2014-10-07  Simon Peyton... Merge branch 'master' of
2014-10-07  Simon Peyton... Use correct precedence when printing contexts with...
2014-10-06  Sergei Trofimovichtestsuite: fix seward-space-leak build aganst Prelude...
2014-10-06  Sergei Trofimovichtestsuite: fix T1735_Help/State.hs build failure (AMP)
2014-10-06  Sergei Trofimovichtestsuite: fix T5751 build failure (AMP)
2014-10-06  Sergei Trofimovichtestsuite: fix tcrun036 build against Prelude/Main...
2014-10-05  Sergei Trofimovichrts: unrust 'libbfd' debug symbols parser
2014-10-05  Herbert Valerio... Implement `MIN_VERSION_GLASGOW_HASKELL()` macro
2014-10-04  Sergei fix list for dll-split on GHCi-less builds
2014-10-03  Edward Z. YangFix typo in section name: no leading period.
2014-10-03  Edward Z. YangCheck for staticclosures section in Windows linker.
2014-10-03  Krzysztof GogolewskiRestore spaces instead of tabs, caused by revert of...
2014-10-03  Krzysztof GogolewskiRevert "Basic Python 3 support for testsuite driver...
2014-10-03  Reid BartonComments only (instances for Proxy are lazy)
2014-10-02  Edward Z. Yangarclint: Don't complain about tabs unless it's inside...
2014-10-02  Joachim BreitnerReally fix dropWhileEndLE commit
2014-10-02  Sergei Trofimovichrts/PrimOps.cmm: follow '_static_closure' update
2014-10-02  David FeuerUse dropWhileEndLE p instead of reverse . dropWhile...
2014-10-02  Austin SeippRevert "Use dropWhileEndLE p instead of reverse . dropW...
2014-10-02  Edward Z. YangRename _closure to _static_closure, apply naming consis...
2014-10-02  Edward Z. YangProperly generate info tables for static closures in...
2014-10-02  Edward Z. YangBC-breaking changes to C-- CLOSURE syntax.
2014-10-02  Edward Z. YangPlace static closures in their own section.
2014-10-02  Edward Z. YangUse LinkerInternals.h for exitLinker.
2014-10-01  Krzysztof GogolewskiBasic Python 3 support for testsuite driver (Trac ...
2014-10-01  David FeuerUse dropWhileEndLE p instead of reverse . dropWhile...
2014-10-01  Austin Seipp[ci skip] Kill unused count_bytes script
2014-10-01  Austin Seipp[ci skip] Kill tabs in md5.h
2014-10-01  Austin Seipp[ci skip] compiler: Kill last remaining tabs in CallArity
2014-10-01  Austin Seipprts/includes: Fix up .dir-locals.el
2014-10-01  Karel Gardasupdate cabal submodule to fix build failure on Solaris
2014-10-01  Austin SeippFirst stab at making ./validate less verbose
2014-10-01  David FeuerSimplify mergeSATInfo by using zipWith
2014-10-01  David FeuerMake filterM a good consumer
2014-10-01  David FeuerFusion rule for "foldr k z (x:build g)"
2014-10-01  David FeuerMake mapAccumL a good consumer
2014-10-01  David FeuerMake scanr a good producer and consumer
2014-10-01  David FeuerMake foldr2 a bit more strict
2014-10-01  Herbert Valerio... Update Win32 submodule to avoid potential -Werror failure
2014-10-01  Simon Peyton... Don't use newSysLocal etc for Coercible
2014-10-01  Simon Peyton... Comments about the let/app invariant
2014-10-01  Simon Peyton... Fix bogus comment
2014-10-01  Joachim BreitnerUpdate hsc2hs submodule
2014-09-29  Simon MarlowAdd emacs indentation/line-length settings
2014-09-29  Simon MarlowRevert "rts: add Emacs 'Local Variables' to every ...
2014-09-29  Simon MarlowDocument that -dynamic is needed for loading compiled...
2014-09-29  Simon Marlowbugfix: EventCapsetID should be EventThreadID
2014-09-29  Herbert Valerio... Fixup nofib submodule to cope with e5cca4ab246ca2
2014-09-28  Herbert Valerio... Extend `Foldable` class with `length` and `null` methods
2014-09-28  Herbert Valerio... Generalise `guard` for real this time
2014-09-28  Herbert Valerio... Generalise `Control.Monad.{when,unless,guard}`
2014-09-28  Reid BartonUser's Guide: Fix compiler plugin example (#9641, ...
