2019-04-14  Krzysztof GogolewskiFix assertion failures reported in #16533
2019-04-14  Sylvain HenryHadrian: add binary-dist-dir target
2019-04-14  David EichmannHadrian: add rts shared library symlinks for backwards...
2019-04-13  Ben Gamaribase: Better document implementation implications of...
2019-04-13  Ara Adkins[skip ci] Update CI badge in readme
2019-04-13  Ben Gamarilinters: Fix check-version-number
2019-04-12  Ben Gamarigitlab: Don't run lint-submods job on Marge branches
2019-04-12  Ben Gamarigitlab: Disable windows-hadrian job
2019-04-12  Alp MestanogullariHadrian: document -a/--test-accept
2019-04-12  Alp MestanogullariHadrian: add a --test-accept/-a flag, to mimic 'make...
2019-04-12  klebinger.andreas... Add -ddump-stg-final to dump stg as it is used for...
2019-04-12  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Ensure that version number has three components
2019-04-12  Sylvain HenryHadrian: fix ghci wrapper script generation (#16508)
2019-04-11  Ömer Sinan... Update a panic message
2019-04-11  Ömer Sinan... Remove unused remilestoning script
2019-04-11  Sylvain HenryHadrian: fix binary-dir with --docs=none
2019-04-11  Carter Schonwaldremoving x87 register support from native code gen
2019-04-10  Ryan ScottUse ghc-prim < 0.7, not <= 0.6.1, as upper version...
2019-04-10  Joachim BreitnerGHC no longer ever defines TABLES_NEXT_TO_CODE on its own
2019-04-09  Ben Gamarigitlab: Bump cabal-install version used by Windows...
2019-04-09  Sylvain HenryHadrian: fix library install paths in bindist Makefile...
2019-04-09  Artem Pyanykhdocs: add a note about changes in memset unrolling...
2019-04-09  Artem Pyanykhcodegen: use newtype for Alignment in BasicTypes
2019-04-09  Artem Pyanykhcodegen: fix memset unroll for small bytearrays, add...
2019-04-09  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Document how to disable package environments
2019-04-08  Ryan ScottBump hpc submodule
2019-04-08  John Reformat
2019-04-08  Ömer Sinan... testsuite: Show exit code of GHCi tests on failure
2019-04-08  Ömer Sinan... Skip test ArithInt16 and ArithWord16 in GHCi way
2019-04-08  Sebastian GrafMake `singleConstructor` cope with pattern synonyms
2019-04-08  Matthew PickeringUse ./hadrian/ in .ghcid
2019-04-08  Yuriy SyrovetskiyFix whitespace style
2019-04-08  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Unmark T16190 as broken
2019-04-08  Yuriy SyrovetskiyAdd `-optcxx` option (#16477)
2019-04-08  Phuong TrinhFix #16500: look for interface files in -hidir flag...
2019-04-08  Michal TerepetaGenerate straightline code for inline array allocation
2019-04-07  Eric CrockettFix #16282.
2019-04-04  Ryan ScottTweak error messages for narrowly-kinded assoc default...
2019-04-04  klebinger.andreas... Restore Xmm registers properly in StgCRun.c
2019-04-04  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Add testcase for #16111
2019-04-04  Ryan ScottUse funPrec, not topPrec, to parenthesize GADT argument...
2019-04-04  Ryan ScottFix #16518 with some more kind-splitting smarts
2019-04-04  Yuriy SyrovetskiyReplace with (#16196)
2019-04-03  Ben Gamarigitlab: Fix label names in issue templates
2019-04-03  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Build hyperlinked sources for releases
2019-04-03  Sebastian GrafFix Uncovered set of literal patterns
2019-04-03  Ben Gamariconfigure: Always use AC_LINK_ELSEIF when testing again...
