2015-07-04  Thomas MiedemaRemove dead code / overlapping pattern (#9723)
2015-07-04  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: add -ignore-dot-ghci to some tests
2015-07-04  Michal TerepetaSupport MO_{Add,Sub}IntC and MO_Add2 in the LLVM backend
2015-07-04  Thomas MiedemaReplace usages of `-w` by `-fno-warn`s
2015-07-04  Richard EisenbergFix some validation errors.
2015-07-03  Thomas Miedemaparser: Allow Lm (MODIFIER LETTER) category in identifiers
2015-07-03  RyanGlScottGeneralize traceM, traceShowM (fixes #10023)
2015-07-03  Alexey ShmalkoAdd "since" column for LANGUAGE extensions in user...
2015-07-03  Matthew PickeringRemove redundant parser entry point
2015-07-03  Ben Gamariusers_guide: Describe order-dependence of -f and -O...
2015-07-03  Matthew PickeringRemove unnecessary OrdList from decl parser.
2015-07-03  Thomas WinantFix Trac #10519
2015-07-03  Zejun WuEnable using qualified field of constructor in GHCi
2015-07-03  Ben GamariUse `+RTS -G1` for more stable residency measurements...
2015-07-03  Peter TrommlerImplement PowerPC 64-bit native code backend for Linux
2015-07-02  Thomas MiedemaBuild system: rename bindist to bindist-list...
2015-07-02  Thomas Miedemabin-package-db: copy paste writeFileAtomic from Cabal
2015-07-02  Thomas Miedemaghc-pkg: use read/writeUTF8File from Cabal
2015-06-30  Karel Gardasdisable check for .init_array section on OpenBSD
2015-06-30  Thomas MiedemaBuild system: prevent "warning: overriding commands...
2015-06-30  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: put extra_run_opts last on command line
2015-06-30  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: accept T2592.stderr (minor changes)
2015-06-30  Thomas MiedemaBuild system: remove unused variable CHECK_PACKAGES
2015-06-29  Matthew PickeringCorrect BangPat SrcSpan calculation
2015-06-29  Joachim BreitnerUpdate performance numbers due to #10482
2015-06-29  Simon MarlowMask to avoid uncaught ^C exceptions
2015-06-28  Ben GamariAdd -fcross-module-specialise flag
2015-06-28  Ben GamariAdd -fcross-module-specialise flag
2015-06-27  Richard EisenbergTest #10582
2015-06-26  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #10524
2015-06-26  Simon Peyton... Improve error message for Typeable k (T k)
2015-06-26  Simon Peyton... Better tracing and tiny refactoring
2015-06-26  Simon Peyton... Make fvType ignore kinds
2015-06-26  Simon Peyton... Kill off sizePred
2015-06-26  Simon Peyton... closeOverKinds *before* oclose in coverage check
2015-06-26  Simon Peyton... Improve CPR behavior for strict constructors
2015-06-26  Simon Peyton... Small doc fixes
2015-06-26  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2015-06-26  Thomas MiedemaGHCi docs: layout rule is respected inside :{ :}
2015-06-26  Simon MarlowFix deadlock (#10545)
2015-06-26  Simon MarlowFix for crash in setnumcapabilities001
2015-06-26  Simon Peyton... Tiny refactor plus comments
2015-06-26  Simon Peyton... Error message wibbles from out-of-scope changes
2015-06-26  Simon Peyton... Treat out-of-scope variables as holes
2015-06-26  Simon Peyton... Get rid of irrelevant impredicative polymoprhism
2015-06-26  Simon Peyton... Get rid of irrlevant result type signature
2015-06-26  Simon Peyton... Add module header to test
2015-06-26  Simon Peyton... Don't float out alpha[sig] ~ Int
2015-06-26  Simon Peyton... Fix addDataConStrictness
2015-06-26  Simon Peyton... Minor fix to free-vars in RnTypes
2015-06-26  Simon Peyton... Allow recursive unwrapping of data families
2015-06-26  Simon Peyton... Use a Representaional coercion for data families
2015-06-26  Simon Peyton... Improve pretty-printing for CoPat
2015-06-26  Simon Peyton... White space only
2015-06-25  Reid BartonComments only
2015-06-25  Reid BartonBe aware of overlapping global STG registers in CmmSink...
