2017-04-14  Ben Gamarilinters/cpp: Catch #ifndef
2017-04-13  Matthías Páll... Fix typo in TcErrors.hs
2017-04-13  Alex BiehlDoc typo
2017-04-13  Simon Peyton... Comments only in Type.isPredTy
2017-04-13  Simon Peyton... Remove dead quantifyTyVars
2017-04-13  Simon Peyton... Yet more work on TcSimplify.simplifyInfer
2017-04-13  Simon Peyton... Fix a couple of user-manual typos
2017-04-12  Matthew PickeringSplit up RnEnv into 4 modules, RnUnbound, RnUtils and...
2017-04-12  Moritz AngermannDrop special handling of iOS
2017-04-12  Chris MartinFix typo in ReadP (succeds -> succeeds)
2017-04-12  Moritz Angermann[linker] Remove dead code (ELF_FUNCTION_DESC)
2017-04-12  Matthew PickeringAllow qualified names to be children in export lists
2017-04-12  Reid BartonSuggest correct replacement flag name for -dppr-ticks
2017-04-12  Reid BartonRemove GhcDynamic (in favor of DYNAMIC_GHC_PROGRAMS)
2017-04-12  Ben Gamariarc-linters: Add linting of #ifdef x and #if defined x
2017-04-12  Erik de Castro... base: Implement bit casts between word and float types
2017-04-12  Matthew PickeringRnEnv cleanup
2017-04-12  Simon Peyton... Use -G1 for reliable peak mem usage
2017-04-12  Simon Peyton... Make let and app consistent in exprIsCheapX
2017-04-12  Simon Peyton... Add Outputable instance for ArityType
2017-04-12  Simon Peyton... Fix another literal-string buglet
2017-04-12  Simon Peyton... Improve demand analysis for join points
2017-04-12  Simon Peyton... Kill off complications in CoreFVs
2017-04-11  Gabor GreifTypos in comments [ci skip]
2017-04-11  Moritz Angermann[Elf/arm] Thumb indicator bit only for STT_FUNC
2017-04-11  Moritz Angermann[MachO] Use OBJFORMAT_MACHO.
2017-04-11  Moritz AngermannEnter iserv-proxy
2017-04-11  Ben GamariFix form of note
2017-04-11  Ben Gamaribase: Fix erroneous reference to Data.Reflection in...
2017-04-10  Ömer Sinan... Improve `readChan` documentation:
2017-04-10  Ömer Sinan... Typos in bang patterns user manual [skip ci]
2017-04-10  Joachim BreitnerAdd a second regression test for #13536
2017-04-10  Joachim BreitnerStgCse: Do not re-use trivial case scrutinees
2017-04-09  Joachim BreitnerAdd a Note [Call Arity and Join Points]
2017-04-09  Alan ZimmermanParenthesize type/data families correctly for -ddump...
2017-04-08  Sergei Trofimovichcross-build 'unlit' and 'hp2ps' for stage2 install
2017-04-08  Sergei Trofimovichfix 'make install' for cross-stage2
2017-04-07  Simon Peyton... Do Note [Improving seq] always
2017-04-06  Sergei Trofimovichadd $(CrossCompilePrefix) to 'runghc' and 'ghci'
2017-04-06  Reid BartonMore changes to fix a space leak in the simplifier...
2017-04-06  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Update expected performance numbers on 32...
2017-04-06  Ben Gamaribase: Run num009 with -msse2 on i386
2017-04-06  Ryan ScottAdd regression test for #13538
2017-04-06  Ben GamariEnable lint checking of levity polymorphic coercions
2017-04-06  Ben GamariFix name of Note
2017-04-06  Simon Peyton... Be less aggressive about fragile-context warrnings
2017-04-06  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2017-04-06  Simon Peyton... Yet another attempt at inferring the right quantification
2017-04-06  Simon Peyton... Comments and eta expand only
2017-04-06  Simon Peyton... Add a missing addDeferredBinding
2017-04-06  Simon Peyton... Don't report fundep wanted/wanted errors
2017-04-06  Simon Peyton... Add comments on DmdAnal space leak fix
2017-04-06  Gabor GreifFix markup
2017-04-06  Erik de Castro... Update .mailmap [skip ci]
2017-04-06  Sergei removed stray HaveLibDL assignment
2017-04-06  Sergei Trofimovichavoid $(CrossCompilerPrefix) for stage2 install
2017-04-06  Sergei remove phase=0 hack for CrossCompilePrefix
2017-04-06  Sergei TrofimovichUse non-canocalized triple as cross-compiler prefix
2017-04-05  Ben GamariRevert "Enable new warning for fragile/incorrect CPP...
2017-04-05  Gabor Greiftest for HAVE_CLOCK_GETTIME definedness
2017-04-05  Gabor GreifTypos in comments [ci skip]
2017-04-05  Ben Gamaribase: Mark unfold as deprecated
2017-04-05  Edvard HübinetteAdd Alternative instance for ZipList (fix #13520).
2017-04-05  Matthew PickeringReplace Digraph's Node type synonym with a data type
2017-04-05  Ben Gamarivalidate: Clean GMP trees
2017-04-05  Ryan ScottAdd regression test for #7944
2017-04-05  Reid BartonUse strict types and folds in CoreStats
2017-04-05  Ben Gamaribase: Add test for #8684
2017-04-05  Ben Gamaribase: Add test for #13525
2017-04-05  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Add test for #13524
2017-04-04  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Bump up timeout multiplier on T11195
2017-04-04  Ben Gamarirts: Fix lingering #ifs
2017-04-04  Erik de Castro... Enable new warning for fragile/incorrect CPP #if usage
2017-04-04  Ben GamariHACKING: Update for Phabricator patch workflow
2017-04-04  David FeuerRevert "Make raiseIO# produce topRes"
2017-04-03  Ben Gamaricompact: Clarify mutability restriction
2017-04-03  Ben GamariBump Win32 submodule
2017-04-03  Sergei Trofimovichhp2ps: install shell wrapper
2017-04-03  Edward Z. YangFix validate.
2017-04-03  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Classify missing expected perf numbers as...
2017-04-03  Ben GamariVarious testsuite fixes for 32-bit Windows
2017-04-03  Ben Gamarirts: Make out-of-memory errors more consistent
2017-04-03  Ben Gamariarray: Clear up inconsistency in T9220 output
2017-04-02  Edward Z. YangCorrectly handle wired in unit IDs in -instantiated...
2017-04-02  Edward Z. YangBetter test coverage for module reexports in signatures.
2017-04-02  Edward Z. YangExtra docs on tcg_imports.
2017-04-02  Edward Z. YangExtra docs on exports_from_avail.
2017-04-02  Edward Z. YangAdd more documentation on mergeSignatures.
2017-04-02  Edward Z. Yangmk/ defines STAGE1_GHC, not GHC_STAGE1.
2017-04-02  Edward Z. YangFix recompilation avoidance bug for implementor of...
2017-04-02  Edward Z. YangMinor comment updates on CSE.
2017-04-02  David FeuerDerive the definition of null
2017-04-02  Sergei add aarch64 to list of registerised
2017-04-02  Sergei fix NCG support in --target=
2017-04-02  David FeuerUpdate containers submodule to official
2017-04-02  David FeuerAdd a perf test for deriving null
2017-04-02  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Fix GhciCurDir test
2017-04-02  Simon Marlow:cd affects the iserv process too
2017-04-02  Simon MarlowReport heap overflow in the same way as stack overflow
2017-04-02  Sergei TrofimovichFastMutInt: fix Int and Ptr sizes when crosscompiling