2019-04-03  Chris MartinInline the definition of 'ap' in the Monad laws
2019-04-03  Chris MartinCorrect two misspellings of "separately"
2019-04-03  Ben Gamariinteger-simple: Add documentation for Integer type
2019-04-03  Ben Gamariinteger-gmp: Write friendlier documentation for Integer
2019-04-03  Frank Steffahnusers-guide: Typo in Users Guide, Glasgow Exts
2019-04-03  Andrew Martinbase: Add documentation that liftA2 used to not be...
2019-04-03  Nathan Collinsusers-guide: Fix typo
2019-04-03  klebinger.andreas... Fix faulty substitutions in StgCse (#11532).
2019-04-02  Simon MarlowAdd myself to libraries/ghci
2019-04-02  David EichmannHadrian: lint ignore autom4te and ghc-pkg cache files.
2019-04-02  David EichmannHadrian: traceAllow deep dependencies when compilling...
2019-04-02  Alexandre BaldéFix formatting issue in ghc-prim's changelog [skip ci]
2019-04-02  David EichmannHadrian: correct deps for ghc builder.
2019-04-02  Michal TerepetaImprove performance of newSmallArray#
2019-04-02  Ryan ScottBump array submodule
2019-04-01  Ben Gamarigitlab: Mention ~"user facing" label
2019-04-01  Ben Gamarigitlab: Move feature request template to issue_templates
2019-04-01  Ben Gamarigitlab: Add feature request MR template
2019-04-01  Adam Sandberg... configure: document the use of the LD variable
2019-04-01  Takenobu TaniClean up URLs to point to GitLab
2019-04-01  Ben Gamarigitlab: Add some simply issue templates
2019-04-01  Ben Gamarigitlab: Add merge request template for backports for 8.8
2019-04-01  David EichmannSupport Shake's --lint-fsatrace feature.
2019-04-01  Michael SloanRemove unnecessary uses of UnboxedTuples pragma (see...
2019-04-01  AlexandreBump ghc-prim's version where needed
2019-04-01  Alexandre Add support for bitreverse primop
2019-03-30  Ben Gamarici: Ensure index.html is preserved in documentation...
2019-03-29  Ben GamariBump transformers to
2019-03-29  Ben Gamarici: Check that changelogs don't contain "TBA"
2019-03-29  Artem Pelenitsyndocs: make nfib compute the Fibonacci sequence [skipci]
2019-03-29  Michael Peyton... Visibility: handle multiple units with the same name
2019-03-29  Artem PelenitsynAdd some tips to the Troubleshooting section of README
2019-03-27  Chaitanya KoparkarFix a few broken Trac links [skip ci]
2019-03-27  Ömer Sinan... Minor refactoring in copy array primops:
2019-03-27  David EichmannHadrian: don't use -zorigin on darwin.
2019-03-27  Alp MestanogullariHadrian: introduce an easy way for users to build with...
2019-03-27  Andrey MokhovHadrian: trace the execution of expensive Cabal calls
2019-03-27  Andrey MokhovHadrian: Bump Shake to 0.17.6
2019-03-25  Ryan ScottCorrect duplicate entry in base's changelog
2019-03-25  Takenobu TaniUpdate Wiki URLs to point to GitLab
2019-03-25  Matthew PickeringRefactor ./hadrian/ for better error messages
2019-03-25  Matthew PickeringCheck hadrian/ script output to determine pass...
2019-03-25  Haskell-mouseUser's Guide: extensions compatibility
2019-03-24  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Allow linters to fail for now
2019-03-23  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Explicitly fetch target branch
2019-03-22  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Compute merge base against remote tracking...
2019-03-22  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Fix YAML syntax
2019-03-22  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Clean up linter
2019-03-22  Herbert Valerio... base: Remove `Monad(fail)` method and reexport `MonadFa...
2019-03-22  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Fix linters
2019-03-22  Tamar ChristinaForce LF line ending for md5sum [skip-ci]
2019-03-22  Ben Gamarigitlab: Deploy documentation snapshot via GitLab Pages
2019-03-22  Matthew PickeringCI: Allow failure in packaging step