2015-06-25  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #10562
2015-06-25  Simon Peyton... Improve kind-checking for 'deriving' clauses
2015-06-24  Sergei Trofimovichdriver: pass '-fPIC' option to all CC invocations
2015-06-24  Sergei TrofimovichClean outdated ext-core references in comments.
2015-06-24  Edward Z. YangDrop prefix from package keys.
2015-06-23  Thomas MiedemaBuild system: delete unused variables in
2015-06-23  Edward Z. YangMake $1 in $1_$2_$3_FOO actually be directory.
2015-06-23  Sergei Trofimovichpowerpc: add basic support for PLT relocations (#10402)
2015-06-23  Simon Peyton... Further elaborate Trac #10403 test
2015-06-22  Edward Z. YangRename $1_$2_$3_LIB_NAME to LIB_FILE.
2015-06-22  Edward Z. YangFix #10551 by using LIB_NAMES.
2015-06-22  Edward Z. YangUse -package-id to specify libraries on command line.
2015-06-22  Gabor GreifCheck KnownSymbol => Typeable deduction
2015-06-22  Thomas MiedemaDocumentation: add section on .haskeline file (#2531)
2015-06-21  Alan ZimmermanAdd parsePattern parser entry point
2015-06-21  Iavor S. DiatchkiChange `Typeable` instance for type-lis to use the...
2015-06-20  Thomas MiedemaBuild system: unset HADDOCK when haddock is not found
2015-06-20  Edward Z. YangRemove duplicate test.
2015-06-20  Edward Z. YangFix all.T for T8131/T8131b.
2015-06-20  Edward Z. YangFilter orphan rules based on imports, fixes #10294...
2015-06-20  Edward Z. YangMake GHC install libraries to e.g. xhtml-3000.2.1-0ACfO...
2015-06-20  Sergei TrofimovichUpdated output for test ghci024
2015-06-20  Sergei TrofimovichRecognise 'hardhloat' as a valid vendor in a host tuple
2015-06-20  Sergei TrofimovichFix a couple of tests for GHCi/-O* (Trac #10052)
2015-06-20  Sergei TrofimovichAmend tcrun037 after Trac #7854 fix
2015-06-20  Sergei TrofimovichAmend tcrun024, tcrun025 after Trac #7854 fix
2015-06-19  Sergei Trofimovichshould_run/allocLimit4: disable ghci way
2015-06-19  Gabor Palidocs: Unbreak the PS/PDF builds for the User's Guide...
2015-06-19  Austin Seipptestsuite: mark T4945 as expect_broken
2015-06-19  Gabor GreifSpelling in comments
2015-06-18  Simon Peyton... Elaborate test for Trac #10403
2015-06-18  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #10503
2015-06-18  Alan ZimmermanParser: commas_tup_tail duplicate SrcSpan on "Missing...
2015-06-18  Simon Peyton... Trac #4945 is working again
2015-06-18  Simon Peyton... Refactor filterAlts into two parts
2015-06-18  Simon Peyton... Comments plus tiny refactoring
2015-06-18  Simon Peyton... A bit more tracing
2015-06-18  Simon Peyton... Remove some horrible munging of origins for Coercible
2015-06-18  Simon Peyton... Rename getCtLoc, setCtLoc
2015-06-18  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2015-06-18  Simon Peyton... Report arity errors correctly despite kinds
2015-06-18  Simon Peyton... Care with impossible-cons in combineIdenticalAlts
2015-06-16  Reid BartonMake enum01/enum02/enum03 tests clang-compatible
2015-06-16  Edward Z. YangUpdate foreign export docs, fixes #10467