2014-09-27  Herbert Valerio... Set default-impl of `mapM`/`sequence` methods to `trave...
2014-09-27  Thomas MiedemaStop exporting, and stop using, functions marked as...
2014-09-27  Herbert Valerio... Replace obsolete `defaultUserHooks` by `autoconfUserHooks`
2014-09-26  Herbert Valerio... Update Cabal submodule to latest master branch tip
2014-09-26  Herbert Valerio... Don't re-export `Alternative(..)` from Control.Monad...
2014-09-26  Herbert Valerio... Update `unix` submodule to disable getlogin tests
2014-09-26  Simon Peyton... Comments
2014-09-26  Simon Peyton... This test should have -XDataKinds
2014-09-26  Simon Peyton... De-tabify and remove trailing whitespace
2014-09-26  Simon Peyton... Complain about illegal type literals in renamer, not...
2014-09-26  Simon Peyton... Two improved error messages
2014-09-26  Simon Peyton... Improve error messages from functional dependencies
2014-09-26  Simon Peyton... Wibble to implicit-parameter error message
2014-09-26  Simon Peyton... Do not discard insoluble Derived constraints
2014-09-26  Simon Peyton... Defer errors in derived instances
2014-09-26  Dave LaingFixes cyclic import on OS X(#9635)
2014-09-26  Reid BartonUser's Guide: various unfolding-related fixes
2014-09-26  Thomas MiedemaDelete hack that was once needed to fix the build
2014-09-26  Thomas MiedemaRefer to 'mask' instead of 'block' in Control.Exception
2014-09-26  Austin Seipptypes: detabify/dewhitespace Unify
2014-09-26  Austin Seipp[ci skip] typecheck: detabify/dewhitespace TcUnify
2014-09-26  Austin Seipp[ci skip] typecheck: detabify/dewhitespace TcTyDecls
2014-09-26  Austin Seipp[ci skip] typecheck: detabify/dewhitespace TcPat
2014-09-26  Austin Seipp[ci skip] typecheck: detabify/dewhitespace TcInstDecls
2014-09-26  Austin Seipp[ci skip] simplCore: detabify/dewhitespace CoreMonad
2014-09-26  Austin Seipp[ci skip] iface: detabify/dewhitespace IfaceSyn
2014-09-25  Herbert Valerio... Update `binary` submodule in an attempt to address...
2014-09-25  Edward Z. YangDetab DataCon
2014-09-25  Herbert Valerio... Remove a few redundant `-fno-warn-tabs`s
2014-09-25  Jan StolarekLink from to in the user guide.
2014-09-24  Herbert Valerio... Update time submodule to 1.5.0 release
2014-09-24  Herbert Valerio... `M-x delete-trailing-whitespace` & `M-x untabify`
2014-09-24  Herbert Valerio... `M-x delete-trailing-whitespace` & `M-x untabify`
2014-09-24  Edward Z. YangUpdate Cabal submodule & ghc-pkg to use new module...
2014-09-23  Herbert Valerio... Adapt nofib submodule to #9586 changes
2014-09-23  Thomas MiedemaChange all hashbangs to /usr/bin/env (#9057)
2014-09-23  Thomas MiedemaDelete all /* ! __GLASGOW_HASKELL__ */ code
2014-09-23  Thomas MiedemaDelete hack when takeDirectory returns ""
2014-09-23  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #9565 and #9583
2014-09-23  Simon Peyton... Ensure that loop breakers are computed when glomming
2014-09-23  Herbert Valerio... Update haskeline submodule to avoid -Werror failure
2014-09-22  Herbert Valerio... Fix windows breakage from 5ed12810e0972b1e due to impor...
2014-09-21  Herbert Valerio... Export `Monoid(..)`/`Foldable(..)`/`Traversable(.....
2014-09-21  Herbert Valerio... Generalise Data.List/Control.Monad to Foldable/Traversable
2014-09-21  Herbert Valerio... Move `mapM` and `sequence` to GHC.Base and break import...
2014-09-21  Reid BartonMake libffi install into a predictable directory (...
2014-09-21  Herbert Valerio... Update haskell2010, haskell98, and array submodules
2014-09-21  Herbert Valerio... Simplify import-graph a bit more