2013-02-13  Ian LynaghMerge branch 'master' of
2013-02-13  Simon Peyton... Significant (15%) bytes-allocated reduction in haddock...
2013-02-13  Simon Peyton... peak_megabytes_allocated bounces around a lot
2013-02-13  Ian LynaghReorder some functions to group them
2013-02-13  Simon Peyton... TH empty case expressions now ok (with -XEmptyCase)
2013-02-13  Jose Pedro... Test #7631
2013-02-13  Jose Pedro... Proxy comes from Data.Typeable, Typeable1/2 no longer...
2013-02-13  Jose Pedro... Proxy is now defined in Data.Typeable
2013-02-12  Simon Peyton... Bump bounds slightly
2013-02-12  Simon Peyton... Error message wibble
2013-02-12  Simon Peyton... Merge branch 'master' of
2013-02-12  Jose Pedro... Implement poly-kinded Typeable
2013-02-12  Johan TibellUpdate test to match new I/O manager behavior
2013-02-12  Richard EisenbergAdded testcase for Trac #7681, a Template Haskell missi...
2013-02-11  Ian LynaghFix result001
2013-02-11  Ian Lynaghprint020 now passes
2013-02-11  Ian LynaghUpdate print020 expected output
2013-02-11  Ian LynaghHappyTest needs MagicHash
2013-02-11  Ian LynaghAdd expected warnings for print020
2013-02-11  Ian LynaghUpdate the reason for T5267 being broken
2013-02-11  Ian LynaghRemove ds061
2013-02-11  Ian LynaghAdd expected output for T6117, which is now working
2013-02-11  Ian LynaghRemove T5763
2013-02-11  Ian LynaghTweak the brokens list to include the directory the...
2013-02-11  Ian LynaghTicket #1845 is closed, so ghci024 presumably works...
2013-02-11  Ian LynaghMerge branch 'master' of
2013-02-11  Ian LynaghMore conversions
2013-02-11  Ian LynaghMore helper conversions
2013-02-11  Ian LynaghConvert more helpers
2013-02-11  Ian LynaghConvert more helper functions
2013-02-11  Ian LynaghConvert more helper functions to the new scheme
2013-02-11  Ian LynaghConvert more helpers to the new scheme
2013-02-11  Ian LynaghChange '{if,unless}_arch' to 'arch'
2013-02-11  Ian LynaghPrint a warning if we get framework failures when listi...
2013-02-11  Ian LynaghHandle duplicates in the brokens list
2013-02-11  Ian Lynaghexpect_broken_for should also be added to the list...
2013-02-11  Ian LynaghReplace 'if_os' and 'unless_os' with 'opsys'
2013-02-11  Ian LynaghAdd 'make list_brokens'
2013-02-11  Simon Peyton... Merge branch 'master' of
2013-02-11  Simon Peyton... T5113 is fixed
2013-02-11  Simon Peyton... Improve bound for T3064
2013-02-10  Ian LynaghTweak another 32bit perf bound
2013-02-10  Ian LynaghTweak another 32bit perf bound
2013-02-10  Ian LynaghMore 32bit perf bound fixes
2013-02-10  Ian LynaghMore 32bit perf test bound updates
2013-02-10  Ian LynaghMore 32-bit perf updates
2013-02-10  Ian LynaghRearrange the summary output
2013-02-10  Ian LynaghUpdate 32bit perf results for the haddock tests
2013-02-09  Simon Peyton... Wibbles to test
2013-02-08  Simon Peyton... Merge branch 'master' of
2013-02-08  Ian LynaghRemove unused helper functions
2013-02-08  Ian LynaghConvert remaining *_range_field's to *_num_field
2013-02-08  Simon Peyton... Merge branch 'master' of
2013-02-08  Ian LynaghSwitch some more tests to use the new helpers
2013-02-08  Ian LynaghReplace 'if_platform' and 'unless_platform' with 'platform'
2013-02-07  Ian LynaghConvert to stats_num_field in perf/should_run
2013-02-07  Ian LynaghAllow a simpler form of stats_num_field where all platf...
2013-02-07  Ian LynaghAdd a different sort of stats_num_field helper function
2013-02-07  Ian LynaghRemove unused *_num_fields bindings
2013-02-07  Ian LynaghPass the test name to the test options
2013-02-07  Ian LynaghChange how the testsuite driver handles copying the...
2013-02-07  Ian LynaghRename some arguments
2013-02-07  Ian LynaghDefine 'when' and 'unless' helpers
2013-02-07  Ian LynaghSimplify driver code slightly
2013-02-07  Ian LynaghAdd a TEST="..." line to testsuite output
2013-02-07  Simon Marlowadd test for #7636
2013-02-07  Ian LynaghFix perf bounds on amd64/Linux following the change...
2013-02-06  Ian LynaghMake failing perf test output easier to read
2013-02-06  Ian LynaghEliminate *_num_field
2013-02-06  Ian LynaghFix framework failure
2013-02-06  Manuel M T... dph/classes: fails for the moment, but earlier success...
2013-02-06  Manuel M T... dph: tests with dph-lifted-copy need to use '-fno-vecto...
2013-02-06  Manuel M T... dph/words: don't inline the vectorised exported functions
2013-02-05  Ian LynaghFix safePkg01 on Windows
2013-02-05  Ian LynaghFix T7037 on Win64
2013-02-05  Ian LynaghUse normalise_errmsg_fun rather than normalise_fun...
2013-02-05  Ian LynaghdynamicToo001 is broken on Windows (#7665)
2013-02-05  Ian LynaghFix cabal01 on Windows
2013-02-04  Austin SeippSkip ghci/linking tests if we don't have ghci.
2013-02-03  Ian LynaghTidy up some tests
2013-02-03  Ian LynaghUse a proper executable (rather than a shell script...
2013-02-03  Ian LynaghFix shared001
2013-02-02  Ian LynaghHandle ^C better when threads are being used too
2013-02-02  Ian LynaghWhen the testsuite is ^Ced, print the summary anyway
2013-02-02  Ian LynaghAdd a test for #1849
2013-02-01  Gabor Greifspelling
2013-02-01  Ian LynaghT5113 is failing again
2013-02-01  Ian LynaghAdd a test for #2222
2013-02-01  Ian LynaghAccept output for readFail007
2013-02-01  Ian LynaghAdd a test for #984
2013-01-30  Simon Peyton... Merge branch 'master' of
2013-01-30  Simon Peyton... Error messsage wibbles
2013-01-30  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #7601
2013-01-30  Simon Peyton... Merge branch 'master' of
2013-01-30  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #7282
2013-01-30  Simon Peyton... Improve test
2013-01-30  Simon Peyton... Interface files now include promotion flags
2013-01-30  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #7609
2013-01-29  Ian LynaghRemove some redundant 'extra cleaning' in T4850
2013-01-29  Simon MarlowT5113 is passing, remove expect_broken, see comment...