2014-11-21  Richard EisenbergFix #9824 by not warning about unused matches in patter...
2014-11-21  Richard EisenbergTest #9824 in th/T9824
2014-11-21  Richard EisenbergRelease notes for #1476, #7484.
2014-11-21  Richard EisenbergFix #1476 by making splice patterns work.
2014-11-21  Richard EisenbergTest that nested pattern splices don't scope (#1476).
2014-11-21  Richard EisenbergTest #1476 in th/T1476
2014-11-21  Richard EisenbergFix #7484, checking for good binder names in Convert.
2014-11-21  Richard EisenbergTest #7484 in th/T7484
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #8149
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton... Fix Trac #9815
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton... Wibbles (usually improvements) to error messages
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton... Test T2239 actually succeeds without impredicativity...
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton... Fix up tests for Trac #7220; the old test really was...
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #9569
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton... Delete duplicated tests
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton... Trac #9222 is actually an ambiguous type, now detected
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #9318
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton... Remove TcMType from compiler_stage2_dll0_MODULES
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton... Fix a latent promotion bug in TcSimplify.simplifyInfer
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton... Make the on-the-fly unifier defer forall/forall unification
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton... Put the decision of when a unification variable can...
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton... Implement full co/contra-variant subsumption checking...
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton... Move all the zonk/tidy stuff together into TcMType...
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton... Rejig builders for pattern synonyms, especially unlifte...
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2014-11-21  Joachim BreitnerRewrite Note [Deriving any class]
2014-11-21  Luke IanniniRevert change to alias handling in ppLlvmGlobal introdu...
2014-11-21  Austin SeippUnbreak build (fallout from 067f1e4f20e)
2014-11-21  Jose Pedro... Implement #5462 (deriving clause for arbitrary classes)
2014-11-21  Eric SeidelAdd flag `-fwarn-missing-exported-sigs`
2014-11-21  David FeuerExport scanl' from Data.OldList and Data.List
2014-11-21  Herbert Valerio... Hide `Data.OldList` module
2014-11-21  Austin SeippDelete old-{time,locale} and haskell{98,2010}
2014-11-21  Austin SeippDon't build old-{time,locale} and haskell{98,2010}
2014-11-20  Richard EisenbergTest #9109 in typecheck/should_fail/T9109
2014-11-20  Richard EisenbergUpdate manual to get rid of bogus `coerce` example...
2014-11-20  Richard EisenbergTest #9201 in typecheck/should_fail/T9201
2014-11-20  Richard EisenbergTest #9318 in typecheck/should_fail/T9318
2014-11-20  Richard EisenbergAdd release notes for #8100, #9527, and #9064.
2014-11-20  Richard EisenbergTest #9151 in typecheck/should_compile/T9151.
2014-11-20  Richard EisenbergFix #9220 by adding role annotations.
2014-11-20  Richard EisenbergFix #9209, by reporting an error instead of panicking...
2014-11-20  Richard EisenbergTest #9209 in th/T9209
2014-11-20  Jan StolarekKill trailing whitespace
2014-11-20  Jan StolarekSplit SynTyCon to SynonymTyCon and FamilyTyCon
2014-11-20  Adam GundryImplement typechecker plugins
2014-11-20  Dr. ERDI GergoAdd support for pattern synonym type signatures.
2014-11-20  Dr. ERDI GergoUpdate shift/reduce conflict number in parser
2014-11-20  Herbert Valerio... Make Data.Functor.Identity trustworthy again
2014-11-20  Luite StegemanMake calling conventions in template haskell Syntax...
2014-11-20  Mike Izbickighc generates more user-friendly error messages
2014-11-19  Luke Ianniniarm64: 64bit iOS and SMP support (#7942)
2014-11-19  Carlos Tomécompiler/main: fixes #9776
2014-11-19  Luite Stegemanuse correct word size for shiftRightLogical and removeOp32
2014-11-19  Greg Webermake TcRnMonad.lhs respect -ddump-to-file
2014-11-19  Moritz AngermannAllow -dead_strip linking on platforms with .subsection...
2014-11-19  Thomas MiedemaOnly test for bug #9439 when llvm is installed
2014-11-19  Luite Stegemanadd missing instances for Loc and a few missing Eq...
2014-11-19  Mathieu Boespflugtemplate-haskell: Missing instances for Rational and ().
2014-11-19  Mateusz KowalczykFilter input to abiHash early
2014-11-19  Thomas MiedemaAdd remaining <unknown>s and comments to .mailmap
2014-11-19  David FeuerTurn CoreWriter into a newtype; fix comment
2014-11-19  David FeuerImplement new Foldable methods for HsPatSynDetails
2014-11-19  Thomas MiedemaUpdate documentation for "Batch compiler mode"
2014-11-19  Thomas MiedemaRefactor: use System.FilePath.splitSearchPath
2014-11-19  Gintautas MiliauskasThe test runner now also works under the msys-native...
2014-11-19  Austin Seipprts: remove old-style field designator extension (...
2014-11-19  Herbert Valerio... Optimise `Identity` instances with `coerce`
2014-11-19  Herbert Valerio... Restore exact old semantics of `decodeFloat`
2014-11-19  Herbert Valerio... Reimplement im/export primitives for integer-gmp2
2014-11-19  Edward Z. YangSupport for "with" renaming syntax, and output a featur...
2014-11-19  Edward Z. YangWhen outputting list of available instances, sort it.
2014-11-18  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2014-11-18  Austin SeippRevert "base: Fix (**) instance for Data.Complex (...
2014-11-18  Sebastian DrögeFix detection of GNU gold linker if invoked via gcc...
2014-11-18  Peter WortmannDisable AVX for LLVM 3.2 by default (#9391)
2014-11-18  Wieland HoffmannmapMaybe: Typo in the comment (#9644)
2014-11-18  Nicholas HartFix usage of `find -perm` in aclocal.m4 (#9697)
2014-11-18  Bertram FelgenhauerUpdate comment about C helper for foreign exports ...
2014-11-18  Austin Seippbase: Fix (**) instance for Data.Complex (#8539)
2014-11-18  Simon Peyton... Add missing semicolon in Schedule.c
2014-11-18  Mateusz KowalczykOutputable instance for IfaceVectInfo
2014-11-18  Mateusz KowalczykWhitespace only
2014-11-18  Simon MarlowFix ffi023
2014-11-18  Joachim BreitnerBuild xhtml and haddock only when `HADDOCK_DOCS=YES`
2014-11-18  Edward Z. YangAdd a note why tcGetInstEnvs is duplicated.
2014-11-18  Edward Z. YangRemove optimized package lookup, simplifying code.
2014-11-18  David FeuerChange a comment referring falsely to seq
2014-11-18  Alan ZimmermanAdding dedicated Show instances for SrcSpan/SrcLoc
2014-11-18  Edward Z. YangDocs only
2014-11-18  David FeuerMake listArray fuse
2014-11-18  Yuras ShumovichRemove outdated TODO in TimeManager
2014-11-18  Mateusz KowalczykDon't use absolute paths for perl in validate
2014-11-18  Greg Weberdocument addDependentFile uses contents, not mtime
2014-11-17  Simon MarlowFix a bug introduced with allocation counters
2014-11-17  David TereiUpdate validate settings now that containers and proces...
2014-11-15  Herbert Valerio... Fix compilation of `integer-gmp2` with `-O0`
2014-11-15  Herbert Valerio... Update to (unreleased) `deepseq-`
2014-11-15  Herbert Valerio... Workaround 452d6aa95b7 breaking TrustworthySafe03