only [skip ci]
2019-09-23  Kari PahulaAdd -fkeep-going to make compiler continue despite...
2019-09-23  Artem Pyanykh[hadrian] Rebuild programs on dynamicGhcPrograms/ghcPro...
2019-09-23  Björn Gohlasort-paragraphs in runBuilderWith
2019-09-23  Björn Gohlaalphabetical ordering